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eBook McNally's Luck (G K Hall Large Print Book Series) ePub

eBook McNally's Luck (G K Hall Large Print Book Series) ePub

by Lawrence Sanders

  • ISBN: 0816156778
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Lawrence Sanders
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: G K Hall & Co (July 1, 1993)
  • Pages: 350
  • ePub book: 1921 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1204 kb
  • Other: mobi lit rtf lrf
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 980


Archy McNally returns to confront glitz, ghosts and gore in McNally's Luck, Lawrence Sanders's masterful new thriller. With McNally's Secret, Sanders fans were introduced to a south Florida sleuth whose high spirits and nose for clues endeared him to readers.

Archy McNally returns to confront glitz, ghosts and gore in McNally's Luck, Lawrence Sanders's masterful new thriller.

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Year Published: 2016. McNally's luck (mcnally) (McNally Lawrence Sanders. Year Published: 2006.

Archy McNally enjoys sipping late-night port with his girlfriend of the moment and tooling across southern Florida in his red Miata sports car. In his off hours, he works as a part-time investigator for his father’s venerable law firm. His latest assignment? Solve a simple catnapping

Archy McNally enjoys sipping late-night port with his girlfriend of the moment and tooling across southern Florida in his red Miata sports car. His latest assignment? Solve a simple catnapping. But, as McNally knows, things are rarely as simple as they seem. Soon, the case of the missing Peaches, a foul-tempered, overweight Persian, morphs into the murder of a prominent Palm Beach woman. Uncovering a chilling connection between the two cases sends McNally into a psychological game of cat and mouse.

175,000 first printing.

In the sequel to McNally's Secret, Florida sleuth and playboy Archy McNally's search for a purloined cat turns deadly when a prominent woman is brutally murdered. (Adventure & Suspense)


Samut Samut
First book in the series and introducing Archy McNally, a tribute to Rex Stout’s Archie Goodwin. Archy, a Palm Beach playboy of undeniable charm, has similar irreverent voice and critical detachment from his surrounding but attempts to take upon the role of a Great Detective as well. The first part works, the second one not so well. The plot itself is a bit thin, and sometimes I wished there were a bit less of sandwiches and bit more of an action. Forgoing a tight mystery plot however, is a small price to pay for several hours spent in Archy’s company. The characters are wonderful, and Sanders got his Palm Beach of early 1990’s right. Not only gilded little snobs inhabiting lavish mansions, but also colorful characters of South Florida less glamorous parts and even a certain type of a prim and proper Boston lady with an amazing capacity for sherry. Also, I really liked the loving depiction of Archy’s parents. The narrator’s voice is often mocking but never jeering, and there is a great deal of kindness and compassion that make these books true cozy mysteries.
Pumpit Pumpit
At about the half way mark through this book I decided to look up the bio of the author, Lawrence Sanders, because of being so impressed with his writing skill and vocabulary. Very sad to see that he had passed away in 1998, however, very happy to see how many books he had written since he is now one of my favorite authors. I truly enjoyed the character Archy McNally – an endearing combination of intelligence and self-deprecating humor. I found all the characters in this book to be well fleshed out and look forward to reading more stories by Mr. Sanders.
Wrathmaster Wrathmaster
For all those who have enjoyed P G Whorehouse's "Jeeves" and "Blandings Castle" novels & short stories, here a refreshing American equivalent, sans Jeeves and sans the London drizzle: the stories are set at sunny Palm Beech instead. Our hero, Archibald McNally, is just as delightful as Bertie Wooster -- albeit, less of a lost soul having been saved by an actual job: head of "discreet investigations" at his father's law firm. The stories are set in the late 90s (presumably) and Archie does not have the support of an inimitable Jeeves in his search for the truth lying beneath the convoluted detection path that is riddled with adventure: young ladies (galore), culinary quests, drinking, and sartorial disasters...

Archie's friends are the usual good natured, good-for-nothing-but-drinking-and-flirting/ swinging wastrels, just as ready to fall in love as Bertie's. But here, the intrigue derives from the mysteries and not the characters' blunders and love aches. In the McNally books, the mystery provides the backbone to keep you reading on about the character: it is Archie & Co we are following rather than the mystery intself. Of course, some the mysteries are craftily constructed and we want to get to the bottom of the case; but at the end of the day, it is Archie and his friends and the surrounding society that inspire us to keep on coming back for more.

It is worth mentioning that the sentence structure is exquisite for a change; accordingly, the authors' use of extensive vocabulary as well as many literary references are a delight (as well as a lesson!). The Archie dialogues are generally very good and very funny; at times, a masterpiece!

A final note lest I be misunderstood: in comparing & contrasting the Wodehouse stories with the McNally series, I do not wish to imply that the latter lacks originality or is a rehash; not in the least. As far as I am concerned the series successfully transposes the Wodehouse setting and characters at another age, society, and culture, and adds zest to the stories with the whodunnit.
The result is delightful read in its own right that keeps us turning the pages and yearning for more.

Thoroughly recommended for a happy, lightweight escape from reality and a laugh or two.
Quinthy Quinthy
I had read many years ago, a lot of books with in the McNally’s series. I discovered, while checking a list of the series in the Kindle books, I had never read the first book. I was fast with my Prime finger, ordering it. Glad I did, as it cleared up original issues, I had not thought about,
at that time.
Makaitist Makaitist
Just read McNally's Secret again, after first reading it several years ago, and enjoyed it just as much, if not more. The humor keeps the story moving, and keeps it light. In the hands of a less-skilled writer, Archie McNally, a ladies man who works as an investigator for his father's law firm and lives in his parents' house, would be crude or juvenile. Archie and the other characters are well-developed, thanks to Lawrence Sanders' skills. If you're looking for serious fare, this is not the book, or series, for you. Very fun read, in my opinion.
Nirn Nirn
I wish more of Lawrence Sanders "Archie McNally" books were available for download on Kindle Readers. Entertaining from start to finish. Silly and sophomoric (yes) ... immature and goofy (sure), but great reading fun. Bring on the silliness.
Winotterin Winotterin
The McNally series ( those under Sanders, not later under Lardo) is fantastic. In the first of the series, you meet a great cast of characters, each fleshed out. Archie McNally is interesting, quirky, and loveable ( except maybe to his father). Enjoy!
I am familiar with Lawrence Sanders' other novels and really liked the Delaney series and the Timothy Cone books so I thought I would give the McNally series a shot but this was disappointing. I just did not get as involved in the story as with his other work. Perhaps it was the rich, somewhat spoiled, don't-have-to-work-but-does-for-his-daddy detective running around looking for stolen stamps that the even owner was not really interested in. It just did not do it for me. I will not read the other McNally books.