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eBook Perfect Sinner ePub

eBook Perfect Sinner ePub

by Penny Jordan

  • ISBN: 1551665158
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Penny Jordan
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Mira; 1st edition (June 1, 1999)
  • Pages: 376
  • ePub book: 1855 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1541 kb
  • Other: azw lrf txt lit
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 596


Brilliant, arrogant and ruthlessly ambitious, Max Crighton is an unfaithful husband and a cold, distant father.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. An ambitious, arrogant attorney, unfaithful husband, and distant father, Max Crighton is about to lose his long-suffering wife.

The Perfect Sinner book. I felt that the plot had so much potential, but Penny Jordan was far too busy writing about the Crighton family and whatnot.

Max, a lawyer, approached and seduced Maddy purely because she was the daughter of a major player in the legal world.

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Penny Jordan was the most common pen-name used by prolific fiction writer Penelope Halsall

Penny Jordan was the most common pen-name used by prolific fiction writer Penelope Halsall. This is a comprehensive list of her novels and written works from her career which ended upon her death at 65, and includes her posthumous works. She used a range of different pen-names, from which this list derives its sequence. Duchess in Disguise (1979). A Wager for Love (1979). Love Unmasked (1979). Guardian of the Heart (1979). Dangerous Engagement (1979). Love's Masquerade (1980). The Fortunes of Love (1980).

Book in the The Perfect Crightons Series).

Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Penny Jordan Diamond Collection 201312/The Perfect Sinner/The Ultimate Surrender. Penny Jordan Diamond Collection 201312/The Perfect Sinner/The Ultimate Surrender. Penny Jordan1 December 2013. HarperCollins Australia. Brilliant, arrogant and ruthlessly ambitious, Max Crighton is an unfaithful husband and a cold, distant father.

An ambitious, arrogant attorney, unfaithful husband, and distant father, Max Crighton is about to lose his long-suffering wife, Maddy, to divorce, until a brutal attack that leaves him near death forces him to reassess his life and decide what is truly important. Original.


NiceOne NiceOne
Max was definetly a sinner. He was awful to everyone and I didn't undertand why he was the way he was. I feel that he deserved the beating he got.
Maddy was too good, too forgiving. She absolutely no backbone. It would have been nice if she had had an affair. Give Max a does of his medicine.
Inth Inth
excellent book and I was wanting more to read and looking for more of this book.
ᴜɴɪᴄᴏʀɴ ᴜɴɪᴄᴏʀɴ
Loved this book! Penny Jordan shows great storytelling talent in this book. I couldn't put the book down. This sort of story doesn't always work in a story, but here it is sweet and believable. I think many people will enjoy the book.
Halloween Halloween
The thing that bothered me most about this was that it didn't really seem like a romance novel...and it has nothing to do with the 'hero's' behavior. When you read it, you discover pages and pages of detail on the numerous members of the Crighton family. Pages that deal with heroine Maddy talking with her cousins, her mother-in-law, her husband's grandfather. Pages where grandpa Ben Crighton moons over the disappearance of his eldest son David. Pages where David's 16 year old son Jack angsts over his father's absence and tries to run away to find him. Pages where female family members lower their voices in sympathy when they discuss how unloved poor Maddy is and how awful Max her husband (the 'hero' of this novel is) to her. Pages and pages of family interaction that- put together, comprise most of the story.

Comparatively speaking, there is very little interaction between the male and female protagonist. I don't even know why they chose to market this as a romance novel when it reads more like a FAMILY SAGA (ala Dynasty); I think this should've been titled 'The Crightons' instead of 'Perfect Sinner', although Max certainly does a good job of living up to the latter description.


So, we all know that Max gets into trouble during his trip to Jamaica, has a complete change of behavior and personality that he's practically a whole new person - as frustratingly unrealistic this is (given that he exhibited no positive traits at all prior to the incident- nope, not even one!), what annoyed me most is that this event happened in the last part of the book. I was waiting for him to get to the transformation to see how the author would play it out, but it only happened past 3/4 into the story. Even then, you don't really see the change happen to him...Crighton family members describe it to Maddy via phone "Oh no, he's had an accident!" "Oh no, he's in the hospital now!" "Oh wow, he's woken up and completely changed!" Even for that important part, the Crighton family members take center stage and prevent much hero/heroine interaction from happening. >_<

The funny thing is, the only entertaining part of Perfect Sinner for me was Max' despicable behavior, because I was so bored by all that family business. I did not buy a romance novel to read about a family saga and actually looked forward to pages that had him in it. He wasn't evil, but so over-the-top mean that it was amusing. Apparently, he grew that bad when he was around 10 years old because he heard someone in the family say they wanted his dead brother instead of him. He then proceeds to get jealous of his cousins and destroy their kiddie tricycles because he can't have one. When he grows into an adult, he has this habit of parading naked in front of a mirror to see how hot he looks (that's the only good thing about him- his pantherish good looks, btw), entering ostentatious areas such as the House of Chambers and wanting all the riches and trappings for himself...worse? His getting jealous of his own son (who is what? Of playschool age) and fearing that he would somehow get 'usurped' by the kid as granpa Ben's favorite. Right, because playschool tykes are oh so threatening!

And as for how he treats his wife Maddy? To put it simply, their interaction mostly consists of Max stating the following: Oh Maddy you're so ugly and undesirable! Why on earth would anyone want you? Maddy, take those kids away, they're annoying me! Maddy, get away, you're annoying me! Why on earth would great aunt Ruth hire you for the charity org Maddy, when there's nothing good about you?

I guess my point is that- while I personally find 'mean' heroes interesting to read about and a lot of fun when written well...Max' type of mean was exaggerated in such a way that didn't strike me as realistic and actually ended up being funny^^; I'm still trying to figure out how he could love Maddy and the kids even a little bit, given that attitude. There wasn't even a hint of kindness or inner goodness for the change to be based on to begin with. I guess it wasn't important at all to show it, since top priority went to describing the family network and whatever so and so was doing.

Now, I love the old type of Harlequins and Penny Jordan is one of my favorite authors from this category. I've read a lot of books from her that I liked which had the 'mean-hero-falls-in-love-and-repents' theme. She does some of those pretty well IMHO, and I hate having to give this such a low score but I must. It was a boring account of relations (if only there weren't so many of them) where the hero's meanie moments were the only amusing thing to read about. Not good.

(P.S. If you insist on reading this, you might have to draw a family tree like I did because that's how many Crightons there are and I had a hard time figuring out who was who when they appeared.)
Kison Kison
OKay I read this book a few weeks ago and I'm just now writing the review so please forgive me if it is not completely accurate.

Max was more than just a jerk. Maddie seemed a bit of a doormat. I think the author spent ALOT of time convincing the reader to despise the hero. I think you really do too. The things he does: the hateful things that he says to her; the way he treats her, like a slave; the way he acts like she doesn't even have half a brain and she couldn't possibly be capable of helping out his mother, perhaps Maddie misunderstood?; the fact that he picks up another woman at his freakin' daughter's school play while his own wife was there; yes and even the fact that he says he closes his eyes when having relations with his wife and thinks about her trust fund? OMG!!! How can she take him back? Near death experience or not? I just don't think his change came across as very believable. How could she not be thinking about all of these things when they are together? Oh yeah and the way he expects her to take care of his grandfather while he is out doing everyone and EVERYTHING! I so expected his client's estranged husband to be the one to give him whatfor. Big loss that she didn't capitalize on that though.

Yeah we do tend to hurt the people we love, but to believe that you can be totally forgiven like that after spending 3/4 of the book listening to the whole jerkiness of Max and then think he has completely changed???? Nah it probably would have been better if she had walked away from him and hooked up with the other guy, can't remember his name right off, for awhile. Let Max lie in the bed that he made for awhile and watch her make a new life for herself and their children with another guy. Make Max grovel for a time realizing what he has lost. And then in a later book, hhhmm like Starting Over, I know it's not about Max and Maddie, bringing them back together. Now that would have been more believable.

It's like I've said before some of the contemporary women seem like doormats, when today's woman really isn't; while the historical women have backbones of steel, when a lot of them put up with a lot from their husbands!!