• ISBN: 055277135X
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: BLACK SWAN; paperback / softback edition (2000)
  • Pages: 320
  • ePub book: 1655 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1900 kb
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  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 153



Ber Ber
I picked this up because I really love Can you keep a secret and I thought this would be just as well written and funny.
Becky was really, really annoying and the overuse of the phrases wouldn't it, shouldn't it, doesn't it.. etc got really old really fast.
I did smile at some parts but overall the story was the same thing Becky buys more stuff she doesn't need and finds new ways to "hide" her bills so she doesn't have to look at them. I finally thought things were going to change at the end a little but no the same story from the first page.
I do understand there are shopaholic and it is rather serious problem and this was just meant to lighten up things and be funny but at all it did for me is annoy me most of the book by how immature Becky is and how bad she is at her job yet seems to fall into these great things.
Probably won't read anymore of the series but I may look to see if the author has anymore books as I did love the first one I read.
Zulkigis Zulkigis
About a third of the way through this book I almost threw in the towel. Rebecca was maddening in her stupidity and unexamined neuroses. I couldn't seem to stop, however: as much as she got on my nerves, I was still curious as to how things would turn out, so I soldiered on to the end.

I'd expected light and funny fare, but it was neither. I certainly didn't feel light-hearted when the book aroused so much anger and frustration in me; and the parts that were obviously intended as humor showed her being so badly humiliated I cringed instead of laughing. Too bad--the subject has promise--so much that Kinsella dragged it out for several more shopaholic books—but I won't be reading them.
Anicasalar Anicasalar
I wanted to like this, because I have read others by this author that were funny, but this one I just couldn't wade through the stupidity of the main character. She irritated me so much that I found nothing endearing about her to even keep reading, even though I'm sure she learns her lesson later on in the book.
Tetaian Tetaian
Being a in book group I am reading material that I would otherwise not read. It was difficult at first to read, because of the main character, so I put it down. The gal who recommended it said to keep reading it and I again picked it up and finally finished it.

The story got better and finally I could relate to the mainn character but it still was a fairy tale like story and at times I found myself yelling out loud, "wth!!!"

The writing style is great though and it's an easy read after you get past the beginning part.
Humin Humin
I understand that this book is not "War and Peace" - it is escapism-fiction. But still, it is so riddled with stereotypes and downright unlikeable characters that I could not really find much to enjoy. Just as American fiction seems to be filled with loser guys who magically seem to "somehow" get all the hot girls, British fiction seems to personify the ditzy, disorganized young woman who somehow attracts a hot, rich super-successful business man who can't quite explain why he is just so darn attracted to her. Maybe if the writing was cleverer I would buy it. But this is a thin story that was clearly spread out over multiple books to encourage purchases (and movie deals?) The whole thing feels formulaic, calculated and phoned-in.
Bine Bine
So irritating to read about someone who is deep in debt but continues to buy such unnessary things. Got thru half the book and stopped waiting for it to get better
Vrion Vrion
I don't know why it took me so long to finally read this book! I absolutely loved it! It's summer time, and it makes a perfect summer read - light, fluffy, funny, and mindless really - but in a good way. Sometimes you just need to grab a book that can take your mind away from life and help you relax and simply enjoy reading just for the fun of it.

The story follows Rebecca (Becky) Bloomwood - a 25 year old financial journalist who can't seem to manage her own finances - as she tries to come up with ways to C.B. (cut back) and M.M.M. (make more money) so she can get herself out of debt. While each plan she hatches manages to fail miserably and hilariously, the only thing left to do is hit the shops and buy a little something to help her cheer up... and the cycle continues!

I thoroughly enjoyed the author's writing and character development, and the 310 pages just flew by! I can't wait to read Kinsella's other books in the Shopaholic series as well as the independent novels and the ones published under her real name - Madeleine Wickham.

If you haven't read this book yet, and you're a fan of chick-lit or light summer reads - I highly recommened this book!
I came upon this book by accident and really enjoyed it. Ms Kinsella is quite witty and being a shopper myself (not truly a shopaholic, but I can try harder), I found the situations that occurred very funny. I also like that it takes place in the UK because I enjoy finding out about international locales. If you just want to laugh (and I did out loud), then give this book a try (as well as the rest of the Shopaholic series).