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eBook Been Here and Gone ePub

eBook Been Here and Gone ePub

by David Dalton

  • ISBN: 0413753700
  • Category: Contemporary
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  • Author: David Dalton
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd (June 6, 2002)
  • Pages: 397
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  • Rating: 4.8
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Been Here and Gone book.

Been Here and Gone book. Can I tell you about the blues?Baby, I was born with the blues. We can only be thankful for the fruits this "collaboration" with renowned author David Dalton has yielded: as funny, furious and funky as a lick on a talking guitar, Dalton's rhythmic prose captures the inimitable voice of a man who walks it like he talks it without missing a beat.

So begins the fictional memoir Been Here and Gone, the extraordinary story of an all-but-forgotten bluesman, Coley .

So begins the fictional memoir Been Here and Gone, the extraordinary story of an all-but-forgotten bluesman, Coley Williams. A backup musician to some of the most famous and infamous figures in the annals of blues music, and a former recording artist in his own right, Williams had a backstage pass to a world that most of us could never even imagine. David Dalton must have worked some fearsome almighty mojo when he set down to write this one - I may just be some thirty-year-old white boy but this has got to be as real as it gets.

Dalton, David, 1945-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. t on September 2, 2011.

Been here and gone, in text and pictures: the men and women who created work songs .

Been here and gone, in text and pictures: the men and women who created work songs, spirituals, blues, and jazz. Frederic Ramsey Jr. Hardcover. Besides his sensitive feel for the people, not just the music, the book is filled with great pictures of this bygone world that are strong enough on their own to be worth the price. Despite its informal nature, much more a personal memoir than a history, I found information in this book that were helpful to serious scholarship. Get one now while you can and stay in touch with times and music that are now gone.

He has written several books, including the cult classic James Dean, the Mutant King, as well as co-writing Paul Anka's autobiography My Way. He is the first cousin of actress Joanna Pettet. Dalton, along with David Felton, won the Columbia School of Journalism Award for their interview with Charles Manson. He also won the Ralph J. Gleason Best Rock Book of the Year award for his book Faithfull.

Been Here and Gone is a highly personalpanorama of the century as seen and experiencedby one of the most .

Been Here and Gone is a highly personalpanorama of the century as seen and experiencedby one of the most remarkable figures in recentliterature. David Dalton, a founding contributor of Rolling Stone, is the author of some fifteen books, including James Dean: The Mutant King, El Sid: St. Vicious, Piece of My Heart, Mindfuckers, Painting Below Zero, Faithfull with Marianne, Been Here and Gone, and Bob's Brain: Decoding Dylan, which will be published in late 2011.

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a memoir of the blues. 1st ed. by Dalton, David. Published 2000 by W. Morrow in New York. In library, African American musicians, Older men, Protected DAISY, Blues (Music), Fiction, African Americans, Blues musicians. Includes bibliographical references (p. -411).


Ucantia Ucantia
I enjoy playing the blues, but before reading this book I knew very little about the history of blues music and its early performers. While the premise is a little corny (think Forest Gump the movie)this book has a number of very interesting profiles of the personalities behind blues music, their times, and influences on popular culture. If nothing else, it has encouraged me to expand my CD collection to include the likes of Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton and Sam Hopkins!
HelloBoB:D HelloBoB:D
I've just got to disagree with Malak here. Lighten up, guy; this is a fictional memoir, not a novel. And, it reads just like a memoir of someone who spent a lifetime at the edges of the blues. Met many of the greats, got to know a handful of them well, crossed paths with many others.
It's a fun, historically accurate, and eminently readable history of the blues. A great introduction to the likes of Tommy Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson, Charie Patton et al. from the Delta, on to Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf in Chicago. Forays into each of the major cities in Blues history: The Delta, Memphis, St. Louis, Los Angeles during WWII, Chicago after the war, even on to England for a brief visit with the white kids who revered these blues heros.
It's a piece of work and a fun read. Sure, if you know a lot about it, or if you've read a good share of what's in the references, it is going to seem shallow. And sometimes it gets a bit silly. But if you only know a bit about blues history and want to know more, this is a readable and fun trek from the delta through Jimi Hendrix. It's a gem.
--olive 6 March 2001
Nuadabandis Nuadabandis
If you know very little about the history of the blues, here is a painless way to get started. This was a good fictional story by the world's "oldest bluesman". Some names and facts about actual blues figures are included. BUT as another reviewer put it "Remember,it's fiction". I do not present myself as an expert on the blues,but have been a fan ,a student,and have known a few great bluesmakers.There were times when reading this book,when I would STOP , and think, well that's not the way it was,and then remember that this book IS fiction. I hope that reading this book will inspire people to read some factual auto/biographies,and to listen to some good blues music.
Truthcliff Truthcliff
I've been a long-time fan of blues music but I never really knew all that much about the history or people behind it-until I went on Dalton's fantastic journey. Coley Williams is one of the most vivid characters I've come across in years; his voice is so authentic and his stories of life on the road, crossing paths with the great lights of the blues, are a feat of interpretive imagination. I've seen pictures of Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon and Bessie Smith, but now I feel like I know what it would have been like to hear them talk, watch them sing, knock back a couple of whiskeys, get in a fight, etc. By the end of the book, I felt like I'd lived the blues!
Foxanayn Foxanayn
I'm not quite halfway through the book yet, but I'm transported to the dry delta land of the mid-twenties listening to music from the soul. I think this book does a good job easily moving from the stories of Robert Johnson to Charlie Patton to Huddie Ledbetter to Blind Lemon Jefferson while painting a likely fictional tale built on what we do know of these men. It's full of believable dialogue and realistic dialect. Poor, talented, proud, superstitious, curious, wandering souls of gold.
Camper Camper
What a disappointment this was - does cobbling together bits and pieces of incidents from many well known blues works into a patchwork held together by the thinnest of narrative and barely developed characters qualify as writing a novel? At the back the author lists many of the works from which he lifted the incidents for this "novel". My advice is to go read them and forget this mishmash.