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eBook The Mating Season ePub

by P. G Wodehouse

  • ISBN: 0060806591
  • Category: Contemporary
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  • Author: P. G Wodehouse
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harper & Row; Complete Numbers Starting with 1, 1st Ed edition (1983)
  • Pages: 246
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  • Rating: 4.2
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The Mating Season is a novel by P. G. Wodehouse, first published in the United Kingdom on 9 September 1949 by Herbert Jenkins, London, and in the United States on November 29, 1949 by Didier & C. New York. Starring well-intentioned Bertie Wooster and his resourceful valet Jeeves, the novel takes place at Deverill Hall, where Esmond Haddock lives with his five overcritical aunts.

The Mating Season, The Russian Wodehouse Society. Two pinpricks and a mild raspberry here could remind the alert that Wodehouse was remembering three people who had attacked him for his wartime broadcast talks to America from Berlin. Gussie, up before the beak after his newt-hunt in the Trafalgar Square fountain, gives his name as Alfred Duff Cooper. Duff Cooper had been the Minister of Information who had sponsored William 'Cassandra' Connor's attack on Wodehouse on the BBC National Service. One of the (bad) performers in the King's Deverill village concert was Miss Eustacia Pulbrook.

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The author of almost a hundred books and the creator of Jeeves, Blandings Castle, Psmith, Ukridge, Uncle Fred and Mr Mulliner, . Wodehouse was born in 1881 and educated at Dulwich College. After two years with the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank he became a full-time writer, contributing to a variety of periodicals. As well as his novels and short stories, he wrote lyrics for musical comedies, and at one stage had five shows running simultaneously on Broadway. At the age of 93, in the New Year’s Honours List of 1975, he received a long-overdue Knighthood, only to die on St Valentine’s Day some.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This is a Jeeves and Wooster novel. At Deverill Hall, an idyllic Tudor manor in the picture-perfect village of King's Deverill. Usually ships within 2 to 3 days.

Perhaps best known for the escapades of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves, Wodehouse also created the world of Blandings Castle, home to Lord Emsworth and his cherished pig, the Empress of Blandings. His stories include gems concerning the irrepressible and disreputable Ukridge; Psmith, the elegant socialist; the crupulous Fifth Earl of Ickenham, better known as Uncle Fred; and those related by Mr Mulliner, the charming raconteur of The Angler's Rest, and the Oldest Member at the Golf Club.

Published: 20/09/2001. Series: Everyman's Library P G WODEHOUSE.

Fans of P. G. Wodehouse's comic genius are legion, and their devotion to his masterful command of the hilarity borders on an obsession. The Mating Season is a time of love, mistaken identity, and mishap for Bertie, Gussie Fink-Nottle and other guests staying at Deverill Hall-luckily there's unflappable Jeeves to set things right.


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P. G. Wodehouse does it again in this excellent book! As always, the stories and characters in this book will make you howl with laughter. And, as always, Wodehouse's writing style will delight the reader like no other author possibly can. If you like Wodehouse, this book will make a great addition to your collection. If you're unfamiliar with Wodehouse, you may want to get hold of a listing of Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster books (available online at Wikipedia and other online information providers, free of charge), and I would suggest reading them in the order of publication date. You might also want to find an online listing of Jeeves and Wooster books that groups the books according to series, such as the Totleigh Towers series (of which this book is number two of four). Also, if you like the Jeeves & Wooster books, you'll probably love the "Jeeves and Wooster" BBC-TV series (available on DVD), starring Stephen Fry as Jeeves and Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster.
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Spring is in the air, which means young hearts are ready to tie the knot. Unfortunately, a series of misunderstandings has sundered the hopes of the young lovers. Can Bertie and Jeeves reunite the lovers and extricate Bertie from a situation worse than death? You'll have to read the novel to find out.
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If there is a master of the feel-good book - one of those novels that elevates your mood every time you read a page - it must be P.G. Wodehouse. Yes, his stories may not be deep, but they are always delightfully entertaining. And nowhere is Wodehouse better than with his incomparable Jeeves and Wooster tales.

These stories are typically narrated by Bertie Wooster, a well-meaning but not-too-bright fellow who tries to enjoy the life of the idle rich. Since he isn't all that sharp, he constantly gets into trouble, which is where his valet Jeeves steps in. In any crisis, the omniscient Jeeves is unflappable.

The Mating Season again puts Bertie in the soup. This time, he is coerced by his fearsome Aunt Agatha into visiting Deverill Hall, a mansion filled with a bunch of elderly aunts; they aren't Bertie's aunts, but Agatha has given him a phobia about all such relations. Bertie's friend, Gussie Fink-Nottle, is also supposed to attend, but an unexpected incarceration spoils that. This threatens Gussie's engagement to Madeline Bassett, and Madeline has made clear that she intends to marry Bertie if ever Gussie doesn't work out. For Bertie, there is only one choice: he goes to Deverill Hall impersonating Gussie.

Complications, of course, ensue. First of all, Gussie gets out of jail early and goes to Deverill Hall impersonating Bertie. Meanwhile, there is a tangle of romances that could still well-endanger Bertie's beloved bachelorhood. Corky Pirbright wants to be with Esmond Haddock, who in turn is wooing his cousin Gertrude (to make Corky jealous) who in turn is in love with Corky's brother, Catsmeat. Gussie falls for Corky, Catsmeat gets mixed up with the maid Queenie who is on the outs with the police constable Dobbs.

This comic soap opera plays out perfectly with Wodehouse's adept plotting and even more adept use of language. The only bad part is it eventually must end. But until that conclusion is reached, there are few reading pleasures quite like a Wodehouse book.
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This is the classic volume in which Bertie finds himself at a place called Deverill Hall pretending to be Gussie Fink-Nottle, and Gussie Fink-Nottle shows up pretending to be Bertie. Bertie must do all he can to keep the Fink-Nottle/Bassett romance intact (for we know the fate that awaits Bertram otherwise), and this, complete with two other rocky romances, keeps Bertie on his toes throughout this hilarious book. Jeeves is absent for much of this book, and thus it is short on the interaction between the two that makes the books so charming, but he shows up to save the day when the time is right. Notable in this story is the oppressed Esmond Haddock who cowers under his five aunts, the relationship between Bertie's old chum Catsmeat and a parlormaid named Queenie which nearly ends in very foreseeable disaster, and the presence of Jeeves's Uncle Charlie.
I must add that this is the book I read on the plane when I had to fly home for a sudden funeral, and in the midst of the somberness of the occasion, this book was a tangible ray of sunlight. Although I will probably always remember it within that rather unfortunate context, perhaps that is not a bad thing. It worked its magic, and kept me laughing.
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Each Wodehouse story is a gem of English comedic writing, pure escapism with no hint there is a brutal world out there.
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a gift...thank you!
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A good Wodehouse novel of Jeeves and Wooster at the height of his powers. Elegant and clever language and phrasing abound. Top notch.
When I recently read that Chris Hitchens was a Wodehouse fan, I wondered that if Wodehouse could lighten the spirits of someone as dyspeptic as Hitchens, that he might do wonders for me as well. I'm glad I thought of it. The Mating Season is, thus far, my favorite in the Jeeves series. These are the first person accounts of Bertram Wooster, a brain dead British aristocrat who can't tie his own shoes without the help of his butler, Jeeves. He and his friends get themselves into hilarious predicaments and Jeeves unfailingly bails them out.

Wodehouse is a wonderful stylist and almost unbelievably funny. This is addictive stuff so take care.