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eBook Best Friends: A Novel ePub

eBook Best Friends: A Novel ePub

by Thomas Berger

  • ISBN: 0743241835
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Thomas Berger
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster; First Edition edition (April 22, 2003)
  • Pages: 224
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All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. SIMON & SCHUSTER and colophon are registered trademarks of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Book design by Ellen R. Sasahara. Berger, Thomas, date. As of September 2000, his best friend’s ways with women were still a wonder to Sam Grandy, not because there could be any question of Roy Courtright’s physical or personal charms, but rather because Sam’s own temperament was such that he could not have pretended, let alone sustained, an intimate interest in more than one woman at a time.

Best Friends" by Thomas Berger is about two grown men, Roy and Sam, who have been friends since childhood. As adults, it seems like they fight to keep a connection despite no longer having anything in common. Roy is very handsome, a playboy, came into an inheritance, and owns a used luxury car dealership purely out of his sheer joy for high-end cars. It is wonderful to write that in his 22nd novel Thomas Berger maintains the high standard that readers have come to expect from him. Best Friends is one of his miniatures (unlike Arthur Rex or the Little Big Man books) in which he focuses on a few characters over a short span of time.

Thomas Louis Berger was an American novelist, probably best known for his picaresque novel Little Big Man, which was adapted into a film by Arthur Penn.

Roy Courtright is good-looking, healthy, independent, well liked, and the owner of a successful classic car dealership. In this novel Berger examines the meaning of the term "best friend.

Best friends: a novel. Thomas Berger is the author of twenty-three novels. His previous novels include Best Friends, Meeting Evil, and The Feud, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Roy Courtright is a bit of an ascetic, a wealthy vintage auto dealer who stays fit, and something of a womanizer, although more romantic than rake. His Little Big Man is known throughout the world. Библиографические данные. Best Friends: A Novel. Издание: иллюстрированное.

Renowned and revered in English literature, Thomas Hardy wrote some of the most seminal works of Victorian Literature. Here we explore some of his most enduring works. The Mayor of Casterbridge might be Hardy’s best novel, but Far from the Madding Crowd undoubtedly is the best-known one. Does it not appear on every compulsory reading list in high school? Has it not recently been turned into a film with the most dashing Flemish actor of the moment? Yet it is the charming and compelling female protagonist which has made this book as famous as it is.

Электронная книга "Best Friends", Thomas Berger That Berger’s take on adultery, loyalty, friendship and myriad other intangibles is both deeply satirical and deeply felt is perhaps the book’s real wonder.

Электронная книга "Best Friends", Thomas Berger. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Best Friends" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. That Berger’s take on adultery, loyalty, friendship and myriad other intangibles is both deeply satirical and deeply felt is perhaps the book’s real wonder. No other writer can build a symphony of seriocomic confusion with such a sure touch. Berger’s terrific plot takes several unforeseen and unsettling turns en route to its savage denouement.

is, in fact, a compact accomplished novel of ideas. Best Friends - Thomas Berger. And it’s capped by an absolute killer of a final sentence. Nobody writes them like Thomas Berger.

Thomas Louis Berger (July 20, 1924 – July 13, 2014) was an American novelist. Probably best known for his picaresque novel Little Big Man and the subsequent film by Arthur Penn, Berger explored and manipulated many genres of fiction throughout his career, including the crime novel, the hard-boiled detective story, science fiction, the utopian novel, plus re-workings of classical mythology, Arthurian legend, and the survival adventure

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Since childhood, Sam Grandy and Roy Courtright have been best friends. They grew up in the same prosperous community, went to the same prep school, and later entered the same university. After Sam's father died, Roy's father looked after him. At one point Sam dated Roy's sister, Robin. As best friends, they share a close and loving bond, often stronger than the relationships other men share with their girlfriends, siblings, or wives. But in the twenty years since their friendship began, their fundamental differences have become more apparent and their relationship has grown strained. More and more often they realize they are opposites -- one a womanizer, the other a devoted husband; one careless with money, the other frugal; one independent, the other needy. Do these differences threaten their friendship -- or are the dissimilarities what make it possible? Can they escape the ties of their past, or are they intrinsically bound until death? When Sam's health begins to falter, he draws Roy into his life again -- and into a chain of deceit, sex, delusion, death, and love such as only a best friend could. Thomas Berger has enthralled millions of readers for almost fifty years with his psychologically complex, sharp-sighted storytelling. With exquisite wit and insidious wisdom, Best Friends weaves a powerful tale about friendship -- and the complex loyalties involved.


Micelhorav Micelhorav
Exotic car dealer Roy Courtright, a bachelor with superficial tastes in women, has been best friends with Sam Grandy, a large-boned, passive-aggressive sort, for over twenty years. Sam has over the years asked Roy for loans of huge sums of money to compensate for his capricious consumer habits and Roy, the benificiary of a large inheritance, has happily obliged. But as the novel unfolds, we see that Roy begins to examine his friendship with more vigor. Sam Grandy is after all emotionally undeveloped (seems like a twelve-year-old) and seems more in love with his gadgets than he is with his wife, Kristin. Roy and Sam's wife Kristin bond when they both must nurse Sam, the sufferer of a heart-attack. Through this bonding, they see themselves, and the feelings they have for each other, with more clarity and also see, with equal clearness, the noxiousness of Sam. With these new revelations, they must test where their loyalties lay. The conflict is handled well as the novel, well paced, reaches a steady climax.
I've read much Berger over the years and argue that this must be one of his best novels in part because it relies on less slapstick than previous efforts and instead relies on complex characters and highly ambiguous situations so that the reader is constantly amazed by the novel's twists and turns.
Light out of Fildon Light out of Fildon
Loved Thomas Berger's "Adventures of the Artificial Woman", so I thought, why not try this out? I wasn't that excited about it. It took me a while to get through because I wasn't so interested, and it's not even a long story.
Rasmus Rasmus
"Best Friends" by Thomas Berger is about two grown men, Roy and Sam, who have been friends since childhood. As adults, it seems like they fight to keep a connection despite no longer having anything in common. Roy is very handsome, a playboy, came into an inheritance, and owns a used luxury car dealership purely out of his sheer joy for high-end cars. Sam is overweight, married, not working, spend-happy, and always looking for a handout from Roy. Unfortunately, Berger never gives us much reason to care about the men's friendship and this is where the author somewhat fails. We're just supposed to assume that the two are still good friends because they were once good friends as children, but we're never really shown anything that would cement this friendship in our minds.

The first three-quarters of the novel are meant to be the "set-up." We're supposed to get to know the characters and understand how their personalities mesh together. Again, Berger failed to deliver. Sam and Kristin remained two-dimensional while Roy became slightly more two-dimensional. I was still waiting for three-dimensional portraits of all three characters.

The "shocker" and conflict of the novel comes when -- about three-fourths through -- Roy sleeps with Sam's wife, Kristin, and he feels love for the very first time. No longer are women just playthings to him; now his heart is involved and he doesn't know how to react. Finally, albeit too late in the game, we start to delve deeper into the characters' personalities, only to be disappointed again by Kristin and Sam. Their actions and reactions to this development don't mesh with their "established" two-dimensional personalities and don't elevate them to three-dimensional status just because we've learned something new about each.

I think the novel and storyline has potential, but the characters really need more fleshing out. As for Berger's writing, it's average, dwelling too much on unimportant details (the various car models that Roy sells) and skips the all-important dialogue which shows us more about each character and creates some tension.
Awene Awene
A master of dissecting the human psyche, Berger posits a twenty-year friendship, begun in adolescence, and fillets it for his reader's edification. Probing beneath the surface of the niceties that go into the long-established patterns of a relationship, Best Friends is particularly interesting as it concerns two successful young men, Roy Courtwright, a bachelor, and Sam Grandy, married for three years.
Roy has studiously avoided any interference with the couple, respecting their marital integrity while protecting his own turf as best friend to Sam. Roy is a friend who knows his place, treats his lovers kadmirably and barely knows Sam's wife, Kristin on a personal level. Much like a long-term marriage, the friendship is predictable and never hurtful to either man. But when the overweight and over-indulgent Sam has a heart attack, everyone is caught off balance.
In the midst of unexpected personal trouble, Roy turns to Kristin as a substitute, unwilling to burden Sam or jeopardize his health. Roy suffers some trepidation about sharing his problems with Kristin, but is too distraught to keep his own counsel. During their conversation, Kristin inadvertently mentions some remarks Sam has made about his friend, words that sound like betrayal to Roy. In doing so, Kristin illuminates an unsuspected problem in the men's relationship. Reacting to the thinly veiled animosity in Sam's words, Roy questions the basis of their friendship, for loyalty and integrity are paramount to Roy's wellbeing, while Sam is ambivalent about such values. Roy is shocked to realize that he has harbored some resentment toward Sam, "Maybe he and I are friends just out of habit, though maybe the same can be said of everything else. Living may be just a habit."
The real beauty of Berger's intelligent and thought provoking novel is the simplicity of his protagonists, the commonality of experience, so remarkably familiar that the reader is privy to the thoughts and small disharmonies of these characters. As personal as a private conversation, Best Friends exposes the important relationships we take for granted. Luan Gaines/2003.