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eBook Pemberley Shades (Pemberly Shades) ePub

eBook Pemberley Shades (Pemberly Shades) ePub

by Dorothy Bonavia-Hunt

  • ISBN: 0979564506
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Dorothy Bonavia-Hunt
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Laughing Man Publications (2007)
  • Pages: 319
  • ePub book: 1956 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1973 kb
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 604


Pemberley Shades book.

Pemberley Shades book. Bonavia-Hunt’s writing style is great; she conjures up beautiful images of Pemberley and the surrounding area, and characters that are true and believable because they are all flawed, all well-developed. Yet, I thought the story was lacking that spark, that something special that kept it moving. It’s get dull at times with to Pemberley Shades, originally published in 1949, is widely considered to not only be the first Pride and Prejudice sequel, but first published form of FanFiction.

Bonavia-Hunt, D. A. (Dorothy Alice). Pemberley shades, . Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted?

Bonavia-Hunt, D. p. cm. Originally published in 1949 by . Dutton & Company, Inc. -T. Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted? -Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Chapter 56, Pride and Prejudice. Chapter 1. When old Dr. Robinson, who had been Rector of Pemberley in Derbyshire for over fifty years, died one night in his sleep at the age of eighty-seven, a long life of little eventfulness and placid prosperity came to a not untimely end.

Pemberley Shades: A Novel. By D. (Dorothy Alice) Bonavia-Hunt, 1880-1970

Pemberley Shades: A Novel. (Dorothy Alice) Bonavia-Hunt, 1880-1970. New York: E. Dutton & Company, In. 1949. Concurrent publication in . GATT restoration does not apply. Public domain in the . Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted?" LADY CATHERINE DE BOURGH, Chapter 56, Pride and Prejudice.

Little is known about Dorothy Bonavia-Hunt. She lived with her brother, who was a vicar, in the English countryside during the time that she wrote Pemberley Shades, which appears to be her only book. Библиографические данные. Pemberley Shades: Pride and Prejudice continues. Dorothea A. Bonavia-Hunt.

Title: Pemberley Shades 2/E. Catalogue Number: 9780979564512. Missing Information?. Dorothy Bonavia-Hunt's acclaimed sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice returns to publication. See all 3 brand new listings. Laughing Man Publications.

Originally published in 1949, the unusual plot takes the Darcys into the realm of the Gothic-perfect for fans of Death Comes to Pemberley. Darcy must appoint a new rector at Pemberley, which affords the author the opportunity to introduce a host of new characters to mingle with the beloved and familiar ones of Jane Austen. A delightfully witty plot, full of.

Pemberley Shades : Pride and Prejudice Continues a Lightly Gothic Tale of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy

Pemberley Shades : Pride and Prejudice Continues a Lightly Gothic Tale of Mr. Darcy. by Dorothy Bonavia-Hunt. I greatly enjoyed this book and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to an Austen fan. The author writes in true Jane Austen style and the plot, while the mystery was somewhat predictable, was still diverting and can stand re-reading just for the Austen atmosphere and genuine characters it manages to successfully recreate.

Pemberley Shades is true to Austen’s style in that it begins with a significant life change and ends with a marriage. Pemberley Shades: a Lightly Gothic Tale of Mr. Darcy by . Bonavia-Hunt Sourcebooks, Inc. Trade paperback, 368 pages ISBN: 9781402214387. It has been four years since Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy married and their pastoral life at Pemberley with their young son Richard is close to perfect until the death of the parish minister sets a course of peculiar events into play that recall a plot in one of the Gothic novels so popular during Austen’s life. Excerpt of Pemberley Shades. Austen books at Sourcebooks. That said, it's a bit stodgy. I wish that Bonavia Hunt had Austen's ear for dialogue. After more than three years of marriage to Darcy, Elizabeth also seems to have lost much of her sparkle. The plot, a sort of mystery story, is not hard to work out.

Several years have passed since the wedding of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and the former Elizabeth Bennet, and Lady Catherine's prediction about polluting the shades of Pemberley have not come to pass. Blessed with a son and the company of Miss Georgiana Darcy, the Darcys of Pemberley are settled into their quiet life when it is disrupted by the death of a local Rector. The search for the new one begins, but the newly-hired Stephen Acworth proves of increasingly mysterious character. Does he seek the living or a lady's heart? The cast of Pride and Prejudice returns to wreak minor havoc on Pemberley and Derbyshire, but Darcy and Elizabeth have something they did not have during the events of the previous novel: each other's undying support. In the first printing since 1977, Dorothy Bonavia-Hunt's acclaimed sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice returns to publication. Now with a forward by the editor of this edition, Marsha Morman. THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY ON SALE. BUY IT NOW BEFORE IT GOES OUT OF STOCK!


Melipra Melipra
Acworth's appearance in this novel bothers me. He is too dark and sinister for a P&P sequel. The story line is not bad, but do not portray it as a Regency novel. They have different characteristics. I like how the story "loops" back and ties all the loose ends together. If it were not portrayed as a P&P sequel, I could rate this book higher. Darcy and Elizabeth just happen to be characters in this one. It's really not about them.
Siatanni Siatanni
greatr read. said by a frequent reader of Jane austen. one if the truest written Jane austen replicas. it really seems as if Jane austen continued her story.
Haralem Haralem
To me, Pemberly Shades is the best Jane Austen continuation/imitation that I have read so far. And, being a Jane Austen fanatic, I've read a lot of them! This one has the humor, character depth and interesting plot, not to mention slow, rambling narration style, of Miss Austen herself.

Ms. Bonavia-Hunt set the Austen style on the first page:
"Who could have foretold that Dr. Robinson, who had done nothing of note in all his lifetime should, by the common and natural act of dying, set in motion a train of events so strange, so startling, so far removed from probability, as to emulate the riotous fancies of a disordered mind?"

It takes place, as you might have guessed, at Pemberly three or four years after Darcy and Elizabeth wed. Lady Catherine makes an appearance, as does Mr. Bennet, and the conversations of both could have been lifted from Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Collins joins us by letter, sounding just as pompous and ridiculous as ever. Elizabeth and Darcy keep that same sparring attraction that they developed in Pride and Prejudice.

Only Kitty has changed, and at first I found it a striking, drastic change. But after thinking about it, several years away from the terrible influence of Lydia (who is never even alluded to!) could easily make a major difference in Kitty's life.

The new characters in Pemberly Shades have all the flavor of Austen originals. The Misses Robinson remind me of all of Austen's gossipy old maids, Mr. Acworth is a cross between Wickham and Willoughby and Major Wakeford is an unluckier Colonel Brandon.

If you love Austen and the Austen style, then I highly recommend this novel! Run down to your local library or used bookstores and see if you can come up with a copy of it. You'll thank me later.
Steep Steep
This book is one of the better sequels to Pride and Prejudice, and worth having in one's P & P collection. It's quite consistent with the Austen style and does not regurgitate verbatim passages from the original P & P, nor does it sound extremely archaic despite the fact that it was first published in the early 1900's. Within the version I bought (which was just a couple weeks ago), there was a humorous foreword by the editor, who described the difficulties in finding this publication including having to photocopy the book from the NY library archives. The main plot focuses on the Darcys, now several years into their marriage, in search of a new parson. Included is a mystery, in which one of the characters was discovered by Darcy to be an impostor who had assumed someone else's identity intentionally. The development of this particular plot was quite good. At one point, this impostor professed his love to Elizabeth, who surprisingly did not tell Darcy. (This would be the only part that I'd wish the author had changed. It seems unlikely that Elizabeth would not share her secrets with Darcy.) For a gentleman who had much to do in terms of handling his estate, Darcy seemed to have a lot of time to take care of "everybody else's business". The Elizabeth portrayed in this book was quite proper and regal, very befitting as the Mistress of Pemberley. For those who's a fan of Darcy's sister, there's more character development of Georgiana Darcy in this book. Included were chapters about her infatuation/first crushes on a couple male characters, including one of Darcy's college friends. I really enjoyed this book and would give it 4.5 stars (if that were an option). Definitely glad I bought it!
Sennnel Sennnel
Ever since I heard of this mythical amazing sequel to Pride and Prejudice I have been trying to talk myself into spending the small fortune it would have cost me to get a copy. This wonderful story was rumoured to be the best sequel to P&P, towering over all others in both story and writing style - so when I heard that it was being republished and I would no longer need to sell my car to read it I jumped at the chance. But that is where my romance with this novel ends. I received it, took it out of the wrapping, and waited for the magic. It just wasn't there.

Sure, the style is closer to the original. There are no graphic scenes of love making that seem to fill some of the more recent sequels written by bored house wives. The story is nice for want of a better word; but the softness of the characters was too much for me. I don't believe that Darcy would have acted in the way he did, and the authors way of leaving out the less desirable of the original characters was also I feel a mistake.

This is a first release of a book supposedly copied while sitting in a library - but I must say the fact I don't recall a single page without some typo was fairly distracting.

As I mentioned, the story is nice - It's worth a read - but this isn't the greatest sequel to Pride and Prejudice as I have heard it referred to.
INwhite INwhite
After reading numerous sequels of P&P this one was OK. It has a very original plot. There are many typos in the book. You do feel captivate in many spots of this story and sometimes it has you scratching your head.....saying, I didn't see that coming. Then there are parts where you know what is going to happen.
I would of liked to seen more emotion coming from our beloved Lizzy & Darcy. This book contains some more of Georgiana too, which was pleasurable to see.
I do recommend this book for a great read.
Dobpota Dobpota
I have read so many that this definitely just falls in the mediocre category. There were lots of things I liked about it but just as many that I didn't.