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eBook Out to Canaan ePub

eBook Out to Canaan ePub

by John McDonough,Jan Karon

  • ISBN: 0788709739
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: John McDonough,Jan Karon
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Recorded Books Unabridged; Unabridged edition (1997)
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 916


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Jan Karon (Author), John McDonough (Reader). Enthusiastic booksellers across the country have introduced readers of all ages to Karon's heartwarming books

Jan Karon (Author), John McDonough (Reader). Book 1 of 10 in the Mitford Series. Enthusiastic booksellers across the country have introduced readers of all ages to Karon's heartwarming books. At Home in Mitford, Karon's first book in the Mitford series, was nominated for an ABBY by the American Booksellers Association in 1996 and again in 1997. Bookstore owner, Shirley Sprinkle, says, "The Mitford Books have been our all-time fiction bestsellers since we went in business twenty-five years ago. We've sold 10,000 of Jan's books and don't see any end to the Mitford phenomenon.

John McDonough (narrator). In Out to Canaan it seems like everything that can go wrong in a small town is going wrong in Mitford, and the general peace of Mitford is disturbed

John McDonough (narrator). In Out to Canaan it seems like everything that can go wrong in a small town is going wrong in Mitford, and the general peace of Mitford is disturbed. Good old Father Tim plays detective in many aspects of his life and calling, all the while praying the prayer that cannot fail: "Your will be done. How can someone not love the character-driven Mitford books?

A Penguin Book, published by arrangement with the author. This book may not be reproduced in whole or part, by mimeograph or any other means, without permission.

A Penguin Book, published by arrangement with the author. For information address: The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Putnam Inc.

Author(s): Jan Karon, John McDonough. Out to Canaan (ebook). Published April 1st 1998 by Penguin Books. ISBN: 078655813X (ISBN13: 9780786558131). Author(s): Jan Karon. ISBN: 1101199504 (ISBN13: 9781101199503).

Enthusiastic booksellers across the country have introduced readers of all ages to Karon's heartwarming books

Jan wrote her first novel at the age of ten. "The manuscript was written on Blue Horse notebook paper, and was, for good reason, kept hidden from my sister. When she found it, she discovered the one curse word I had, with pounding heart, included in someone's speech.

Another excellent book in the Mitford Series by Jan Karon. all colorful, common, everyday people with real life experiences and their interaction with one another for the good of all.

John McDonough portrays the provincial town of Mitford with careful pacing, understatement, and evocative vocal characterizations, revealing a traditional community filled with lovable eccentrics. He changes each character's voice to allow the listener to follow the multiple players and subplots. The complex story pits longtime mayor Esther Cunningham's values of tradition and simplicity against developer Mark Stroupe's desire for growth and development. McDonough also captures the gentle spirit of Father Tim with a subtle cadence that matches the rector's broad assumption.

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Doukree Doukree
I reread my favorites of Jan Karon's books each year and try timing this one to be read during the Christmas week because it always warms me up to the joys of the season - especially for those of us who have prayed the prayer surrendering our life to the Most High! All the delights of small town friendships, long term loving relationships, the beauties of advent church events and Christmas giving! That is quite a bit for a book, but it is so...both for my sad Christmases when I have felt lonely and for those when I am feeling blessed. A marvelous Christmas addition to the Mitford cannon!
Ƀ⁞₳⁞Ð Ƀ⁞Ǿ⁞Ɏ Ƀ⁞₳⁞Ð Ƀ⁞Ǿ⁞Ɏ
There is not a one of the Mitford/Father Tim books that I've not read more than three times--many far more than that. I don't know what more I can say that will express my delight in these books. I've noticed that I often pick them up when I'm feeling low or anxious. They're very restful.
I like spending time with these folks, even the wicked Edith is eventually redeemed. All of them have their own very human flaws and their own blessings to share.
Danial Danial
The gentlest peace always falls over me as I read one of the Mitford Years novels. The humor, the sense of community and family reaches beyond the pages. I want to be friends with all the characters, I have no problem identifying with each person's dialog.

It had been years since I last read book seven. I jumped into 'Shepards Abiding' and instantly was home again. What more can you want from a series? Nothing.
Uyehuguita Uyehuguita
Again, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. There is a problem, though I didn't mark it down since it appears it's a publisher problem & not content for this book and the last one I read. In this book there are letters substituted for the letter it should be - always at the end of the word. For example, the word "so" would be spelled "sa." In the last book it would abruptly drop off at the middle of a sentence in the middle of a paragraph, and take up somewhere else. In a few paragraphs or a few pages, the part that dropped off would show up just as unexpectedly. I've called to complain, and the last book they swapped it out with a new/different copy, and it was fine. This one they haven't figured out yet, and here I've already finished reading it! Since this time it was only one letter, I could usually figure out the word but it was not fluid reading. Amazon said they've put a note to supplier that they'll not sell any more books until they hear back & it is resolved.
Hra Hra
My fourth time through the entire Mitford series and it never fails to delight! Tonight is Christmas Eve, and coincidentally or serendipitously, I just happened to finish this book which ends on Christmas Eve. “God’s timing is perfect.” Highly recommend to those seeking peace and simplicity in life.
Whiteflame Whiteflame
I love this series. It's a glimpse at the characters who live in a small town, and how they learn to grow together as a community in faithfulness and love. Maybe a cliche idea these days, but I like the simplicity of it. Yes, it can be a little schmaltzy, but we all need a little schmaltz sometimes. And the truth of love shines through. In a world where we tend to think cynicism is sophisticated and smart, a little old-fashioned sweetness can remind us that the light is no less real and true than the darkness.
Contancia Contancia
This third in the series. Enjoy the many characters an the way they live. Honest people who don't swear or have extra marital affairs! Lots of simple pleasures along with living this life for our Lord.
I read the Mitford/Father Tim series by Jan Karon several years ago and enjoyed them very much. Now I'm listening to the books on CD during my drive home commute everyday. Hearing the stories aloud is a wonderful stress reducer. Its almost like meeting and catching up with news of old friends. Every character's story has challenges but with Father Tim's never failing faith and perseverance everything always works out for the best.