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eBook Slaves to Love ePub

eBook Slaves to Love ePub

by Claire Thompson

  • ISBN: 1419952617
  • Category: Erotica
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Claire Thompson
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Ellora's Cave; 1 edition (November 2005)
  • Pages: 195
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 436


Slave Gamble: He won me in a card game.

Slave Gamble: He won me in a card game  . Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. Claire Thompson (Goodreads Author).

I really enjoyed Slave Girl by Claire Thompson and in the end, the love story these characters found came through for m. Ms. Thompson is one of the best storytellers I have come across in the art of telling the story of a journey.

I really enjoyed Slave Girl by Claire Thompson and in the end, the love story these characters found came through for me. I was a little unsure when I started Slave Girl. The blurb concerned me about the severity of the BDSM that would be found within the pages of the book and about whether the BDSM would come from a loving standpoint or be merely gratuitous and hardcore. Her characters always seem to rise from some point in their lives to a higher plane of understanding and acceptance of themselves and those around them.

As much as I like Claire Thompson's books, Slave Castle was . I loved Ms Thompson's story. Good 'juicy' sections. A happy ending to a love story. I'm a sucker for a lusty love story.

As much as I like Claire Thompson's books, Slave Castle was just an OK read for me. I prefer strong, independent women, including those that are submissive in the bedroom, but Marissa is a user, manipulative, and will change her "stripes" to keep her meal ticket. As much as I disliked both Marissa and her would be Dom, Tom, I loved Aaron. Marissa is a somewhat oportunist type who agrees to slave training although she isn't all that submissive. She is looking to a D/S relationship with her welthy boyfriend to provide her a life of luxury.

Slave Gamble He won me in a card game

Slave Gamble He won me in a card game. Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover.

Author Claire Thompson. Books by Claire Thompson: Slave Gamble. 10. Two Loves for Alex. 10 2. The Inner Room. Polar Reaction.

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Erotic romance"-Spine. Includes excerpts from the novels Secret Diaries and Sacred circle by Claire Thompson. Marissa finds herself in a splendid mansion, where she has been sent by her wealthy lover for a two-week training in the art of erotic submission. Nicknamed the Slave Castle by its owners, submissive men and women are sent for their own specially crafted tours of intensive training in submission, bondage and discipline.

When Tom decides to break things off, Marissa realizes her ego is more bruised than her heart and love never entered the equation with Tom. The training under Aaron's masterful hand has wrought a change in everything Marissa once thought she knew about her deepest needs and desires. Is Marissa falling under the spell of a man whose heart seems wrapped in ice, a man who might even be incapable of love? show more. Format Paperback 278 pages.

Slave Gamble "He won me in a card game." Yes, it sounded crazy to Zoë too, but when David Turner won an evening with the lovely young woman, it was one she wouldn't soon forget. With gentle dominance, David was to take Zoë on a journey of erotic submission that would leave her breathless and begging for more. It was a gamble she wouldn't take lightly, but the winning hand was more than she ever dreamed of. A real D/s love story. Face of Submission Kate would do anything to please her dominant lover, Kevin. When he wants to invite an old flame to "play", things take an unexpected turn. The past lover is a dominant bisexual man named Mark, who is used to taking just exactly what he wants. Kate goes along, not knowing what to expect, but fascinated with the homoerotic interplay between the two men. Both men take her to submissive levels she never dreamed herself capable of. In the process, Kate tries not to be jealous of Mark's attentions toward her lover. Ultimately Kate is forced to examine her own willingness to submit in the face of increasing danger from a Dom out of control. True love is tested on all sides as these three lovers come together in a decided twist on the classic love triangle. Jewel Thief Elena was a gorgeous jewel thief with a mission-to rob the home of one of the most eligible bachelors in Westchester County, Jack London. Slated to be out of town during the break-in, his unexpected return put a rather severe crimp in her burglary efforts. Jack offered the beautiful woman a choice-be handed over to the authorities and face certain prison time, or submit sexually for one week to him. Elena understood the terms, or thought she did, of sexual favors as a bribe for silence. What she didn't expect was a crash course in erotic submission and BDSM. Forced to submit to humiliating acts, bound and whipped, chained and used, Elena comes face-to-face with her own unexplored submissive yearnings. The man who begins as her captor and tormentor evolves into something much more as the two of them discover secrets about themselves that will either tear them apart or forge something unexpected and powerful between them. A rather classic love story with a very unorthodox twist.


Uafrmaine Uafrmaine
I'd give this short 31/4 stars, better than average for the genre.

In Slave Gamble Zoë's stupid boyfrend gets in over his head and looses her in a poker game to David a wealth and hansome Dom. Zoe turns out to have strong sub tendencies with the expected errotic Ds scenes and predictable ending. Very good character development and some humor but weak plot.

The novela length Face of Submission has some humor, good suspense and plot with good Ds and some S&M scenes, I'd rate it 41/2 stars. Keven and Kate are a happy Ds couple and the scene where she agrees to have her nipples pierced is very well done. Kevan is bi and only dominant with woemen, his coledge friend Mark who is coming to visit is his Dom bi and prefers men. Things go awary when Keven is protective of Kate and it becomes obvious to Mark they are in love. He reacts with jellosey and abuses both hoping to break up their relationship and then leaves. They find their way back to a stable relationship though. Overall good suspense and plot with errotic scenes.

The other short Jewel Thief is very good with a plot that is a little weak and good character development and errotic scenes, I would give it 4 stars (much better than average for the genre).

Elena is a drop dead gorgious jewel thief and socalite who sets out to rob Jack London. She and her accomplice have an in with a high end safe company and use that to get combinations and a list of folks who purchased safes. She is in the process of finding out Jack changed the combination when he returnd home unexpectedly and catches her. He nakes her a deal she can't refusee-the cops or be his slave for a week. Her traiing and discovery of a sub side make the story interesting with the outcome somewhat in doubt until the end. Well crafted Ds errotica.
Ishnllador Ishnllador
Slave Gamble: This is a short story about a woman named Zoe who attracts the attention of rich and powerful David Turner. Instead of approaching Zoe, David lures her boyfriend into a highh stakes game of cards and when her boyfriend can't pay his losses, David suggests payment in the form of Zoe. Of course David could have just walked up to Zoe and introduced himself but where's the fun in that? This way makes it more interesting and also places himself in a dominant position, which was what he was after. David has been a sexual dominant all his life and as such, instantly recognizes in Zoe the makings of a natural submissive. He takes her to his home and proceeds to introduce her to the delights of submission and the kiss of a whip and when love steps in for this pair, the lines of master and slave become blurred.

This was okay. Nothing that will rock your world, this was instead a nice little quickie from Claire Thompson that had that touch of naughty BDSM.

Face of Submission: Kate and Kevin are in love. Kate is a happy and much loved submissive and she enjoys living as a sort of house wife or house-slave to Kevin. They are happy as clams, but then Kevin's friend Mark comes to visit and the first crack in their relationship forms. Kevin might be the dominant when it comes to Kate, but with Mark, Kevin is the submissive and while that titillates and intrigues Kate, she's ultimately discomfitted by the idea of her master submitting to another. While watching the two men, she's intrigued and jealous and also nervous, because Mark makes her feel uncomfortable and unsafe in his presence and when things completely spiral out of control, it's up to Kevin and Kate to try and pick up the pieces and fix their relationship or walk away forever.

Face of Submission deals with the all mighty 'power exchange' and how important it is for a true D/s or M/s relationship to work. This was an uncomfortable read and you can feel the tension Claire Thompson builds. Kevin and Kate have a very loving and sensual M/s relationship. This is Kate's first such relationship but Kevin has been around the block several times before and Mark is one of his previous relationships that he's unfortunately never been able to quit. While Kevin enjoys dominating Kate, he enjoys submitting to Mark and right away, Mark comes across as the worst of doms. He's not painted as a loving or patience man. He's dismissive and demeaning towards Kate and even tries to warn her off about Kevin. Mark is immediately jealous of Kate and it makes his dominance feel challenged, so a power struggle ensues between Mark and Kevin with Kate, unfortunately, as the poor victim in their power play.

There are a lot of m/m moments in this short story and they are not pleasant. Most are rather graphic, especially for this novice in m/m and my unease was not helped by Mark, who was a demanding, forceful brute and a bully who enjoyed pushing Kate to get at Kevin. Poor Kate is dragged into the middle of these two men and she pays a price for it, but unfortunately, so does Kevin. He's betrayed in the most visceral way a submissive could be betrayed and even though I don't like m/m relationships, it was surprisingly painful to read and envision.

Jewel Thief: Elena has decided on her new career path. Instead of capitalizing on her supermodel good looks, she's going to become a thief and she fines enjoyment in robbing the homes of the rich. Her next mark, Jack London looks to be another easy score until Jack London comes home early and catches her red handed. Instead of turning her over to the police, he makes her a deal. One week as his sex slave and he'll forget about pressing charges. Facing prison, she accepts his proposition and even though she's never played his type of sex games before, Elena's sure she can handle it.

This was another quickie and it too was just alright. Nothing special or particularly interesting. A little more hardcore than Slave Gamble but no where near as interesting as Face of Submission. The usual toys and interactions happen in this little quickie and it was enjoyable as a one time read.
Olma Olma
This was an amazing book! By far the strongest of the three stories was Face of Submission - a daring and very real look at what can happen in a loving BDSM D/s relationship when a Dom forgets about the most crucial aspect of any relationship - TRUST. All three stories are very hot, very sexy and very true to life. As one who has lived the D/s lifestyle, I can tell that author Claire Thompson is no novice to the scene. Read this book and then hurry and read the rest of her stuff. That's what I'm going to do! All my thumbs and toes up! Great read!
Exellent Exellent
I gave Slave Gamble 1 star because it was one of the worst stories I have ever read. Characters were very boring and tasteless. I found myself counting the pages until the next story. It was truely a disappointment.

I gave Face of Submission 4 Stars. It is the best story out of the three that are in this book. Characters were wonderful. I could actually vizualize what they looked liked and what was happening throughout the whole story. Wonderful plot and terrrific ending. Gave a great view of what a BDSM relationship can actually be like. I advise anyone that is into or thinking about BDSM to read this story.

I gave Jewel Thief 3 stars. I liked the characters and the story line that followed it. It was a fun story to read. Would advise anyone to read this story if thinking about or into BDSM.

Actually give the total book 3 stars.