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eBook Fire from Heaven ePub

eBook Fire from Heaven ePub

by Mary Renault

  • ISBN: 0099463474
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Mary Renault
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd; New Ed edition (November 6, 2003)
  • Pages: 380
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  • Rating: 4.5
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Mary Renault has a great talent.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Mary Renault has a great talent. His mother, Olympias, and his father, King Philip of Macedon, fought each other for their son's loyalty, teaching Alexander politics and vengeance from the cradle.

Fire from Heaven is a 1969 historical novel by Mary Renault about the childhood and youth of Alexander the Great. It reportedly was a major inspiration for the Oliver Stone film Alexander. The book was nominated for the Lost Man Booker Prize of 1970, "a contest delayed by 40 years because a reshuffling of the fledgeling competition’s rules", but lost out to Troubles by J. G. Farrell.

Fire from Heaven book. Mary Renault begins her series of novels based on the life of this fabled character with Fire From Heaven. The novel covers the first twenty years of his life (view spoiler). In the Author’s Note, Renault acknowledges that there are no contemporaneous sources for Alexander’s life, and for his boyhood, the only reference is Plutarch, who lived a few hundred years later.

For a moment he was frightened; it had squeezed his breathing, and given him a bad dream. But as soon as he was awake, he knew what it was, and pushed his two hands inside the coil. But as soon as he was awake, he knew what it was, and pushed his two hands inside the coil trong band under his back bunched tightly, then grew thin. The head slid up his shoulder along his neck, and he felt close to his ear the flickering tongue. The old-fashioned nursery lamp, painted with boys bowling hoops and watching cock-fights, burned low on its stand.

Fire from Heaven is the first volume of the Novels of Alexander the Great trilogy, which continues with The Persian Boy and Funeral Games. Mary Renault is a shining light to both historical novelists and their readers. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Mary Renault including rare images of the author. Mary Renault is a shining light to both historical novelists and their readers

Mary Renault - Fire from Heaven. When Perdikkas asked him at what times he wished divine honours paid to him, he answered that he wished it done when they themselves were happy. These were the last words of the King.

Mary Renault - Fire from Heaven. 1. The child was wakened by the knotting of the snake's coils about his waist. For a moment he was frightened; it had squeezed his breathing, and given him a bad dream.

The story tells of his complex relationship with his parents; of his two great bonds-to his horse, Oxhead, and to his dearest friend and eventual lover, Hephaistion-and of the army he commands when he is barely an adult. Mary Renault’s landmark novel about a wounded soldier who returns from the front and must choose between relationships with two very different men. After being wounded at Dunkirk in World War II, Laurie Odell is sent back home to a rural British hospital.

In the style of Mary Renault. Conquests New by fawatson. Fandoms: The Mask of Apollo - Mary Renault, Fire from Heaven - Mary Renault. No Archive Warnings Apply. Alexander overhears an argument between his parents that unearths painful truths once more. She does not pretend the past is like the present, or that the people of ancient Greece were just like us. She shows us their strangeness; discerning, sure-footed, challenging our values, piquing our curiosity, she leads us through an alien landscape that moves and delights us.


Kakashkaliandiia Kakashkaliandiia
Mary Renault writes a great historical novel, with lots of excellent research, but then she brings it to life with memorable, believable characters. After reading about the first years, how the toddler, young Alexander was raised by his half-witch mother, Queen Olympias, and then taken away by his father, King Phillip of Macedon, you feel you understand some about him. Reading about the tutors and young men around Alexander, friends and his eventual lover, Hephaestion, you start to see Alexander become his own person. Unlike other reviewers, I prefer this book to the others of the trilogy... perhaps simply because Alexander has all his life and exciting future before him.
Steelraven Steelraven
This is the first volume of Mary Renault's trilogy on Alexander the Great, the other two being "The Persian Boy" and "Funeral Games". While they are novels, they are quite reliable in their history. The immediacy of the narrative conveys a better understanding of life in those times than most history books. This volume covers Alexander's childhood to young adulthood, including the dramatic events surrounding his ascension to the throne at age 20 after his father's assassination. Though Renault was not an academic, her research for this trilogy was sufficient to became the basis for two non-fiction books on Alexander.

Renault is a master at making her characters come alive without violating the confines of their known history. She is an excellent writer, and the Alexander trilogy (at least the first two books) and her "The Last of the Wine" are her best writing in my opinion. After I read this book, I read quite a bit of other literature on Alexander, and then later read this book again. I believe that the more a reader knows about Alexander, the more he/she will appreciate this book. The ancient sources on Alexander are seamlessly woven into the developing narrative. In addition, there are fictionalized adolescent relationships that very well prefigure documented central relationships of his later life, including his lifelong friend Hephestion.

Renault clearly likes Alexander, but does not fall victim to the hagiographic style of many Alexander historians before 1950, like Tarn. She is a good counterweight to a modern school of Alexander historians, like Borza, Green, Worthington, etc., who seem intent on deconstructing his greatness and military genius.

The book succeeds as history, but even more importantly for this book, it succeeds as a novel. The characters are authentic and the narrative arc is spellbinding. Renault's writing introduced me to historical fiction years ago, and made me a lifelong fan of it.
Narder Narder
I was captivated from the first few words. Renault's rich and descriptive writing draws you into the world of Ancient Greece and Macedonia, and it is fascinating. I had never been interested in historical fiction before, but this book gave me an appreciation for it. I know that the author is respected as an historian, and I found that the history depicted (e.g. public, recorded events) matched up with the straight history that I had read and was reading concurrently with this book. So I never felt like I was taking in wrong information. It isn't hard to distinguish between historical fact and the filling in of details in this book. The author also includes a section at the end of the book explaining some of her assumptions and choices.

I read this after returning from a trip to Greece, which of course made the landscapes and distances easier to imagine. It was thrilling to read about Alexander and Hephaestion climbing up to Acrocorinth from Corinth after having recently made the same climb!
Goldfury Goldfury
If you have a particular interesting in the early life of Alexander the Great, and the society of Macedon at the time, then you will probably like this book. I found Renault's writing style very dry and devoid of emotions or events, but that may very well be the fault of the writing subject instead of the author. Her technical writing ability is very good, and makes the book good enough to complete, but little more.
Gold Crown Gold Crown
I don't read many novels, but this one is exceptional. I have bought and read 12 non-fiction books about Alexander the Great, and watched three documentaries, and this novel just adds to my knowledge of Alexander and Hephaestion. Andrew Chugg's book, "Alexander's Lovers", which I also ordered from, contains the most complete historical knowledge about Hephaestion, and "Fire from Heaven" gives us a glimpse into the possible youthful love between Alexander and Hephaestion. I really enjoyed the segment on page 166 where Miss Renault describes how Alexander and Hephaestion may have reacted to Aischylos' play Myrmindons about Achilles and Patroklos and how the other boys in Aristotle's class were "debating whether those two did anything or not." And the touching description of the first time that Alexander and Hephaestion made love between the thighs on pages 202 and 203 is so sweet without being graphic. Page 238 when we read, "Once in the dark he [Alexander] had murmured in Macedonian, [to Hephaestion]"You are the first and the last," and his voice might have been charged with ecstasy or intolerable grief." And page 226 when we read, "Alexander was lying flat on his back, staring upward. Suddenly he grasped Hephaestion in an embrace so fierce that it knocked the breath out of him,and said, "Without you I should go mad." "I too without you," said Hephaestion with loving ardor." Fire from Heaven also describes Alexander's relationship with his father which really helps one to understand the love-hate feelings between them. Anyone who has studied the life of Alexander the Great should read "Fire from Heaven". I've read it three times and wept everytime I've read it. Alexander was a very emotional man and I think he would understand my feelings. This book is well worth your time and money.
Mettiarrb Mettiarrb
This is a great book if you really want to learn about one of the greatest Generals in history.