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eBook In Search of Lucy: A Novel ePub

eBook In Search of Lucy: A Novel ePub

by Lia Fairchild

  • ISBN: 1612182836
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Lia Fairchild
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (February 28, 2012)
  • Pages: 308
  • ePub book: 1718 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1139 kb
  • Other: lit mbr docx rtf
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 335


Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. This book is dedicated to my best friend for the last twenty-five years, who also happens to be my husband, and to my two beautiful children.

Bestselling author, Lia Fairchild, is both a traditionally published and independent author who writes women's fiction, romance, and chick lit. Fans of her books praise her endearing, real characters who come to life in stories that will touch your heart. Fairchild is addicted to the warmth of Southern California and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a multiple-subject teaching credential. She is a wife and mother of two teenagers.

Her latest venture is a dark romance, due out in May.

Lucy (1990) is a short novel or novella by Jamaica Kincaid. The story begins in medias res: the eponymous Lucy has come from the West Indies to the United States to be an au pair for a wealthy white family. The plot of the novel closely mirrors Kincaid's own experiences. Lucy retains the critical tone of A Small Place but simplifies the style of Kincaid's earlier work by using less repetition and surrealism.

It was where she went when she couldn’t be alone but didn’t want to be with people either er perch. She walked in the double-door entrance and as usual scoped out the bar area to see if it was worth staying. The longer side of the L-shaped wood bar was optimal so Lucy could have her back to the tables. It was only a little after four, so most of the tables were empty. She noticed only one man sitting at the bar, but regrettably he was right smack in the middle.

Written by Lia Fairchild. Narrated by Kate Rudd. Lucy Lang's life is spiraling out of control. For years she sacrificed her own needs to care for her half sister and alcoholic mother, only to be abandoned by both. Now, at age 30, Lucy finds herself held back by memories and regret as she struggles to find her own purpose in life. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

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Lucy Lang s life is spiraling out of control.

Home for Christmas (Unabridged).

Home for Christmas (Unabridged).

Lucy Lang's life is spiraling out of control. For years she sacrificed her own needs to care for her half sister and alcoholic mother, only to be abandoned by both. Now, at age 30, Lucy finds herself held back by memories and regret as she struggles to find her own purpose in life. But when her sister needs a kidney transplant, Lucy is the only one who can save her life. With the help of new friends and a man who won't give up on her, Lucy sets out on a journey to reunite with her sister and find the answers she so desperately needs. Can she get past her emotions and have a chance at happiness? With its colorful and endearing cast of characters, In Search of Lucy takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions from sadness and heartache to happiness and hope.


Broadraven Broadraven
Overall, the story is worth telling, but the length of the book was overlong. I found myself hurrying just to finish it so I can move onto something better. As an example...
The part of the story devoted to the drive to her sister's was too long and too detailed. Why even mention the kid they pick up if he's never mentioned again later in the story? It's a loose end. The car trouble, adding tension to the story could have been left in, but the kid's input as a mechanic was of very limited help, so could have totally been left out without hurting the story.
The quality of the writing needs work... it's not really awful, it's okay, but Fairchild could shift to more use of pronouns. Her use of names when pronouns would be perfectly clear is laborious to read. In the same vein, sometimes she includes a reference which isn't necessary for clarity...kind of like what an author will do when writing a trilogy to explain something that was included in another volume... but this wasn't a trilogy - so again, it's laborious to read.
Oghmaghma Oghmaghma
Perhaps my expectations where too high. The story lacked depth. The character development seemed to be absent of needed detail, to allow you to understand, relate or care about the characters. The story line had potential, as families today face serious health and emotional issues connected to organ transplant, the challenges it creates emotionally within families and the potential of loss. Just dealing with the potential loss of a spouce or loved family member leaves so many options beyond to explore in these circumstances. The long term impact on a child if it ends badly. The potential and possible loss of the donor. This book felt like it focused on the superficial fluff of a family in crisis in outline. Hard to relate or feel the depth of the characters and the intensity of family, a life crisis facing death of a loved ones. It had the potential of speaking out on these important life issues and trama in its telling, they create. It somehow just feel short. Lia Fairchild certainly has the talent but the insights into the reality issues of this story simply fell short. It just lacked purpose, depth and insight. Story set the stage but missed the opportunity to really matter.
Goldenfang Goldenfang
This was a great story about a thirty year old young woman who has always taken care of others. Lucy had to raise her step sister because their mother was a drunk After a difficult separation the two are reunited so that Lucy could donate a kidney to her sister. Lucy was a very private person The story takes you through her life changes. Very well written
Hiclerlsi Hiclerlsi
Nice book, it kept my interest. I cared about the main character and I liked the story.

I had one gripe with the book, and it was a major irritation for me; the relationship between her and Kyle was not believable. It was too cutesy and syrupy. It struck me as very unrealistic that a guy she didn't know or even remember from high school would remember her after so many years and, more, that even though she essentially walked out on him on their first date, and they'd only had one other date since, that he would give her an almost new laptop, and drive all the way to Texas from California to be with her and offer her support, this despite the fact that she had a friend with her and she also had her sister and her sister's family for support. Reading the parts that featured Kyle made me feel like I was reading a book for young adults, or even teenagers.
Karg Karg
Characters were not flushed out at all and as a result, this book often reads as a description of a story rather than an actual story. Save your time and don't bother reading this book. I gave it two stars instead of one because I did manage to get through the whole thing. Overall, I found this story to be lacking in essential descriptive details that provide a moving picture in your mind. As a result, the story remained flat and one dimensional.
Tam Tam
I read the Kindle version of this book, I bought it because of the into price and thought I would try a new author. (Something I don't like to do). Anyway I really liked the book. I enjoyed it so much I bought the paper edition so that my Mom can read the book. I think with experience she will be a fantastic author.
Vaua Vaua
It is the story of an emotionally scarred woman who is estranged from her family and tries to distance herself from friends. As I experienced her memories of childhood I began to understand her standoffish behavior towards her coworkers and neighbors and the shock that follows a call from her brother-in-law.
Start to finish this book took me less then 24 hours. I was immersed in it's intriguing tale of hope, family, love, friendship and the healing of old emotional wounds from the first couple chapters until the very last page. This book could have been longer, in my opinion, and the romantic relationship between two of the characters seemed to build too quickly with not enough interactions to support it. The characters, however, were realistic and memorable. I felt very connected to them and to their backgrounds and emotions.
I love reading and I hate not being able to give a heart felt review, but this book lacked so much that it was very difficult to even get through reading it.... it is good in describing what it is like to have a life where a person feels isolated and betrayed by your own family and how a tragedy brings those family members back into the characters life, but it is too predictable and the characters are entirely too flat without any character written into them.... I wish I could give this a better review, but I just couldn't....