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eBook Spider World: The Magician (Epic Visionary Fiction Series, 3) ePub

eBook Spider World: The Magician (Epic Visionary Fiction Series, 3) ePub

by Colin Wilson

  • ISBN: 1571742808
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Colin Wilson
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hampton Roads Pub Co Inc (July 19, 2002)
  • Pages: 286
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  • Fb2 book: 1558 kb
  • Other: lit mobi rtf lrf
  • Rating: 4.6
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March 1993 : UK Paperback.

The Magician Spider World 05 by Colin Wilson . Like all classic fantasy, Spider World is both a grand escape and a cautionary, yet hopeful, tale for our times.

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The Magician continues a brilliantly crafted visionary epic on par with The Lord of. .The Magician Epic Visionary Fiction Series, 3 Spider World Series (Том 3), Colin Wilson Spider World: Epic Visionary Fiction (Том 3). Автор.

The Magician continues a brilliantly crafted visionary epic on par with The Lord of the Rings, Dune and Earthsea. Volume 3 embraces such fascinating "unexplained mysteries" as magic, ETs, mind-to-mind communication, and out-of-body experiences. His first book, The Outsider, was published in 1956 when he was 24 years old. During his lifetime, he wrote more than 100 works on a wide variety of subjects including philosophy, religion, occult and supernatural phenomenea, music, sex, crime and critical theory.

Spider World: The Magician (Epic Visionary Fiction Series, 3. Great read for you and your teen.

Spider World: The Magician (Epic Visionary Fiction Series, 3). Colin Wilson. Spider World: Shadowland (Epi Visionary Fiction Series). The Fortress (Spider World). Mass Market Paperback. Spider World: The Desert (Spider World, Book 1). Received the book in great shape/great time.

Home Colin Wilson Shadowland (Spider World: Epic Visionary Fiction). Ask Seller a Question. Bibliographic Details. Title: Shadowland (Spider World: Epic Visionary. Shadowland (Spider World: Epic Visionary Fiction). Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company. Publication Date: 2003.

Series: Spider World (Book 5). Members. Probably the best book in the Spider World series for me. I enjoyed the murder mystery angle, and the problems Niall has to go through as the new ruler of the spiders. I also enjoyed the insights into the spider mentality and culture. It was a nice, quick read. ) bishopza Feb 7, 2014.

When the book was re-printed in 1980 as The New Existentialism, Wilson wrote . Spider World: The Delta (1987). The Magician from Siberia (1988). Spider World: The Magician (1992).

When the book was re-printed in 1980 as The New Existentialism, Wilson wrote: "If I have contributed anything to existentialism – or, for that matter, to twentieth century thought in general, here it is. I am willing to stand or fall by i. Wilson explored his ideas on human potential and consciousness in fiction, mostly detective fiction or science fiction, including several Cthulhu Mythos pieces; often writing a non-fiction work and a novel concurrently – as a way of putting his ideas into action.

Spider World: Magician (Epic Visionary Fiction),Colin Wilson. Spider World: the Magician by Wilson, Colin Paperback Book The Cheap Fast Free. by Wilson, Colin Paperback.

The Spider World book series by Colin Wilson includes books The Desert, The Tower, The Fortress, and several more.

The death spider Skorbo is murdered and Niall has to prove a human was not the killer.


Dikus Dikus
Wrapping up the first 2 of the trilogy (The Tower, The Delta), a balance, of sorts, has been reached among humans, spiders, and beetles. Obviously, humans have some catching up to do, having been enslaved for many generations. We learn more about what led to the "downfall" of humans and the domination of the spiders and beetles. Actually, there is much to learn from the hubris of humans which led to their fall. The story of the rise of the spiders and beetles is fascinating in and of itself. Then again, for those who have the eyes to see, so to speak, the 3 books of this trilogy are interesting/insightful for the ways in which other conscious species may view humans.

All that aside, our hero, Niall, now seen as godlike, begins to deal with the aftermath from generations of human enslavement and selective breeding by the spiders. This newly established stasis creates room to discover a mysterious, potent, other presence i.e. the Magician. In the process we are treated to, if you will, a deepening of awareness into the inner world potentials of humans by learning more about the inner world of the spiders' telepathic connection as seen/discovered thru the experiences and mind of Niall.

While this book reads much like a murder mystery thru the introduction of the malefic character known as the Magician...quite the fellow that's a tremendous set up for the 4th and final book, The Shadowland. Make no mistake, Colin Wilson, a man of very high intellect, began his career as a philosophical intellectual writer with his 1st book, The Outsider (non-fiction), at the age of 24. Later, he wrote fiction concerning the occult, metaphysics, science fiction, fantasy etc.. His books are expansive, yet simple; rich, not obscure, and will be appreciated on whatever level of awareness they are experienced by the reader...a healing tonic for awakening/restoring the imaginative and creative faculties.
Fearlesssinger Fearlesssinger
I was tickled to receive this book from my son and daughter-in-law. I had read a similar book many years ago (I'm in my sixties) and was delighted to find that I could buy this book (I) and the others in the series. So happy with the service, too.
Hellblade Hellblade
I read one of the books of Colin Wilson 20 years back. I am SO happy that I found the sequel. I bought all from you.
iSlate iSlate
The Magician is a very odd entry in the Spider World series; it is really an unfinished book--nothing is really resolved at all by the end, and Colin Wilson took a ten year sabbatical to finish it. Frankly, he shouldn't have bothered; the conclusion to the series, Shadowland, is an embarrassment in which Wilson hawks his New Age beliefs at the expense of decent storytelling. But that's a different book.

The Magician contains plenty of evidence of those same irrational beliefs; but it begins with a completely rational search for evidence of a murder. Our plucky hero uses his eyes and his logical thinking to search out and comprehend clues to the identities of the killers--it's CSI SpiderWorld! But before long, the hocus-pocus comes out, and we have a very bizzare scene in which our plucky hero lies naked on top of a paralyzed woman, absorbing her 'energies' through a magical mat of seaweed--I am NOT kidding. There's all sorts of magic, and scientists come in for a gentle chiding at refusing to believe in these 'alternate ways of seeing the world'. While I tire of hearing about vibrational energies and such, I have to admit that the climactic scene in The Magician, in the cave communing with the spirits of 'unliving' spiders, was very effective. I am also taken by Wilson's idea of humans and giant telepathic spiders seeking to forge a community together rather than constantly fighting, or one being subservient to the other. This book has taken the series clearly in the fantasy direction--it's no longer science fiction, if it ever really was, if those distinctions matter to you.
Framokay Framokay
This series, while not stunning in its voice, has plenty of intellectual intrigue. However, that's all the third book has. In "The Tower," we are taken with the main character, Niall, to the tower. In "The Delta," we are taken with Niall through the perils of the delta. In "The Magician," we are given only brief glimpses into the mystery that is the magician, and nothing more. While there is much to process and digest from Wilson's third book in this series, it offers little closure the way the other two did, especially in terms of action that carries the story of Niall's experiences along. I actively sought out copies of "The Delta" and "The Magician" after years of wondering what happened to Niall after finding the tower. My only hope for "The Shadowland" is that we actually receive resolution from this book, which seems to do little more than add suspense without giving more than additional philosophical crumbs to chew on. I'm starving for the meat of the previous books. I believe given additional editing, this book could have been condensed into a single portion of the fourth book, thus allowing the readers to move forward.
Malien Malien
Spider World: The Magician picks up where SW: The Delta left off. The pacing is a little different from the first two books in the series - it starts out almost in the vein of a murder mystery then gradually broadens and deepens to encompass new imaginitive realms. Very involving. Wilson continues to blend ideas skillfully with plot, as he has done in the earlier books in the series. The final page raises great expectations for the next book, SW: Shadowland.