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eBook Darkside: Horror for the Next Millenium ePub

eBook Darkside: Horror for the Next Millenium ePub

by John Pelan

  • ISBN: 0451456629
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: John Pelan
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Roc; Reprint edition (January 1, 1998)
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  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 837


John Pelan (e., Darkside: Horror for the next Millennium (Roc, 1996).

John Pelan (e. Most of them seem to have some of their criticisms in the right place (the subtitle is utterly meaningless being the most common that actually has a shred of validity). The rest of them seem to require a quick history of horror. Recent horror, especially, but that known as "splatterpunk" is nothing new. The complainers might do well to go back and John Pelan (e., Darkside: Horror for the next Millennium (Roc, 1996)

John Pelan does it again, putting together a great collection of modern-day horror masters, along with intriguingly ghoulish stories from some fresh names.

This anthology of 30 tales serves up one smart, biting story after another. John Pelan does it again, putting together a great collection of modern-day horror masters, along with intriguingly ghoulish stories from some fresh names. Table Of Contents: 'Skinwriters' by Robert J. Levy.

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Next book . Darkside. Be prepared for a chilling excursion to the dark side of fiction through the most frightening places that linger just beyond the imagination

Next book . Be prepared for a chilling excursion to the dark side of fiction through the most frightening places that linger just beyond the imagination. With its haunting tales of dread-30 of them-that will stab an icy shaft of fear straight into one's very soul, this is modern macabre fiction at its very best. Used availability for John Pelan's Darkside.

Darkside Series Edward Lee. The Darker Side: Generations of Horror. DARKSIDE hits horror from every angle.

He first founded Axolotl Press in 1986 and published several volumes by authors such as Tim Powers, Charles de Lint, Michael Shea and James P. Blaylock. Following this, he founded Darkside Press, Silver Salamander Press and co-founded Midnight House.

30 results for john pelan. Customs services and international tracking provided. The Century's Best Horror Fiction Volume One John Pelan Hard Back 1901-1950.

Written by. John Pelan. Manufacturer: Roc Release date: 1 January 1998 ISBN-10 : 0451456629 ISBN-13: 9780451456625.

Bibliographic Details. Title: Darkside: Horror for the Next Millennium. List this Seller's Books. Publisher: Darkside Press, Seattle. Publication Date: 1996. Payment Methods accepted by seller.

Horror Icons Horror Films Millenium Horror Fiction The Dark Side Modern Masters The Originals Reading Halloween. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. From internationally bestselling travel writer Will Ferguson, author of HappinessT and Spanish Fly, comes a novel both epic in its sweep and intimate in its portrayal of human endurance. 419 by Will Ferguson, published by Viking Canada (Penguin Group Canada).

A collection of thirty horror stories features tales by Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum, Elizabeth Massey, Lucy Taylor, and others


Joni_Dep Joni_Dep
In all my years of reading & collecting horror anthology books, I have never EVER read a short story as horrific and disgusting as "The Stick Woman" by Edward Lee.

Why am I giving this book 5 stars then you ask? Because it made an impact - it did its job. Sure there were a handful of other standout selections in Darkside: "The Tears Of Isis" by James S. Dorr, "Stealing The Sisyphys Stone" by Roberta Lannes, and "Wasting" by Lauren Fitzgerald were stories that I personally found well above average.

Then of course this collection had its fair share of duds; muddled schlock that was so puzzling and unreadable that you have to wonder how they even made it to print: "Family Album" by Adam-Troy Castro, "The Nightmare Network" by Thomas Ligotti, and "Thou Hast Given Them Blood To Drink" by t-Winter Damon & Randy Chandler were three of my least-favorites. (Here's a tip: anyone pretentious & delusional enough to name themselves "t-Winter" has probably either destroyed their brain by years of heavy drug use, or is suffering from some sort of egotistical mental breakdown - and their output will correspondingly be of unintelligable messy quality.)

But back to the "crowning achievement" if you will: reading "The Stick Woman" was nauseating, unpleasant, shocking, and repulsive. I probably own close to 100 paperback horror anthologies, and not once has ANY short story ever come CLOSE to being as memorable and abhorrent as this one. I audibly gasped several times while reading it, just at how unblievable the premise is, and what kind of a sick mind could come up with such a cruel disgusting scenario. I had to wonder why didn't the woman try harder to escape, or use her hands to squeeze the guy's junk while performing her task?

Plenty of other stories in this collection fit the mold of "gross-out" horror, going for the cheap "ewwwww!" reaction from the reader instead of intelligent or well-written horror.

But if you have a strong stomach, pick up a copy of Darkside, if for no other reason than to read what all the fuss is about with Edward Lee. His contribution is one that will haunt me literally for years to come, which I guess when it comes down to it, means that it succeeded as a work of horror fiction.
Braned Braned
John Pelan does it again, putting together a great collection of modern-day horror masters, along with intriguingly ghoulish stories from some fresh names. If you are a fan of the short-story horror anthologies as I am, you won't want to miss this first edition of Pelan's 'Darkside' books.

Table Of Contents:

'Skinwriters' by Robert J. Levy

'Ice Dreams' by Elizabeth Massie and Robert Petitt

'Wasting' by Lauren Fitzgerald

'Backseat Dreams & Nightmares' by K.K. Ormand

'The Stick Woman' by Edward Lee

'Soul Of The Beast Surrendered' by Wayne Edwards

'October Gethsemane' by Sean Doolittle

'Scars' by Lucy Taylor

'Ystrey orm' by Brian McNaughton

'Tears Seven Times Salt' by Caitlin R. Kiernan

'One-Eyed Jack' by S. Darnbrook Colson

'Elena' by Steve Rasnic Tem

'Family Album' by Adam-Troy Castro

'Having Eyes, See Ye Not?' By Sue Storm

'Sisters In Death' by D.F. Lewis

'Window Of Opportunity' by Roman Ranieri

'Envy' by Christa Faust

'The Man Of Her Dreams' by Alam M. Clark

'For The Curiosity Of Rats' by Jeffrey Osier

'The Stranger Who Sits Beside Me' by Yvonne Navarro

'In Pieces' by Deidra Cox

'Voices Lost & Clouded' by David B. Silva

'If Memory Serves' by Jack Ketchum

'The Tears Of Isis' by James S. Dorr

'Stick Around, It Gets Worse' by Brian Hodge

'Voices In The Black Night' Larry Tritten

'Stealing The Sisyphus' Stone by Roberta Lannes

'The Nightmare Network' by Thomas Ligotti

'Fiends By Torchlight' by Wayne Allen Sallee

'... & Thou Hast Given Them Blood To Drink' by t. Winter Damon & Randy Chandler

With such a line-up, I can only mention a few of my favorites. 'Skinwriters' is a haunting tale of a writer's success putting pen to milk-white flesh. 'Wasting' will give you a terrifying view of anorexia. 'The Stick Woman' showcases Edward Lee at his sickest, flaunting his uncanny fetish for amputations and poo. 'Soul Of The Beast Surrendered' brings you into contact with the strangest imaginary friends I've ever read about. 'Scars' calls upon a deadly evil lurking in a small African village. 'Ystery Orm' left a vicious chill settled in my spine after reading it: this is the place of a nightmare, strange buildings with unexplainable entrances containing nothing but empty, crawling dread. 'Tears Seven Times Salt' left me feeling damp, shivering with cold, fright, and mystery. 'Voices In The Black Night' is a tale of words captured from library books by a strange man.

'Darkside: Horror For The Next Millennium' is the first of Pelan's 'Darkside' collections. Be sure to pick up 'The Darker Side: Generations Of Horror', 'Walk On The Darkside: Visions Of Horror', and 'Lost On The Darkside: Voices From The Edge Of Horror' if you like this collection. Horror is back, creeping around your house at night, settling its poison to the bottom of your water glass, and howling at the moon as you turn restlessly in your sleep. Light a candle, pour a glass of wine as red as blood, and settle into your armchair for a full night's reading pleasure with a 'Darkside' book. Enjoy!
Whatever Whatever
When does disgust end and horror begin? Extreme sexual perversions (snuff and kiddy porn) and self-mutilation are horrifying, but they are NOT horror! This is the second time I have bought a book of horror fiction only to be met with the small mind's answer to horror - atrocities and butchery. No wonder the horror sections sport as many Lovecraft, Poe, Bloch, and Stoker books as they do new writers. They are all that is left of the truly scary stuff. Even King writes more fright and horror than gore and carnage. Horror should frighten, not disgust. There are some things people should not have to ponder as they close their eyes at night; the top of that list is crudely written fiction!