by Louis L'Amour

  • ISBN: 0449125769
  • Category: Genre Fiction
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  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Fawcett (July 12, 1983)
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Bantam Books by Louis L’Amour. Survival of the fittest.

Bantam Books by Louis L’Amour. Considering this group of riders to the south and the three who had last night stopped at Gunsight Wells the country was becoming too busy for comfort. The three at Gunsight had been too far away to distinguish details but their fire had been far larger than any Indian would build. The trail he followed lay fifty yards off to his right, for Logan Cates had an aversion to leaving his tracks where they might be easily seen.

Last Stand at Papago Well. has been added to your Cart. For me it was another easy reading, delightful Louis L'Amour book. It was easy reading, good character development, and would describing the geography of where the book took place as you went along

Last Stand at Papago Well. It was easy reading, good character development, and would describing the geography of where the book took place as you went along. It was also any easy to follow plot.

So Logan Cates naturally headed for Papago Wells. The last thing Cates wanted was to be responsible for the lives of thirteen desperate strangers and a shipment of gold. But he wasn’t the only one. Fleeing the fierce Churupati and his Apache warriors, other travelers had come there too. And when the Apaches found them, they began a siege as relentless and unforgiving as the barren lan. nd just as inescapable. But he knew that if they were to survive, he was their last chance. He also knew that some in the party were willing to die-or kill-to get their hands on the money.

Louis L'Amour was a big part of my childhood and I appreciate him for helping excite me to read and value stories.

At daybreak he came down out of the hills and made a little dust as he struck westward with Yuma Crossing in his mind.

His eyes, narrow from squinting into sun and wind, were a cold green that made a man stop and think before he looked into them a second time.

Cates rode to Papago Wells a few miles ahead of an Apache war party led by the vicious Churupati. There they came under siege by the Indians. There he met a dozen desert wanderers whom chance had led to the only water between Yuma and hell. And there they would make their stand-with little hope of living beyond the next day and only a hard man named Logan Cates to show them how to conquer their true enemy: fear.

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Last Stand" is the first L'Amour book I have read. Last Stand" is a solid adventure. L'Amour fills the narrative with intriguing details, and creates a powerful portrait of the land itself. I really got a sense of the danger posed both by the harsh environment and the equally harsh human beings who populate the region. One might say that the ancient, unforgiving desert is the most significant "character" in the book


Low_Skill_But_Happy_Deagle Low_Skill_But_Happy_Deagle
An excellent story of survival in the desert. When cornered by Apache at a waterhole, the waiting starts. The ragtag group of defenders are surrounded by their attackers, but also have to deal with the conflicting motives of the various members. As the days wear on nerves, as the water and food dwindle tension runs high. "Just sit tight". Hard advice to follow but it's the best strategy in a dire situation.
In the end...well, they don't all live happily ever after. But those who are alive are happy to be so.
Viashal Viashal
*Spoiler Alert* When I started to read this book and all the characters were being ng introduced, I was pretty sure this would be an intense situation before the book ended. I was hopeful for a lower body count, some you may feel the world was better off without and others generate a loss like feeling. Nevertheless I am positive that situations like this were happening as the west was settled. So knowing there is a measure of truth in it gives the added bonus of something to ponder as we turn on our water faucets, or stand in a hot shower of the men and women who had the courage and tenacity to forge a way through so many unknowns . Very fast read.
Samulkree Samulkree
I have grown up reading, and rereading, L'Amour's wonderfully word crafted historical fiction. I learned character from L'Amour. I learned what it means to be a real man with a code. Thanks for your life's work, Mr L'Amour. You've touched more lives than you may have ever realized.
Saintrius Saintrius
OK, it is one of L'Amour's classic 'Oat Operas'. The views of the hero, his opinions, strengths and skills are ones I either share or wish I shared. I am not a fan of the "anti-hero" and apparently, neither was L'Amour. A great read for those who appreciate the frontier folks and prefer their values to what passes as values to the modern idea of what men are.

I you are a fan you have probably already read it, if you haven't you should read it. If you've never read L'Amour, I'd recommend Bendigo Shafter and Cherokee Trail first but everything of his is great. If totally new, grab one of his short story collections for an easy introduction.
Purebinder Purebinder
I don't care how others think about this book, I believe this is a great book and I enjoyed it.
Cel Cel
Louis L'Amour is a good writer, who's books are predictable and fun to read. If you want unexpected plot twists and bad guys to be heros pick another author.
Wooden Purple Romeo Wooden Purple Romeo
For me it was another easy reading, delightful Louis L'Amour book. It was easy reading, good character development, and would describing the geography of where the book took place as you went along. It was also any easy to follow plot. If you like western novels, & Louis L'Amour, you will like this one. FYI - it is great that it is available as an ebook!
Excellent story, great characters, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Audio CD is very well done.