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eBook Beyond the Barriers ePub

eBook Beyond the Barriers ePub

by Timothy W. Long

  • ISBN: 1934861952
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Timothy W. Long
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Permuted Press (September 9, 2011)
  • Pages: 244
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  • Fb2 book: 1297 kb
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 251


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Published by Permuted Press at Smashwords. Cover art by Zach McCain. Her new guy just sat there like a lump. He had on sunglasses and refused to look at me, no matter how long I stared. She had to load her stuff in the back of his beat-up Volvo, and then he puttered away from my now-lonely house on a stream of exhaust. I crouched a few feet from the little, flat-panel TV I picked up at one of those Christmas sales and chewed the food, barely tasting the lump of greasy meat.

Part of it was serrated to use like a saw, and the rest was long and razor sharp. I tucked this into the back of my pants in lieu of a gun, and felt much more confident

Part of it was serrated to use like a saw, and the rest was long and razor sharp. I tucked this into the back of my pants in lieu of a gun, and felt much more confident. There was nothing like a deadly weapon at your side to help calm nerves. More pops of gunfire, so I moved everything I needed to the front door. I took a few shotgun shells and loaded them under the weapon, then I pumped a round into the chamber and set it with barrel pointing up at the ceiling, leaning against the wall. I snatched up the Marlin, chambered a round, and set it next to the shotgun.

In 2011 I completed a book called Beyond the Barriers. I had wanted to write an epic zombie series and was inspired by the works of JL Bourne and Max Brooks. I have always been a fan of post apocalyptic work and had written a book called Among the Living, which I called a kitchen sink zombie book, because I threw everything under the sun into it. Among the Living was my first novel and it was written in 6 weeks. Beyond the Barriers was my 4th novel and it was written over the course of 6 months. BtB was to be a different kind of zombie book. I’m a fan of slow and fast zombies.

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Beyond the Barriers book. Timothy W. Long does a fantastic job with this Apocalypitic Horror Thriller. I place this book proudly alongside greats like . Bournes "Day By Day Armageddon" and . Rechts Morningstar Saga. Very well written and thought out plus characters that are believeable make this book a real winner. Long is an up and coming force to be reckoned with in the horror genre! HIGHLY reccomend this book.

ISBN13: 9781934861950.

When the dead rise, Ex-Special Forces soldier Erik Tragger flees to the mountains to wait out the end of the world. Cut off from civilization for months, he returns to find cities ruined and ruled by the walking dead.

Tragger reluctantly joins a group of survivors with a plan: flee to Portland where humanity is carving out a stronghold. But along the way they face opposition at every turn—the dead, rogue military forces, looters... and a new enemy more dangerous than any they have yet encountered.

Among the stumbling, mindless zombies walk the ghouls. The ghouls are living dead creatures that not only strategize and plan, but also possess the ability to guide their shambling brothers.

With weapons and supplies dwindling, Erik and his companions will faceoff against millions of the dead who have but one goal: complete eradication of the last of the living.

"Ups the ante on the traditional zombie novel…"--Patrick D'Orazio, author of Comes the Dark

"Definitely a writer to watch…"

"Clever, engaging and above all terrifying…"--David Dunwoody, author of Empire and Empire's End

"You’ll walk away satisfied and craving more."--Jonathan Moon, author of Heinous


Hawk Flying Hawk Flying
Damned fine read. Spoiler alert.

This one starts with Eric Tragger. Tragger had holed up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. He hoped none of the undead make an appearance.

Eric lived in Vesper Lake Oregon and watched TV for days not believing what he was seeing. The undead were walking, attacking and killing the living. He knew eventually people would begin to figure they needed food, water, guns and ammo. He decided he would make a supply run and then leave for that cabin out in the middle of nowhere.

Eric goes to Wal-Mart and gets canned goods, non perishable food, camping equipment, water and guns. A 20 gauge shotgun and a 30.06. The sales clerk, Patrick, tried to stop him but Eric talked him into taking a shotgun, which he picked out for Patrick, ammo and gong home to take care of his family. This one act will save Eric's life one day.

Eric is ex military and trained for special forces He made it to the end of the training but was called home for a family emergency. When he got back they told him he could start over but he declined. He finished his tour and got out so he could be with his Allison. An Allison he married but who left him for a co worker she'd been having an affair with. An Allison who broke his heart and turned out to not be worth his time or trouble.

While with Allison he did things her way. He got rid of his guns because she didn't want them in the house. He sure wished he kept the guns and gotten rid of Allison. Of course hindsight is always 20/20.

Eric spend almost six months in that cabin and food was getting scarce. Eric had killed a few deer and rabbits but was fast running out of everything. Eric decides it was time to head for home to see if there is anything left or if the Govt. had gotten things under control. What a different world he finds.

So begins another damned fine read by Long.

This one has Eric, a man named Lee who will show up time and time again, survivors, Dev and his wife Lisa who were his neighbors, a Lisa who surprises the hell out of Eric, groups who will kill you for what you have, the undead, an Eric who finds his SF training coming back in a big way, an Eric who will need every bit of it to survive, regular walkers, green eyed ghouls who are much more than dead, survivors, a man named Pat, the same clerk he'd helped pick out a shotgun, a shotgun that saved he and his family many times over, a Pat who gets Eric into the compound where he's staying, a man named Thomas and ex cop who's the leader in this compound, his wife Ella, Katherine Murphy, a woman with loads of baggage, a woman Eric comes to love, a woman who heads back to his cabin with him, Lee and his men who turn out to be robbers, rapists and much more and Eric Tragger doing what it takes to be with Katherine, fight and survive.

Five Stars.
Rocksmith Rocksmith
I'm a big fan of Tim's stories. I liked this book although I think the the last 3rd was a little rushed and oversimplified. I really enjoyed the development of the main character and would have enjoyed the further adventures of his solitary escape. The story moves along at a good pace and the ghoul aspect is an interesting divergence from your run of the mill zombies. I'm assuming much more will be revealed going forward.....tim is a very good story teller and his books always entertain. Some of his other books inject a more humorous side to many of his characters.....although this book is much for humor, check his other books out as well. You'll enjoy them.
Legionstatic Legionstatic
I really enjoyed some of his other books in this world. But I thought this one wasn't quite as good. I think it is simply due to the writer maturing and growing as he gains more experience. It's not a bad book by any means, it is just different from what I was expecting.
Cordalas Cordalas
This is the first book that I've read from Timothy Long and I will say that it will not be the last. Mr. Long has crafted a badass zombie tale that strays from the pack, hunts it down and kills it! It's quick, violent, scary and creative; all things that zombie fans crave. The Ghouls are awesome. They have the ability to plan and they have a few more tricks up their rotting, slimy sleeves. I can't praise this book enough folks. Trust me, this one is a buy! Grab it NOW!

- Charlie Morgan author of Sticks And Stones
Centrizius Centrizius
Another Homerun! Love how you crossed both series in this book.
The direction now are endless ! Please keep doing it your way
Excellent Job
Brakora Brakora
Interesting premise with zombies, ghouls and crawlers. I enjoyed it and now reading the next book and liking it. Try them you will enjoy them.
Musical Aura Island Musical Aura Island
Awesome read!! I absolutely loved it! It left me wanting more, so much more. Wanting to know where and how all the characters were.
This novella is a really good read that connects beyond the barriers and Z-Risen books together. Can't wait for the next one.