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eBook A Path of Shadows ePub

eBook A Path of Shadows ePub

by Lauren Haney

  • ISBN: 0060521902
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Lauren Haney
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Avon; First Edition edition (September 30, 2003)
  • ePub book: 1540 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1628 kb
  • Other: txt mbr lrf mobi
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 402


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A Path of Shadows book. The Gods blessed Lieutenant Bak, head of the Medjay police, with. Haney's novels have been published in German, English and French, and in the Czech Republic. The german This is a pseudonym for Betty Winkelman.

The Gods blessed Lieutenant Bak, head of the Medjay police, with a rare brilliance - which is why he is the one to whom his commander turns in a time of need.

Path of Shadows lb-8. She lives in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and travels to Egypt at every opportunity.

Path of Shadows, A Haney, Lauren HarperCollins USA 9780060521905 : Lauren Haney does for ancient Egypt what Lindsey Davis has done for ancient Rome. Поставляется из: США Описание: Lauren Haney does for ancient Egypt what Lindsey Davis has done for ancient Rome. She brings Egypt vividly to life, and she’s. She brings Egypt vividly to life, and she’s created a dynamite protagonist in Lt. Bak, who is smart, compassionate, and immensely appealing. Дополнительное описание

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A Path of Shadows (2003). Book Report: Stuart Tyson Smith, Askut in Nubia: The Economics and Ideology of Egyptian Imperialism in the Second Millennium . KMT 7:2, Summer 1996

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The Gods blessed Lieutenant Bak, head of the Medjay police, with a rare brilliance -- which is why he is the one to whom his commander turns in a time of need. The explorer Minnakht has vanished into the vast and merciless Egyptian desert -- or perhaps has strayed perilously close to Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut's well-guarded turquoise mines -- and before Bak sails north on a new assignment he is to seek out the missing man. But evil is traveling with him and his Medjays in the caravan they accompany eastward. Someone -- or something -- is responsible for the strange rash of deaths that is rapidly thinning the numbers of their fellow travelers. A straightforward search for a missing adventurer becomes a twisted knot of treachery and blood -- one that threatens to strangle the life from Bak and his men and leave them buried for all eternity beneath the blistering sands.


Iarim Iarim
This series doesn't have the depth of characters or plot that you find in Davis' Falco series. I did find it enjoyable and would continue to read them if they were still being published. From what I have seen, I suspect the author lost her publisher.

Another wonderful series set in ancient Egypt is the Lord Meren series by Lynda Robinson. This author also appears to have been dropped by a publisher. The Lord Meren series is better written than the Lord Bak series, but both will entertain you.
Gann Gann
I've read Lauren Haneys entire Lieutenant Bak series at least three times. These books never lose their appeal for me. The characters become like well known friends after the first read, so I keep coming back for more. I have the whole series on Kindle as I somehow lost the hard copies during a move.
Vetitc Vetitc
In the 14th century BC in Egypt, your life could be changed at the whim of the rulers. A missing explorer has Lt. Bak and his men searching the shifting sands of the desert. They hope to find the explorer before they, too, and murdered or lost.
lets go baby lets go baby
I like these books. The whole ancient Egypt thing is quite interesting! It's a good crime thriller set 2000 years ago. Definitely a different twist on things
Viashal Viashal
I have read all of Laren Haney's Lieutenant Bak novels. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every one of them, including this one. For anyone interested in Ancient Egypt they are a must have. If you also like a good 'detective' story then they are a double bonus. The settings and stories are very believable as are the characters who are aslo very likeable - our hero, Lieutenant Bak and his Medjays anyway! One of the best things I like about them is that the stories are about mostly ordinary people - unlike many other writers who feel it essential that the their novels have to be about some exalted nobel or king or queen to be interesting to the public. That's one of the reasons these novels are so good - and it certainly helps that they are also good stories in addition. As for this particular novel it keeps up to the standard of the previous ones. Bak finds himself sent into the Eastern desert searching for the son of one of his superiors freinds. Naturally he is accompanied by an odd and interesting bunch of fellow travellers - not to mention the nomads that live in the desert -any of whom could know of the sons fate.
Windbearer Windbearer
Haney's Lt. Bak mysteries are my very favorites of the Egyptian historical mysteries. They are wonderfully written and almost feel like a time-travel trip. This last one was so much fun to experience a long trek across a barren wasteland, from the comfort of my easy chair, and to encounter people who called it home. The mystery itself is well plotted, but the real allure of Haney's books is the place, time, and wonderful characters. I truly wish there were many more books in this series.
watchman watchman
Like lauren haney's books.
Paced very well and nice O'Henry twist at the end.