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eBook Breakheart Hill ePub

eBook Breakheart Hill ePub

by Thomas Cook

  • ISBN: 0593040384
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Thomas Cook
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bantam; paperback / softback edition (1995)
  • Pages: 329
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Praise for thomas h. cook. And breakheart hill Not one word has been omitted.

Praise for thomas h. Cook has crafted a novel of stunning power, with a climax that is so unexpected the reader may think he has cheated. But there is no cheating here, only excellent storytelling. Cook’s writing is distinguished by finely cadenced prose, superior narrative skills, and the author’s patient love for the doomed characters who are the object of his attention. Not one word has been omitted.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This is the darkest story I've ever heard. With these haunting words.

Thomas H. Cook of nowhere: Now we are moving toward the end. It was late spring when she said those words, and much of the approaching summer’s later radiance already colored the mountainside

Breakheart Hill is a book to read slowly and savor, but it is so compelling that readers . There’s something Conroyesque in Thomas H. Cook’s Breakheart Hill. A book to be read for the intensity of its plot and the beauty of its words.

Breakheart Hill is a book to read slowly and savor, but it is so compelling that readers will be turning the pages as fast as they can. This haunting story will stay with you long after you’ve read the last page and reluctantly set it aside. This is a rare combination from any author, but Cook manages to pull it off. A triumph.

This is the darkest story I’ve ever heard. With these haunting words, Thomas H. Cook begins a tale of love and its aftermath, of a town sent reeling from a moment of passionate betrayal. At its center was Kelli Troy and the town of Choctaw, Alabama.

This is the darkest story I've ever heard.

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Breakheart Hill by Thomas H Cook. Want to like this page?

Thomas H. Cook is the author of many novels, including The Chatham School Affair, winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel; Instruments of Night ; Breakheart Hill ; Mortal Memory ; Sacrificial Ground and Blood Innocents. Cook is the author of many novels, including The Chatham School Affair, winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel; Instruments of Night ; Breakheart Hill ; Mortal Memory ; Sacrificial Ground and Blood Innocents, both Edgar Award nominees; and two early works about true crimes, Early Graves and Blood Echoes, which was also nominated for an Edgar Award. YA‘Ben Wade, a country doctor, recounts the story of his adolescent unrequited love for Kelli Troy.

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Bradeya Bradeya
I have been a fan of the mystery genre for 8 or 9 years now. I used to read detective/private eye series left and right. They were good, but none too memorable. I figured that 95% of mystery authors write the same book over and over with nothing to stand out from one another. You get the hero or heroine, you get a case, you get clues, you get shootouts or car chases or near death experience and then the twist. I was getting to the point of knowing what to expect from a mystery book and that got tiring and boring. I almost gave up on the genre until I stumbled on Cook. He saved the mystery genre for me when I picked up his Chatham School Affair. I loved that book so much that I ordered all his books and got them in a matter of weeks. This one in particular, stands out more than most of his and stands out more than any other book I have read over the years. I felt I was there observing the tragedy that happened. This book deals with doomed love, betrayal and revenge in a passionate manner. The characters all stood out and are full of flaws which brings the realism to Cook's characterization. The stories Cook weaves happen during some American history time period with this one being set during the Civil Rights Movement. The prose on this book is full of quotes, with some inspiring and some depressing. Cook's flow is poetic and lyrical where even if he wrote a book on how grass grows, I would still read it. The whole book is filled with emotion that I have never got from a story.There were parts where I was furious with some of the things that were happening to the characters I liked, and when I finished the book, I was in a depressed but satisfied mood. What I mean by that is, the book left me depressed because of the horrible things that happen to good people and satisfied because I felt the story was by far above all books I have read. This is definitely for people who like a story with immense depth more so than a clue by clue mystery. I have re-read this book 2 times and listened to it on audio 2 times as well because I cant get over this story. I will probably re-visit this book in some form or manner and I suggest to anyone that is a cook fan and has not read this, please do. Even people looking for something new to break from the standard mystery tropes should give this author a chance.
Alexandra Alexandra
"Breakheart Hill" was written by the master story teller, Thomas H. Cook. The novel is fictional literature in the mystery/love story genre. Mr. Cook has written a significant number of books, short stories and novels and has been nominated or won several literary prizes for his work. One of Cook's most recent novels that have been reviewed at Amazon is "The Quest for Anna Klein".

"Breakheart Hill" is narrated in the first person by a main character of the story. The prose is variously complex, richly descriptive and poignantly presented. Character dialog is conventionally introduced in accordance with the person speaking.

The story is told by the character of Ben Wade, a physician in the small town of Choctaw Alabama. It has been over 30 years since it all happened, when they were all still in high school. He first saw her when she was but a curly-haired little girl and he a little boy, she came hand in hand with her mother entering his father's grocery store. Ben would be introduced to Kelli Troy again as a junior in high school, where he and Kelli were to be co-publishers of the school paper, the `Wildcat". The relationship that grew between Ben and Kelli exploited a witlessness born of adolescence that haunts Ben now as he remembers that awful time in summer so long ago on Heartbreak Hill when Kelli was lost to him.

This is a terrific story told by a master of story tellers. It is brimming with the joys and agonies replayed by adolescent participants, whose fierce friendships, loyalties and love beguiles their future in unexpected ways. It is a sad tale too, as it will draw the reader into his own reminiscence of an earlier time, a memory of innocence lost to a young age and the horrible consequences that bigotry held for those smitten by it.

I highly recommend this novel be added to your reading list and rate it "Memorable".
Fegelv Fegelv
I've never been into mystery as a genre, but Thomas Cook is unreal. Of course, when you stop to think about it, every novel is a mystery in one way or another. Cook's writing itself is top-notch, and his books are not only whodunits, but also whydunits and howdunits. I pride myself on typically guessing the ending of books, but I don't even come close with Cook's. The twists and turns in his stories are breathtaking, but most of all they are flawless, with every little nuance coming together perfectly and with seamless fluidity.
Brajind Brajind
What can be said about one of the darkest "gems" of Thomas Cook's repertoire? This book has everything that a reader expects from Cook: The writing is the best; the characters are real; the plot - oh my - what to say about the plot of this story? It will shock you, it was break your heart, and you will never forget it. Breakheart Hill, and Instruments of Night as well, tell you that Cook is no ordinary writer. Several twists in this story; by the final one, I was stunned. You will be also. Read this book; don't miss it. It is just so incredibly GOOD.

Five Stars Plus for the genius of Thomas H. Cook.
Zololmaran Zololmaran
Thomas H. Cook is quite the storyteller, and you lose yourself in his novels. I always feel that his narrator is talking directly to me which makes the book seem so personal. His characters are not only interesting, but he details so much about their inner feelings that you feel that you know them well. His plot structure keeps you hanging and always wondering, and his ending is always unexpected = wham ! I didn't see this one coming, at all. Cook is one of my favorite authors as I've read most of his books; although I have my favorites, I've never been disappointed.