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eBook The Interior ePub

eBook The Interior ePub

by Lisa See

  • ISBN: 0099279487
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Lisa See
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd (March 31, 2001)
  • Pages: 448
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  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 314


When Ling Suchee, a peasant woman living deep in the Chinese Interior, finds her daughter's body hanging by the neck in her shed, she turns to the only person she can trust - Hulan Liu. If anyone can help Ling to find her daughter's killer, she can.


Capella Capella
Lisa See

I am amazed by the versatility of Lisa See. It seems like all she has to do is touch pen to paper and she begins to unravel a magnificent story.
(Obviously she spends a lot of time doing research to be able to write with such clarity and understanding of her characters and the places they inhabit.)
It doesn't matter if she is writing the story of her own family in On Gold Mountain, or the three books, that make up The Red Princess Trilogy, Flower Net, The Interior and Dragon Bones, or the historical novels, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Peony in Love or finally Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy, you are taken into the lives of the characters and feel as though you are in the places they inhabit. She develops a sense of place and time as deeply as she develops her characters.

I read all of these books over a two month period.
I was felt as though I was living in China in several incarnations.
Lisa's writing enveloped me in every story. I was sorry when I finished the last book. I still feel like I left a familiar world and came back to the unsure world of reality.
Then I saw she has a new book to be released in June!
I can't wait.
Cala Cala
This is one of the best thrillers I've read. I've recommended it to many people, and just bought it as a graduation present for my 18 year old grand-nephew. He likes thrillers. I advised his dad to tell the young man not to be "put off" by the "Red Princess" in the title, that this is the legal and social designation of the lead police inspector. I've read several Lisa See novels. Her descriptions of China are excellent, moving, frightening, historic and realistic. I also really loved "Shanghai Girls" the first in a sequel, and 'Dream of Pearl, the following sequel."
Jerdodov Jerdodov
This is the middle of the three mysteries by Lisa See. I suggest you read them in order as I did. Flower Net, The Interior, and Dragon Bones. I finished one and immediately went to the next.
Lisa See has a way of writing that visually puts you in the middle of the action. This was an educational experience about China-- its history, its customs and a look at the character of the people
with an exciting mystery that is a true page turner. I will not explain the plot as other reviewers have done well. I will say that I love Lisa See's style of writing. She draws you into the story in such a way that it is like watching a movie and you can hardly wait to turn the page to see what is happening next. I loved her books Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Peony In Love. I have Gold Mountain and Shanghai Girls on my Kindle and will read them next. You will not be disappointed with anything she has authored.
Thozius Thozius
This the second in a series. It brought me a better understanding of the differences between Chinese culture and our own in general and a lot more insight into complex differences between different social status layers in China and the ways in which opportunities and living options are limited by class and location. All of this is just background to a satisfying mystery about multiple deaths with multiple murderers whose motivations are themselves multifaceted and in some cases related and in others completely unrelated.
Shan Shan
I have travel to China and worked closely with factories. This book has open my eyes to some Chinese realities these people had suffered. Brain wash and complete strip from privacy, human rights, dignity. I fall in love with China over and over again, even thou I hate the post communistic mentality. Woman especially make me want to go more often and bring hope, kindness, compassion and self empowerment. Small steps. One at the time. Like new chair for sewers, no workers segregation, cafeteria for everyone and most of all no tea station next to toilets.
PC-rider PC-rider
I enjoyed this 2nd visit to China with Lisa See's book. I had not figured out the complete ending and the book had several surprises in it. About halfway through I thought I had it all figured out and wanted to know why I needed another 100+ pages to finish, but I was wrong...I did not have the ending pegged. It's a good mystery and includes more details about like in China for ordinary people. Good read!
Thomand Thomand
I've read novels about China years ago, but I knew nothing about China today. That and the characters and plot make See's mysteries fun to read.
Great character development with authentic history! Lisa’s prose is attention keeping!!

Highly recommend!