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eBook World's End I ePub

eBook World's End I ePub

by Upton Sinclair

  • ISBN: 1931313016
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Upton Sinclair
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Simon Publications (January 20, 2001)
  • Pages: 376
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  • Rating: 4.7
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World’s End. A Lanny Budd Novel. In the course of this novel a number of well-known persons make their appearance, some of them living, some dead; they appear under their own names, and what is said about them is factually correct.

World’s End. There are other characters which are fictitious, and in these cases the author has gone out of his way to avoid seeming to point at real persons. He has given them unlikely names, and hopes that no persons bearing such names exist

Upton Beall Sinclair Jr. (September 20, 1878 – November 25, 1968) was an American writer who wrote nearly 100 books and other works in several genres

Upton Beall Sinclair Jr. (September 20, 1878 – November 25, 1968) was an American writer who wrote nearly 100 books and other works in several genres. Sinclair's work was well known and popular in the first half of the 20th century, and he won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1943. In 1906, Sinclair acquired particular fame for his classic muck-raking novel The Jungle, which exposed labor and sanitary conditions in the .

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Home Upton Sinclair World's End. Home. Part of Lanny Budd series by Upton Sinclair. Then I have a little round metal box; it has a pretty shape, it sits up on end; I cut a slot in the top, and there you are. What is it? It is a children’s bank, where they drop their pennies, their pfennigs, their sous, their soldi-in every country they have little coins for the poor.

Book 1 of 11 in the World's End (Lanny Budd) Series. Upton Sinclair created a unique character in Lanny Budd and placed him in intriguing historical moments during WWI and the " Peace to end all peace" that followed it. I was so pleased with this book that I plan to read the others in the series. I found this book to be superior to Ken Follett's 20th century trilogy and on par with Dos Passos' USA trilogy.

27 quotes from World's End: ‘He learned that love is not all pleasure, but can be agony and heartache, martyrdom and sacrifice. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. World's End Quotes Showing 1-27 of 27. He learned that love is not all pleasure, but can be agony and heartache, martyrdom and sacrifice.

World's End is the first novel in Upton Sinclair's Lanny Budd series. Is the tenth book in the epic Upton Sinclair "Lanny Budd" series, written in 1949. This was to be the last in this great historical narrative covering World History from 1913-1947. First published in 1940, the story covers the period from 1913 to 1919. This is the beginning of a monumental 7,340 page novel, the story of Lanny Budd, a young American, beginning in Europe in 1913.

Электронная книга "World's End", Upton Sinclair Perfect for fans of The Winds of War, World’s End is the magnificent opening chapter of a monumental series that brings the first half of the twentieth century to vivid life.

Электронная книга "World's End", Upton Sinclair. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "World's End" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. Perfect for fans of The Winds of War, World’s End is the magnificent opening chapter of a monumental series that brings the first half of the twentieth century to vivid life. A thrilling mix of history, adventure, and romance, the Lanny Budd Novels are a testament to the breathtaking scope of Upton Sinclair’s vision and his singular talents as a storyteller.

A man who wishes to succeed in the world of action has to keep his mind fixed upon what he is doing; he has to like what he is doing, and not be plagued with doubts and scruples. But somewhere in the depths of the soul of every man lurk weaknesses, watching for a chance to slip past the censor who guards our conduct.

ISBN13:9789997531599. Release Date:June 1940.

The Lanny Budd Series; a total of 7,340 pages, covering world events during the 1941 - 1953 period. Often called "the greatest historical novel of the 20th century."

World's End I is followed by World's End II (193131313X); Between Two Worlds I (1931313024); Between Two Worlds II (1931313148); Dragon's Teeth I (1931313032); Dragon's Teeth II (1931313156); Wide is the Gate I (1931313044); Wide is the Gate II (1931313164); Presidential Agent I (1931313059); Presidential Agent II (1931313180); Dragon Harvest I (1931313067); Dragon Harvest II (1931313202.); A World to Win I (1931313075); A World to Win II (1931313229); Presidential Mission I (1931313083); Presidential Mission II (1931313245); One Clear Call I (1931313091); One Clear Call II (1931313261); O Shepherd, Speak! I (1931313105); O Shepherd, Speak! II (1931313288); The Return of Lanny Budd I (1931313113); The Return of Lanny Budd II (193131330X).


Paxondano Paxondano
I majored in history in college, but this series (read over a 6-month period) gave me a better understanding of the European viewpoint of modern history than I got from any of my college classes. From the beginning of World War I until the Cold War of the 1950's, Sinclair provides a perspective from each of the participants in the conflicts, not simply "our" side. Lanny Budd is clearly a fantastical character with unlimited access to decision makers (and to funds) but he allows the reader to see history from multiple scenes.

Clearly, Sinclair has his own political perspective (which is most visible in the last volumes as Lanny spends more time in the United States) but it doesn't detract from the scope of the novels. I wish I had read these while I was in college.. and wish that everyone responsible for foreign policy today had read them, too.
Longitude Temporary Longitude Temporary
I didn't realize I was buying half a book. It's an exorbitant price. I will never buy another book from this series from this publisher.
Freaky Hook Freaky Hook
If you want to know what's going on with George Bush junior's fascination with Iraq, read this book. Quite clearly it shows how shortly after the turn of the century, Britain and France wanted to make sure they got access to oil ahead of Germany, despite the German's industrial base growing faster than that in Britain in France. The target: Mesopotamia. And what is Mesopotamia? Modern day Iraq. Also of interest was the explanation that Germany's superior air power during WWI was in part attributed to French industrialists who sold the materials necessary to Switzerland who in turn sold to Germany, which Germany used to attack France: all in the name of profit.
Beyond the historical references, the story is wonderfully told, and Lanny Budd's character is extraordinarily and realistically portrayed with true emotion and depth, quite an achievement for that period of time.
This series of books is exceptional and I hope to read all of them.
Lightseeker Lightseeker
Lanny Budd was born in 1900, a convenient device for the author to give dates without boring the reader. I was born in 1937, and have read the entire series, except for the eleventh volume, some 5 times. Number eleven I couldn't bring myself to read for many years, because I had heard that Sinclair had "sold out" as the terminology was (like Howard Fast and so many others - old lefties will recognize the phenomenon), and I didn't want to put myself through it. Now I have just finished the series for the last time (probably) and I did find the final volume somewhat painful. But the rest of it is just as fresh and thrilling as on first reading, and finding myself with two copies, I am going to sell one set. I'm trying to get my grandchildren interested in the other. Historical fiction is a painless way of absorbing names and events that happened just under the horizon of current events in a given person's lifetime. How many serious young readers know the part played by Clemenceau, le tigre, in the events "Between Two Worlds", or know about Charles de Gaulle's role in helping to get France on her feet again politically after Vichy, occupied France, the Free French partisans, and so on and on? For my mother, who was born in 1910, and who introduced me to these books, all of it was current events. For me, the threshhold of "currrent events" is more like World War II, but these grandchildren of mine are studying the first Gulf War as history!
Tejora Tejora
The Lanny Budd series of novels, starting with Worlds End, originally printed in the days of WW2, give the reader a greater understanding of the world events.

While the main character Lanny Budd is fictional, the historical figures are fairly true to life. You have to remember that Upton Sinclair has a socialist/left wing bias or perspective, but he is fairly even handed and that should not discourage the right wing reader.

I think one of the most valuable thing you get is a perspecive on how things were viewed by the different sides as the events transpired.

The plot starts in pre WW1 Europe, and the following books takes you thru WW2.

The books have been out of print for years, so I have been buying these books at used/rare shops to get the whole series. I am glad to see they are being reprinted - long at last.
Leceri Leceri
I'm the publisher of this book World's End #1. Don't buy this book ( World's End #2) as I have republished it in Volume I (which includes #1 and #2) of 12 Volumes. Amazon leaves it up and might have some copies it's trying to sell or for used copies to be sold. They won't take it down and my printer will not print a new copy.
Warianys Warianys
although fictionally Upton Sinclair unorthodoxly or unaccademically pictures the main conflict of a conflictuous XXth century. I've read it in my youth, and now again, and it is always a help to undersatnd what is going on in the world, even from a peripherical point of view. It's overflowing, verboragic and not literaly commendable; it's not history, but it is surely didactical. It's outdated, perhaps oldfashioned, but it is a work on its own merits that deserves to be read, and an interested reader will find enlightining and useful.