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eBook Brute Force: Betrayals ePub

eBook Brute Force: Betrayals ePub

by Dean Wesley Smith

  • ISBN: 0345458508
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Dean Wesley Smith
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Del Rey (October 1, 2002)
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  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 355


Brute Force: Betrayals Mass Market Paperback – October 1, 2002. Bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith has written more than seventy popular novels, both his own and tie-in projects, including Laying the Music to Rest and X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak.

Brute Force: Betrayals Mass Market Paperback – October 1, 2002. by. Dean Wesley Smith (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. With Kristine Kathryn Rusch, he is the coauthor of The Tenth Planet trilogy and the motion picture novelization X-Men, along with more than a dozen Star Trek books and two original Men in Black novels.

Brute force : betrayals. Smith, Dean Wesley. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by station15. cebu on January 11, 2019.

Bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith has written more than seventy popular novels, both his own and tie-in projects, including Laying the Music to Rest and X-Men: The Jewels of Cyttorak. He has also written novels in a number of gaming universes, including Vor, Final Fantasy, and the novelization for the movie Final Fantasy.

Dean Wesely Smith is an extremely talented author who also wrote the trillagy The Tenth Planet, which I also recomend.

It has an extremely shockig ending that you never thought would happen. Dean Wesely Smith is an extremely talented author who also wrote the trillagy The Tenth Planet, which I also recomend.

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Ballantine books, new york. Other books based on Xbox games: HALO: THE FLOOD by William C. Dietz HALO: THE FALL OF REACH by Eric Nylund BRUTE FORCE: BETRAYALS by Dean Wesley Smith CRIMSON SKIES by Eric Nylund, Michael B. Lee, Nancy Berman, and Eric S. Trautmann. Sale of this book without a front cover may be unauthorized.

Smith, Dean Wesley - Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within. Dean Wesley Smith & David Michelinin - Spiderman - Carnage In New York City. Скачать (RTF). 513 Kb, en. Скачать (TXT). Читать. 219 Kb, en. Dean Wesley Smith - A Hard Rain. Ссылка удалена правообладателем.

Brute Force by Shane Childress Paperback Book Free Shipping! . Brute Force: Betrayals Smith, Dean Wesley Mass Market Paperback Used - Very Goo.

Videogame Books Resident Evil 1,2,4 Brute Force Betrayals, Halo First Strike&FoR. December 1969 Hot Rod Dodge Challenger 440 Test Yarbrough Brute Force Talladega.

At the dawn of the twenty-fourth century, with colonies spanning fifty star systems, mankind has created the Confederation of Allied Worlds. When trouble erupts, the Confed’s solution is swift, savage, and supremely effective: dispatch small teams of elite warriors. Deadly fighters like Tex. . . .As one of the most decorated soldiers in the Confederation’s arsenal, Tex has survived covert operations in every steaming hellhole. As a result, he knows more than enough about the Confed’s most brutal and amoral activities, which makes him wonder: Is it mere coincidence that all missions assigned to veteran teams seem to be suicide missions? Fortunately, the new assignment doesn’t have the markings of a lethal affair. Tex is dispatched to the Ulysses star system, a backwater group of inconsequential planets populated with misfits and malcontents. What he doesn’t know is that this lowly cluster secretly harbors perhaps the greatest threat ever faced by the Confederation. Worse yet, the shadowy Protectorate behind the mission intends to make certain Tex does not survive. But Tex hasn’t earned his reputation as a well-honed killing machine for nothing. . . .Brute Force, Xbox, and the Xbox Logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Used under license. Copyright © 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


Nakora Nakora
Wow, I think I enjoyed the novel more than the game. About 3/4 through the game and I had seen it all, it was fun but played out, yes I beat it but it wasn't a thriller. Now the novel on the otherhand MADE you press on to find out the ending... and it explains itself perfectly. I suspect not many gamers read a lot, but if you pick up just one novel this summer make it Brute Force: Betrayals by Dean Wesley Smith:)
There was never a time when I was confused about what was going on. You know, how when you read something and you forget whose who and generally you pick up later what you missed but there is that period of time where you keep reading for the sake of reading? Not so here with Brute Force, it just is well thought out and well executed.
Brute Force the game: 8/10
Brure Force: Betrayals: 9/10
Hellmaster Hellmaster
I'll be honest, the only reason I even continued reading this book is because of the reviews below that promised a knockout ending. That it certainly is, but the question is: is it worth sifting through the 250 pages before it of one dimensional heros-and-villans warfare, with basically a bunch of good guys running around and using bigger and badder guns to tear their opposition of hundreds of human lives apart? I borrowed the book and read it in my spare time, so it was worth the read for me. Most of the first 50 pages consists of operatives telling thier teammates that they are going in to secure the area and their teammates telling them to "have fun" Then there's a breif respite. Some "character developement," the set-up for the next mission, the mission, another respite, and then the finale. This is all punctuated by the cookie-cutter "greedy, power- hungry politician" schtck, like RESIDENT EVIL villians in space.
I am not against violent sci-fi novels ( I love the DOOM seies) but BRUTE FORCE is simply a by-the-books, formulatic romp that simply isn't any fun until the end. There's plenty of action, but there's so much it's saturating, desensitizing, and not told with any flair or originality.
But at 270, large-print, paperback pages that don't contain anything deep or profound, it's easy rading. During the beginnings of these summer days, if you dig on bringing on a little bit of weight to your video gaming experience, it just might be your ticket. But Dean Wesley Smith is capable of far better
Fordg Fordg
"Nice shootin'," Tex said, as the Special Operations team

charged into the enemy base killing some guards on the way in.

Dean Wesley Smith, the author of Brute Force Betrayals, likes

to be discriptive in his writing. He uses description in his

battle chapters like, "His cut was viciously bleeding down

Tex's neck" and "The deafening sounds of explosions were all

over the planet". What I like about the author's writing

style is that he never stays on one topic for long he keeps

the action flowing by having each chapter going to a different

battle. One thing I don't like about the book is that it has

alot of swearing in it. The story is told in first

and second point of view.

Mainly the book is about a confederation of Special Force

Operatives fighting the rebel planets. The main characters

are Tex- a strong heavy weapons operative.

Hawk- the intelligent leader of Tex and Flint.

Flint- sniper that is on Tex's and Hawk's team.

The book is set in outer space and the genre is science fiction/fantasy.

I recommend this book to people who like shooting video games from ages

Androlhala Androlhala
The Halo books were great! This book is a fine example of using a poor plot and a poor writer. I would rate this book a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. If you must read this book, check it out from your public library and save your money. I have never read any of Mr. Smith's books and after this one, I know I won't read anymore of his books. There are too many GOOD books available to read instead of wasting your time on this type writing.
Tholmeena Tholmeena
After playing Brute Force, I expected something like what hapenned to me after playing Halo and devouring the 3 Halo series books: just and plainly being amazed about the gathering of sweet writing around a very good game.

I enjoyed Brute Force, but found the book very weak up to the point of finding it boring. The book starts right in the action (very pale by the way) and develops slughishly through the paces of diferent operative misions. By the time it starts to get momentun; voilá, the book is over!!! No good whatsoever. If you really want to get hooked in a game-based book, get the Halo's series, or Crimson Skies, and you will be delighted.
Mavivasa Mavivasa
Brute force is a fun, light read. It is not deep and lacks some character development. I was hoping that the book would reveal more detail of the character's history; but it did not. It lets us down in that department. But the action makes up for It- kinda feels like a comic book because the action is off the wall is some parts. In the first mission "Tex" and his team demolish a group of pirates inside their base and steal their money. Later on he cooperatively works with a scout named "Hawk" who is able to make herself invisable. And an android named "Flint" also joins in; it can sharp-shoot with a sniper rifle with deadly accuracy. The story and action-packed pacing is what
makes it entertaining and good if you are bored. And the ending is shocking. I recommend it if you want something fun to read and you like a light read.