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eBook Flashman and the Tiger ePub

eBook Flashman and the Tiger ePub

by George MacDonald Fraser

  • ISBN: 0375410244
  • Category: Genre Fiction
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  • Author: George MacDonald Fraser
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Knopf (August 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 368
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For the first time in four years comes a new book in George MacDonald Fraser's long-running series chronicling the adventures of Sir Harry Paget Flashman

Only 9 left in stock (more on the way). For the first time in four years comes a new book in George MacDonald Fraser's long-running series chronicling the adventures of Sir Harry Paget Flashman. Eleventh in the series, Flashman and the Tiger features not one, but three stories of international intrigue that find the fictional Flashman thrown headlong into historical events around the world.

Book 11. Flashman and the Tiger. by George MacDonald Fraser . Shelve Flashman papers george macdonald fraser series 2 : 6 books collection set. Want to Read. Currently Reading Want to Read.

George MacDonald Fraser OBE FRSL (2 April 1925 – 2 January 2008) was a Scottish author who wrote historical novels, non-fiction books and several screenplays. He is best known for a series of works that featured the character Flashman. Fraser was born to Scottish parents in Carlisle, England, on 2 April 1925. His father was a doctor and his mother a nurse. It was his father who passed on to Fraser his love of reading, and a passion for his Scottish heritage.

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Поиск книг и журналов. Fraser, George MacDonald - Flashman and the Tiger (Fraser George MacDonald). He has worked on newspapers in Britain and Canada, and has written many bestselling novels in addition to the eleven volumes of the Flashman Papers

The Flashman Papers is a series of novels and short stories written by George MacDonald Fraser, the first of which was published in 1969. The books centre on the exploits of the fictional protagonist Harry Flashman.

The Flashman Papers is a series of novels and short stories written by George MacDonald Fraser, the first of which was published in 1969. He is a cowardly British soldier, rake and cad who is placed in a series of real historical incidents between 1839 and 1894

George MacDonald Fraser. FLASHMAN, Harry Paget, brigadier-general, .

George MacDonald Fraser.

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Flashman and the tiger. George MacDonald Fraser. Since then, two other such pieces have come to light, and the result is this collection of minor episodes in the career of an eminent if disreputable Victorian. Year Published: 2006. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Year Published: 2013. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading. from The Flashman Papers, 1860. Flashman and the Dragon (.Flashman on the March (.Flashman and the Tiger (.Also by George MacDonald Fraser (.

The inimitable and appallingly appealing Flashy is back, in a long-awaited new installment of The Flashman Papers.When the memoirs of Sir Harry Flashman, the notorious Victorian soldier and scoundrel, first came to light thirty years ago, it was finally revealed what had become of the infamous bully who had darkened Tom Brown's school days. Now, three new episodes in the career of this eminently disreputable adventurer place us at the center of pivotal historical events--the attempted assassination of Emperor Franz Josef in the 1880s, the Prince of Wales's involvement in the Tranby Croft gambling scandal, and the military disaster at Rorke's Drift in South Africa--as the aging but agile Flashy is pitted against one of the greatest villains of his day. Thrown into contact with assorted grand royalty and even grander tarts, he must test his wits against political heavyweights, including Bismarck, as he becomes eyewitness to the uncensored truth about two of the greatest heroes of his time. Superb entertainment--all verve, dash, meticulous historical detail, and wildly infectious enthusiasm.


Weernis Weernis
Our intrepid hero, Harry Flashman, is back for volume eleven of the Flashman Papers, a narrative of the life and times of one of the most ne’er-do-well wastrels to ever grace the pages of a published autobiography.

The first five Flashman novels were largely presented in chronological order. Several installments thereafter acted to fill in gaps in the story. This edition is somewhat different in that it consists of three shorter stories (essentially novellas) which were taken from previous packets; shorter stories which have been grouped together to fill out a book.

The first and longest such story, reunites Flashman with one of his earliest and most formidable antagonists, Otto Von Bismarck (from Royal Flash), in an attempt to save the life of the Austrian Emperor and avoid the outbreak of World War.

The second short story involves the Prince of Wales (future Edward VIII) and a card game in which one of the idle aristocrats is suspected of cheating. The final story, and in my opinion the best, matches Flashman against a man from his past, Tiger Jack Moran, a blackguard scoundrel even worse than Flashy. Our hero endeavors greatly to save the virtue of his granddaughter from the clutches of Moran with a delicious twist.

As in the previous Flashman novels, our Harry is revealed as the premier coward and opportunist of his era; faults which he quite willingly admits and even boasts of. Much as a prior day Forrest Gump, he has a way of finding himself among the most powerful and famous personages of his era, as he takes part in the great events of the period, in this case Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, Otto Von Bismarck, Oscar Wilde and Sherlock Holmes.

Aside from uproarious fun and games, the Flashman series is set against historical events and actually serves as an educational experience. On to volume twelve, the final installment of the Flashman Papers.
Snowskin Snowskin
Flashman and the Tiger
I found Flashman and the Tiger a senescent disappointment, with about 40% of it devoted GM Fraser revelling in vicarious prurience, Harry Flashman being close to the author's age in this ultimate novel of three adventures. When Flashman isn't rogering fillies, he's going into detail about his cowardice, much of which is cut and pasted from other Flashman novels: his blunt self-appraisal is superfluous well beyond any point jocularity.

Apart from these predictable shortcomings, the book offers little insight into historical events. The first story is concerned with the trickery of a journalist named Blowitz scooping the Treaty of Berlin a day before Bismarck wanted it publicised; and a poorly planned, failed attempt on the life of the Hapsburg emperor, Franz Josef,a failure that was arguably one of the most inconsequential in all of history. The second part is about an English aristocrat falsely accused of cheating and being disgraced as a result, to Harry Flashman's pleasure; but essentially it is just a story of petty spite. Flashman and the Tiger is a very brief sketch of the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, but is the greatest disappointment of all three. It concentrates on Flashman's poltroon attempts to kill a cad who intends to seduce his daughter, whom he finds is far less innocent than he had assumed-Fraser's apparent attempt at hamartic bathos. The book is not saved by the witty cameo involving Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

In fact, this last book may have turned me off reading the four Flashman novels remaining to me to experience.
Skunk Black Skunk Black
This Flashman book was somewhat hard to follow since it contains three different stories at three different periods in Flashman's life. The first part, "The Road to Charing Cross," has Flashman involved in an eventually successful plot to thwart the assassination of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph. The second part, "The Subtleties of Baccarat," involves both Flashman and his wife in the historically little known Tranby Croft scandal in which several players and others present accused the Prince of Wales of cheating. The third part, "Flashman and the Tiger," is an interesting mix of history with Flashman in South Africa at Rorke's Drift and fiction as Flashman crosses paths with Sherlock Holmes while Flashman attempts to hunt down and kill his longtime enemy, Colonel "Tiger Jack" Moran. G. M. Fraser provides an interesting and different account of Moran's demise than does A. C. Doyle. The first and last sections were very enjoyable while the middle section a little strange.
Nenayally Nenayally
I think this is the last of the Flashman novels left to read, and i have enjoyed all of them. The warped sense of view of the English Empire and the movers and shakers of the 19th Century is always great. We get to be the fly on the wall as we are along on some of the most historic adventures of the Century, with the heroic Flashman, who definitely does not want to be there. Always a laugh and much information to be had, and probably as honest and truthful as more serious historic efforts.