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eBook Winter Moon ePub

eBook Winter Moon ePub

by Dean Koontz

  • ISBN: 0553582933
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bantam (January 30, 2001)
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  • Rating: 4.9
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One of Dean Koontz's most overlooked books

One of Dean Koontz's most overlooked books. Oct 20, 2017 Carol rated it it was amazing. but whatever it is it's always a huge surprise.

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Invasion is a 1975 horror novel by American writer Dean Koontz, originally released under the pseudonym Aaron Wolfe. In 1994 Koontz re-released the book under the title Winter Moon, including updates and revisions

Invasion is a 1975 horror novel by American writer Dean Koontz, originally released under the pseudonym Aaron Wolfe. In 1994 Koontz re-released the book under the title Winter Moon, including updates and revisions. Winter Moon is the current title under which the book can be purchased. Winter Moon is divided into two parts. Part One: The City of the Dying Day, contains chapters one through thirteen. Part Two: The Land of the Winter Moon, comprises chapters fourteen through twenty-two.

I have read many of Koontz's books, and honestly there wasn't one that I didn't like. He is pretty consistent with his writing. That aside, this was a good book.

In Los Angeles, a hot Hollywood director, high on PCP, turns a city street into a fiery apocalypse. Heroic LAPD officer Jac McGarvey is badly wounded and will not walk for months. His wife and his child are left to fend for themselves against both criminals that control an increasingly violent city and the dead director’s cult of fanatic fans. In a lonely corner of Montana, Eduardo Fernandez, the father of McGarvey’s murdered partner, witnesses a strange nocturnal sight.

Critique of Winter Moon In Winter Moon by Dean Koontz a cloudy Los Angeles, California day is shattered when a hot Hollywood director turns a city street into a fiery abyss. A heroic police officer, Jack Mc Garvey, is badly wounded in the inferno and will not be able to walk for months. Little does Jack know that a series of events will lead him and his family to a ranch in Montana. On that isolated ranch they discover their destiny in a horrific encounter with a ruthless and puzzling enemy from which neither the living nor dead are safe. Koontz’s novels seem to have one thing in common.

What readers are saying about Winter Moon: 'The stark contrast between the man-made dangers of LA and the other-worldly, spooky dangers . The tension builds to a stunning climax in Dean Koontz's powerful thriller, Winter Moon. Perfect for fans of Harlan Coben and Stephen King.

What readers are saying about Winter Moon: 'The stark contrast between the man-made dangers of LA and the other-worldly, spooky dangers of the Montana wilderness is really well done''One of his best books I've read. If you love horror and deep-thinking and you love that fear of the unknown, then this book is definitely for you''Hats off to the great Mr Koontz for taking the imagination on the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime'. America's most popular suspense novelist' - Rolling Stone.

Koontz is brilliant in the creation of his characters and in building tension. Dean Koontz, the author of many New York Times bestsellers, lives in Southern California with his wife, Gerda, their golden retriever, Elsa, and the enduring spirits of their goldens, Trixie and Anna.

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Deepest night, Montana. An eerie light proclaims the arrival of a mysterious watcher in the woods. And one solitary man begins a desperate battle against something unknown—and unknowable.Broad daylight, Los Angeles. An ordinary morning erupts in cataclysmic violence. A young family is shattered in a heartbeat.Fate will lead this family to an isolated Montana ranch, but their sanctuary will become their worst nightmare. For there they will face a chillingly ruthless enemy, from which no one—living or dead—is safe.


FireWater FireWater
I finished The Vision about two weeks ago. Work keeps me quite busy. Here I am now, giving you my review for a decent book. Stick around and see what I think.

The Ugly: There are two instances in the book, just two but enough to drown out the book, where Mr. Koontz made one paragraph a complete sentence. All he did was kept saying “and” over and over again. It was like a complete rookie mistake. I don’t think he could have made that as a conscious effort. It was two run-on sentences that lasted almost an entire page.

The Bad: Even though there is an epic twist in the book, it was one you could see coming from miles away. There were way too many red herrings in the book to count. You could see them the second you read them. The only reason I’m not putting this as “the ugly” is because of the nice twist.

The Good: The story is best part here except for the obviousness of who the killer is. I’m not trying to give too much away because of the surprise, but just know, out of the works he has written up to this point this is the best story. Hopefully the writing gets better.

Final Thoughts: I was going to give this a 4-star rating, but those two sentences that ran for most of a page took away from the book. They aren’t until towards the end of the book, but enough to hurt the book. I would say read it.
Iphonedivorced Iphonedivorced
I don't know why the negative reviews knocked Dean Koontz's "usual formula". I have a suggestion...if you don't like it find another author! This one was full of surprises and plot turns that I did not see coming at all. Fast paced, great character development, and a great plot. His characters grow on you!
Brialelis Brialelis
Mary Bergen is a psychic that uses her abilities to help the police. With a serial killer on the loose, Mary begins having terrifying visions of murder victims who seem strangely familiar. She knows the answers lie buried in her past, rooted in the torture she endured at the tender age of 6. With her new husband, Max and her ever-faithful brother, Alan by her side, Mary must find answers fast before she ends up being the killer's next victim. Further complicating the situation, Alan and Max hate each other. Each is distrustful of the other and both are possessive of Mary's time and attention.

You can definitely tell this is one of Koontz' earlier works as it's a bit predictable, even bordering on trite at times. Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It's short for a Koontz novel and fast paced which makes for an easy read. I was pretty sure I knew "whodunit" within the first 100 pages but the "why" was much harder to figure out. Overall, I'd say there are enough twists and turns in this book to keep most readers satisfied.
Kalrajas Kalrajas
I am a sucker for a murder mystery, but it has to be well written and this one is, as far as I am concerned...I don't want to give anything away, so I'll be careful what I say; this way, if you read it, you can go through what I did! I always try to guess who the culprit is, unless they outright tell me, so I was going crazy since I didn't know who it was! I work at home and had to fight the urge to ignore my job so that I could read and prolonged the enjoyment over all, kind of like foreplay!!
I really liked the book, most Dean Koontz!!
Qwne Qwne
As a general rule a writer's earlier works are never near the quality of those that come later. This book, compared to the magnificent "Innocence", is unfair to a novice writer. The insight and knowledge of the human condition mixed with the supernatural is a trademark of the later Dean Koontz volumes. "The Vision" was a fast read and I enjoyed it. I knew what I was getting when I ordered it and it was good enough. For pure pulp fiction excellence John D. McDonald cannot be beaten and this earlier work by Koontz is no where near that standard. In his later works came the greatness.

Breder Breder
This was an odd story . I'm not quite sure how I felt about it . It does keep you guessing as to who is the " bad guy " though . After I finished it I realized that I wasn't fond of the players in the story . Then I read what Mr. Koontz had written at the back of the book . He had written this as a very young man . So you be the judge
Zicelik Zicelik
If you like Stephen King's The Tommyknockers, you will probably like this. Very entertaining book. It was my first Dean Koontz book, so I'll be interested to check out some of his other writing.
I absolutely love Koontz novels for the most part. This one was a little too predictable for me. It had me guessing a couple times though, on the "bad" guy. I think, if you were new to Koontz books, you might enjoy it more, and it might not have been as predictable. Also, the thing that I normally love about his novels, which is his awesome ability to develop his characters, was missing in this one quite a bit. But, I think that is more true of his older novels. The Vision was a very quick read. And a basically good story line. Just not as much depth to it as his newer stuff...which is my favorite. Worth reading, just not his best stuff.