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eBook God Against the Gods ePub

eBook God Against the Gods ePub

by Allen Drury

  • ISBN: 0718115406
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Allen Drury
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Michael Joseph Ltd; 1st edition (October 4, 1976)
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Allen Drury is a master of political fiction, New York Times bestseller and Pulitzer Prize winner, best known for the landmark novel ADVISE AND CONSENT. While visiting Washington, DC, in 1943 he was hired by the United Press (UPI) and covered the Senate during the latter half of World War II.

Other author's books: A God Against the Gods.

The sweeping chronicle of a great and tragic pharaoh who lost his throne for the love of a God. In the glory of ancient Egypt, an epic of a royal family divided, bloody power ploys, and religious wars that nearly tore apart one of the greatest empires in human history. Other author's books: A God Against the Gods.

From Allen Drury, the master of spellbinding political fiction, author of Advise and Consent. The spectacular conclusion to the Egyptian epic begun in A God Against the Gods

From Allen Drury, the master of spellbinding political fiction, author of Advise and Consent. A gripping novel about the deterioration of the criminal justice system and the mysterious, powerful body at its core-the Supreme Court of the United States. Earle Holgren-murderer, terrorist, lost soul-is the center of a vortex that sweeps up a fascinating cast of characters in their ambitions, politics, honor, and scandal. The spectacular conclusion to the Egyptian epic begun in A God Against the Gods. After his brother’s assassination, a new Pharoah must take the throne and battle the corrupt and violent priesthood. His name is TUTANKHAMUN.

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Allen Drury's novel remains the definitive Washington tale. Monument, CO: WordFire Press. When it was republished, ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl wrote for The Wall Street Journal that it offers "a compelling portrait of American social and political history and even today is well worth reading. With the success of Advise and Consent, Drury left The New York Times. essays about the book written by Drury himself, new appendices, and remembrances by Drury's heirs and literary executors Kenneth and Kevin Killiany. pp. ix. ISBN 978-1-61475-281-3.

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Zyangup Zyangup
He was the epitome of a madman, she a beauty that's never been repeated in history! Drury has caught and put out the most famous dynasty ever, the18th! A well written book
Rolling Flipper Rolling Flipper
Allen Drury is my favorite author. He is mainly a conservative political writer. He "wandered" away from his basic style to write 2 books on Egypt. I am also a fan of historical fiction, and of course, I trusted Allen Drury with any book that he has written. He has written another book in the same genre.

Return to Thebes, A Novel about Tutakhamon and the End of Amarna Allen Druryl

I love the Egyptian period so I found these books to be fun and informative. I must add, however, that his political books are his forte. They are great -- Keeping in mind that his political philosophy is conservative.

The book for which he is most well know is: Advise and Consent. This book was followed by a series of books with the same characters as he tells the story of the political scene in Washington, DC.

Mr. Drury then turned his attention to a presidential election that follow the same characters as in the previous political series. The four books in this series are: Capable of Honor and Preserve and Protect. What is so unique about these four fictional novels is that he wrote two alternative endings based on two different outcomes of the presidential election and an assassination attack. Come Nineveh, Come Tyre and The Promise of Joy are the last two books of the series that give us a look at the Americas that would result based on who who survived the assassination attack, hence, who would run the country.

When I first finished reading Preserve and Protect...I did not know that there were going to be 2 different endings. I spent more hours than I care to say..trying to figures out who lived and who died after the Presidential deaths. I was definitely relieved when I found out about the next two books. I was not disappointed at all by the different endings. The produce to very different views as to how the country turns out with either a liberal or a conservative leadership.

He is one of the greatest authors ... who, I fear, is little know in today's reading world. He was a prolific writer. You can check out Allen Drury at Wikipedia to see the entire body of work by this amazing man. Mr. Drury died in 1998. Enjoy!
Dark_Sun Dark_Sun
This book was one man's opinion of a period in ancient Egypt.
Amis Amis
Not many writers like this today.
anneli anneli
This is an interesting book. It is replete with historical information.
Very interesting historical fiction. Book was in pretty good condition.
MegaStar MegaStar
Good book!
An old story, but well told.