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eBook Riverwatch ePub

eBook Riverwatch ePub

by Joseph M. Nassise

  • ISBN: 1931402191
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Joseph M. Nassise
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Barclay Books; 1st edition (May 7, 2001)
  • Pages: 394
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  • Rating: 4.8
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Chapter One: An Unexpected Discovery. Why put it here, hidden beneath a river? It just didn’t make sense

Chapter One: An Unexpected Discovery. Why put it here, hidden beneath a river? It just didn’t make sense. Staring at it, Jake decided it had been a difficult afternoon. Fingers flying across the keyboard, Samuel Travers watched the words appear in neat lines of glowing green script on the screen in front of him with a deep sense of satisfaction. He’d been writing since nine o’clock that morning, a steady five hours of work. At first it had been difficult, every sentence leaving him unsatisfied.

This book has both imagination and muscle. Expect great things from Joe Nassise. Watch out for Joe Nassis. .He’s already made his mark. Tom Piccirilli, Bram Stoker Award–winning author ofA Lower Deep andHexes. This is exactly the sort of story that got me interested in horror fiction as a child and has kept me reading it ever since. It’s character-driven, has a fascinating back-story and is honestly scary. Tim Lebbon, British Fantasy Award–winning author ofFace andThe Nature of Balance. From cover to cover this book will keep you riveted to the pages and on the edge of your seat.

It was buried in an underground tomb and topped with a flowing river.

Joseph M. Nassise is a gifted storyteller who knows how to capture and keep his audience's attention. Readers should put Mr. Nassise on their must read list. Caught me from the first sentence! Published by Thriftbooks. It was buried in an underground tomb and topped with a flowing river.

What?" he asked, incredulous. Jake turned to face him. "We have to go back," he said more forcibly this time. The shocked, vacant expression he wore since they escaped the creature was gone. from his face, and in its place Sam could see the first shining gleam of determination that he knew from past experience always meant trouble. Sam wasn’t going to be persuaded. As a matter of fact, he’d had just about enough of Jake’s bullshit. Not on your fucking life. Time to let somebody else take care of the mess

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Nassise Joseph Riverwatch - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно. Надеемся, Вы провели время с удовольствием! Поделитесь, пожалуйста, своими впечатлениями

Expect great things from Joe Nassise. Riverwatch - Joseph Nassise.

Expect great things from Joe Nassise. Chapter One: An Unexpected Discovery. He'd been writing since nine o'clock that morning, a steady five hours of work.

Joseph Nassise (born 1968) is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling American urban fantasy writer and the author of more than forty novels. His debut novel, Riverwatch, was nominated for both the Bram Stoker Award and the International Horror Guild Award. He is the author of the internationally bestselling Templar Chronicles series, the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle, the Great Undead War series, as well as several books for Gold Eagle's Rogue Angel line.

If you've read enough horror novels or watched enough horror movies, you know what comes next. In a tried and true trope, they unleash an ancient creature who begins In Riverwatch, Jake Caruso and his construction crew, while performing construction on the old Blake mansion, come across a hidden tunnel. In the mystery novel Riverwatch by Joseph Nassise, construction workers find an ancient statue in an abandondened tomb.

Riverwatch by Joseph Nassise - book cover, description, publication history.

When his construction team finds the tunnel hidden beneath the cellar floor in the old Blake family mansion in Harrington Falls, Jake Caruso is excited by the possibility of what he might find hidden there. Exploring its depths, he discovers an even greater mystery: a sealed stone chamber at the end of that tunnel.

When the seal on that long forgotten chamber is broken, a reign of terror and death comes unbidden to the residents of the small mountain community. Something is stalking its citizens; something that comes in the dark of night on silent wings and strikes without warning, leaving a trail of blood in its wake. Something that should never have been released from the prison the Guardian had fashioned for it years before.

Now Jake, with the help of his friends Sam Travers and Katelynn Riley, will be forced to confront this ancient evil in an effort to stop the creature’s rampage. The Nightshade, however, has other plans.


Danrad Danrad
Modern horror writers are under continuous pressure to innovate. Vampires run nightclubs, ghouls haunt the Internet and serial killers are masters of culinary science. It is very unusual for an author to tackle a traditional plot and bring it to successful fruition. So I was much surprised to discover that Joseph Nassise had produced a fine, spirited tale of horror and suspense that could have taken place almost any time in the past 200 years and been just as readable as it is in it's modern setting.
In classic form, this story starts out with the discovery of a hidden passageway beneath a river that ran through the cellar of an old New England mansion. Jake Caruso, who restores historic homes discovers the passageway when he drains the river, and follows it to an ancient Blake family crypt. What Jake and Sheriff Damon Wilson find in the crypt is a frightening statue of a weird half-snake half-bat creature and the bloodless body of a would be thief. Unbeknownst to Jake and Damon the corpse's blood has awakened a nightmare creature from humanity's prehistory past.
Moloch is the last of one a race that predated humanity; he is a Nightshade, a highly intelligent creature that feeds on blood and terror. To Moloch, we are herd animals, meat to be used and destroyed. Opposing him is Gabriel, once a member of the Elders who battled the Nightshades and sought to help mankind advance. Now he is a dying old man in a nursing home, desperately trying to pass his knowledge on to Jake's friend, Sam Travers. When Jake gives his girlfriend Katelynn Riley a strange necklace he found at the crypt she finds herself able to ride Moloch's mind.
As Moloch carves a bloody path through Harrington Falls these three young people, with the help of the sheriff, must find the strength to defeat an almost indestructible horror. Nassise paints his characters with all their humanity, rather than creating two dimensional heroes. As such, their mistakes and fears make an otherwise fantastic tale easily believable. From start to spectacular finish the plot never flags. Moloch's nonchalant and consuming violence steadily builds suspense and momentum. For a first novel, "Riverwatch" is very well crafted with good balance between plot, atmospheric narrative, and characterization. My only gripes are that there a several editing errors, and that a subplot involving the Blake family (owners of the mansion) seems to have been cut down to the bone at some point. Still, I give Nassise's tale a full recommendation, and hope he goes on to write more.
TheJonnyTest TheJonnyTest
After reading "Riverwatch" I was curious to see what the other reveiws looked like; knowing this was a debut novel and having been personally momunentally disappointed. I feel like I read a different book than everyone else. IMHO The plot was predictable, seemed to drag on forever and was just plain old BORING!. I had to force myself to finish it and on several occassions cursed my obsessive need to finish every book I start. I was hopeful when the book started out. Moloch reminded me of the monster from Jeepers Creepers, which was fine; because all things considered he was a faily unique and interesting nemesis. But boy, was it ever all downhill from there. As someone else mentioned (although they were considerably more charitable than I) the author's habit of constantly telling you what absolutely everyone was thinking all of the time drove me insane. I also found the author's need to explain everything exasperating. It felt like he was saying "see it really can happen, this really is plausibe"...and frankly it really wasn't. I found the characters fairly under developed and wasn't able to connect with or care about any of them. My most enjoyable moment was finishing this book, knowing I could move on to something else!
Gorisar Gorisar
Nassise has captured the most gruesome character from our nightmares and has transformed it into a subhuman character that will raise the hair on the back of your neck, and have you picturing it for months to come.
Joseph Nasisse is an author whose future works are NOT to be missed. As his style matures, he could very well be the next King or Koontz.
Marr Marr
In Riverwatch, Jake Caruso and his construction crew, while performing construction on the old Blake mansion, come across a hidden tunnel. This piques Jake's interests, and he feels compelled to explore the tunnel, even beyond what is required as part of the job. They come across a stone chamber that had been covered for centuries. If you've read enough horror novels or watched enough horror movies, you know what comes next. In a tried and true trope, they unleash an ancient creature who begins to wreak havoc on the town of Harrington Falls.

There isn't anything overly original about Riverwatch. It's a plot line that has been done before, but nonetheless Joseph Nassise did an expert job on the execution. The writing is at a high level, done by a writer who exhibits nothing but professionalism and shows a high skill level. There is sufficient tension and suspense throughout, along with good horror elements that keep the story going without any lulls in the plot. The novel is well crafted and well worth reading.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street