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eBook Mosaic ePub

by Gayle Lynds

  • ISBN: 067102406X
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Gayle Lynds
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pocket Books (November 1, 1999)
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  • Rating: 4.6
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The characters and events in this book are fictitious.

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarities to real persons living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the author. Cover Design: Shannon Raab. Cover Photographer: hoto. I'm also indebted to my wonderful agent, Henry Morrison, not only for helping to get this novel started right, but also for taking me to my new publishers

Gayle Lynds is an American author. She is known for being a bestselling novelist in the male-dominated genre of spy fiction or spy thrillers. Award-winning author, her books are published in some twenty countries

Gayle Lynds is an American author. Award-winning author, her books are published in some twenty countries. Born in Nebraska, Lynds was raised in Iowa, graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in journalism, and now lives in Maine where she is a full-time novelist.

Mosaic has all the ingredients - international intrigue, politics, and escalating danger .

Mosaic has all the ingredients - international intrigue, politics, and escalating danger - but it’s also an eloquent parable on the corruption of greed and the lust for power. From London to New York, Mosaic takes us on an adventure of a lifetime. Clever twist. ast-paced plo. plendid action. Lynds has the top thriller writer’s knack of juggling characters, locales, secrets, and surprises while making the pages almost turn themselves. Ellery Queen Magazine. Sex, spies, and Steinway. ntertaining! -Booklist.

Gayle is honored that the critics of the journal have chosen The Book of Spies as one of the top books of 2011 – both in print, and in audio. The Book of Spies is the prequel to The Assassins. Your Own Autographed Bookmarks – Free. We saved some of these great bookmarks to give to those of you who infiltrate GayleLynds. You can have up to 8 of The Assassins, The Book of Spies, The Last Spymaster, and The Coil. You can get the scoop about brand-new thrillers first!

Gayle Lynds is the author of the national bestseller Masquerade, named a "Page Turner of the Week" by People magazine magazine.

Gayle Lynds is the author of the national bestseller Masquerade, named a "Page Turner of the Week" by People magazine magazine. She lives in California with her husband, two cats, and a plum tree.

Praised by writers from Clive Cussler to Sue Grafton, Gayle Lynds has emerged as a leading star of suspense fiction

The author of the bestselling "Masquerade" spins another bullet-fast tale. While giving a gala performance, a blind concert pianist's sight returns.

Welcome to my author page. I'm the New York Times bestselling author of ten award-winning international espionage novels - spy thrillers. My latest one, The Assassins, won the Founder's Award for Best Novel from MWSA, the Military Writers Society of America. I'm thrilled that Publishers Weekly lists my book Masquerade among the top ten spy novels of all time, and that the London Observer says I'm "a kick-ass thriller writer

Liz Sansborough thought she had left her past behind forever

New York Times bestselling writer Gayle Lynds has been called the "queen of the spy novel. Liz Sansborough thought she had left her past behind forever. A former CIA field agent as well as the daughter of perhaps the most notorious Cold War assassin, the man known to the world only as The Carnivore, Liz is now a university professor in Southern California specializing in the psychology of violence.

Blind for ten years, concert-pianist Julia Austrian's sight returns long enough for her to witness her mother's murder, and now blind again, she must work with a CIA analyst to uncover the dark secrets behind the killing. Reprint.


anneli anneli
After reading Gayle Lynd's "Mesmirized" and her two collaborations with Robert Ludlum, it is clear that Ludlum has taught her how to keep the pace moving and the story taut because this story dragged in places with two much information and the connections at the beginning of the book between the heroine and her corrupt family were unclear. Nevertheless, it was another action-packed thriller that kept me reading on and on into the night until I finally finished in the early light of dawn. Gayle Lynd's fascination with psychological conditions--this time hysterical blindness--and special talent provides a vulnerable heroine who is a blind concert pianist, and when she digs down, discovers how tough she can be when her mother is murdered beside her in a taxi. Up to this tragic moment, Julia has suffered blindness for ten years and has just reached such confidence and self-esteem that she can suddenly see--subconsiously she is ready to set aside the psychological trauma that set off her escape and self-punishing condition without knowing what caused it. The killer, however, thinks she is blind and spares her. The shock of watching her mother die brings on the blindness again, but this time her desire for revenge and her sense of helpless guilt drive her to see again. Through a maze of coincidences the plot unravels, and Julia discovers her family don't really want her to see again. The only person she can rely on is a renegade CIA agent who protects her from a villanous assassin. Wherever they go, a pile of bodies follow, but eventually the trail leads to Nazi loot and justice for all.
Mr_TrOlOlO Mr_TrOlOlO
Throughout history, people seeking power have been willing to destroy others around them. It was not uncommon to kill uncles, nephews, brothers, cousins, fathers or sons. Sad to say, many of those people were my ancestors. In this novel, a rogue politician wants to be president. With the aid of two brothers, he has their father drugged and confined to a nursing home in order to gain control of family wealth. With the aid of a son working for the CIA, he uses intelligence assets, bribery and blackmail to gain access to or create criminal records for his political opponent. He causes the murder of a sister, and is willing to sacrifice a niece. People will betray their country, their friends, and their families if offerred the right incentives.
The main plot covers a short time period leading up to the presidential election in the United States. The story is fast paced, and the novel is hard to put down once you get involved in the plot. There are lots of people with guns, and some collateral damage. The advantage shifts back and forth between good guys and bad guys, but the good guys have some unexpected allies, and sometimes there is a "falling out among thieves."
There is a final wrap-up set a year later.
There are some technical explanations of both psychological loss of senses (in this case sight), and of the heightened senses some people develop. This last point was interesting as I have always been able to sense people behind me, but did not know how to account for that ability.
Zut Zut
When I read Masquerade, I hoped this was just the beginning for a long writing career. Mosiac exceeded my expectations. The story of Julia Austrian, a beautiful and renowned concert pianist born into wealth; Sam Keeline, a CIA agent who has lost the taste for the job and transferred toa position in analysis; and a family determined to rule the the possiblity of finding the lost fabled "Amber Room" stolen by the Nazis. What an incredible writer to put together such an exciting story! In the tradition of Robert Ludlum, another incredible book by Gayle Lynds.
Miromice Miromice
Gayle Lynds does it again. Once you start reading it, you can' put it down until the very end! I wanted to get another copy to give a friend but I was saddened to see that there is nothing available at the moment.
Геракл Геракл
Love how Gayle Lynds writes... great stories and great reads. Very believeable story and easy to follow. Wish she wrote more...
happy light happy light
This is the kind of thriller that many of us used to bury our faces in for a weekend when the cold war was in full swing, frosty and icy. Remember those wonderful cold war writers. Remember how their spies used to zip from merry old England to the Continent and back, oftentimes with a trip to D.C. or some third world hell hole. Remember how the bodies used to pile up as our heroes fought for truth, justice and democracy against the evil reds. Well, Gayle Lynds' MOSAIC is a thriller written in that vein. For a diehard weekend reader it's almost like the cold war is back. From start to finish, as you rush from London to Washington, to New York, to Paris with our heroine, a blind concert pianist on the run from numerous ex-CIA assassins as she desperately tries to find out who murdered her mother and why.

Her mother's brothers, a presidential candidate, a successful banker and a wealthy software developer have declared their father, a thief of NAZI treasures, incompetent so that they could use and abuse his money. The blind niece knows too much, so she has to go and that is why those assassins on her trail in this book that runneth over with action and intrigue. A stellar performance by Gayle Lynds.
Heri Heri
A mosaic is a picture created from tiny pieces, and it isn't until all of the pieces are put together, that the picture is revealed. That is what Gayle Lynds did when writing Mosaic. The reader is given small pieces of the puzzle until we finally are able to see the whole picture.

Mosaic tells about Creighton Redmond, a presidential candidate who will stop at nothing to gain the White House. Julia Austrian, a blind concert pianist, and niece to Creighton, who regains her sight just in time to see her Mother murdered. The connection between Julia's mother and Sam Keeline, a CIA agent, is a package both receive, and neither is given the chance to read. The sender, is none other than Lyle Redmond, Creighton's Father, who has been declared insane and installed into a guarded nursing home to prevent his escape. At the heart of the mystery is the fabled Amber Room.

The book was a fast-paces read with all too believable characters..