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eBook Leonardo da Vinci, The Treasures of ePub

eBook Leonardo da Vinci, The Treasures of ePub

by Matthew Landrus

  • ISBN: 0061136840
  • Category: History and Criticism
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Matthew Landrus
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harper; 1st edition (June 7, 2006)
  • Pages: 180
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  • Rating: 4.5
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Leonardo da Vinci was a brilliant artist, scientist, engineer, mathematician .

Matthew Landrus is a specialist on the pre- and early modern visual culture .

Leonardo da Vinci is often considered the master.

Leonardo da Vinci is often considered the master of the Renaissance and hailed as a genius ahead of his time

Leonardo da Vinci is often considered the master of the Renaissance and hailed as a genius ahead of his time.

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Home Matthew Landrus The Treasures of Leonardo da Vinci: The . About the Author: Matthew Landrus is a specialist on the pre- and early modern visual culture of science, technology, and philosophy in Europe

Leonardo da Vinci is often considered the master of the Renaissance and hailed as a genius ahead of his time. Most famous for such works as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci was more than a painter of extraordinary skill. In fact, he frequently regarded himself principally as a civil and military engineer.

The Treasures of Leonardo da Vinci tells the story of this artist/engineer's life and times, and looks at the major themes that dominated Leonardo's work. Beautifully illustrated, the book also contains 30 items of rare memorabilia, including:

the record of Leonardo's birth made by his grandfather in 1452

Leonardo's copy of his letter to Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan from 1483

the passport given to Leonardo by Cesare Borgia

Leonardo's map of Imola

an extract from Leonardo's notes on machines that polish mirrors

pages from Antonio de Beatis's diary mentioning the Mona Lisa

The Treasures of Leonardo da Vinci is a unique guide to this most gifted of men.


Saberblade Saberblade
I LOVE the pull-outs of this book. Little miniatures of his notebooks, maps, drawings. There are many daVinci books, but this one is unique. Hours of engrossing reading.
Yojin Yojin
I had to get this for a college art history course and with all the neat little interactive parts, it's definitely the most unique textbook I've had!
Alexandra Alexandra
This book is good for anyone that like an interactive type of book. By this I mean you actually get to see the document and letters that Leonardo wrote. You see how his backwords hand writing kept everyone else from reading his manuscripts while he was alive. Also you see some of the drawings he made and how he used both sides of the paper instead of one side like many people once thought.
Wel Wel
Amazon should have more pictures of this book, thanks to its unusual format. If you want to know more about Leonardo you've got to have a 'look' at this portfolio format, boxed, facsimile packed, well-written (IMO) book. I have a handful of titles about him, but few of them take this much of an interdisciplinary approach - so that it's as interesting to read as to look at. It seems to have the latest independent research (see info on the Annunciation, Last Supper, Vitruvian Man, Giant Crossbow) that you may not see elsewhere, and it recaps recent findings (see info on the Virgin of the Rocks, heart valve studies, and flying machine). In most places it's absolutely fresh (even the Mona Lisa info!), not a rehash of the usual Leonardo stuff. Just a couple oddities I've found: the tiny Franchino Gaffurius print on p. 19 is a negative print (not the positive that it's supposed to be), and the Last Supper perspective layout on p. 35 is only partially reproduced, missing the full diagram that might look like the author's diagram as reproduced in Martin Kemp's 'Leonardo da Vinci, The Marvellous Works of Nature and Man' (OUP 2006). Still, 'Treasures' is thorough, in-depth, very interesting, and concise, a rare treat.
Kagaramar Kagaramar
I have read a few books on Leonardo da Vinci, and this I do not feel is a particularly good one.

Leonardo da Vinci was brilliant in many fields, but his accomplishments are few. Partly, because he was lazy, to a large extent because he was a perfectionist and also because the necessary technology he required did not exist. For a scientist/engineer, not having the required technology means your ideas are futile except as oddities to later historians. The other problem is many of his ideas like a giant crossbow were useless. To say they are brilliant does not change much, a new type of horse carriage has limited interest in today's world no matter how well the designer draws it.

Having said that I would have liked a deeper discussion on what Leonardo da Vinci was famous, his painting. What influenced him? what he did and what he was trying to say in his painting.

Lastly, I did not like the notes that you needed to pull out, why not just give a proper picture. To me, it just slowed down my reading rate.
MarF MarF
After a long while, here comes a book that is actually exciting to go through page by page - and I mean that literally! Along with the highly informative text, the book offers a wonderfully collaborative balance of both scholarly and creative research - perhaps very much in the taste of Leonardo himself. This is a truly unique book for all us art lovers - who may or may not share a great fascination for the life and works of Leo. Landrus indeed offers an interesting and imaginative look into the life and passion of the great Renaissance Man!
Shalinrad Shalinrad
Is there more to say and discover about Leonardo? And forget that novel by what's-his-name, this is really informative and a lot of fun. Fun? Yes! There are all these pockets and flaps, with facsimiles of documents and letters and drawings to pull out and pore over. Landrus makes Leonardo's life and work accessible--no mean achievement. An absolute visual feast.
This is a great hands on book. Being able to take out documents and feel that you have a connection with the time, place and people. Beautifully produced, great graphics and text.

It's a pick up and read bits book. Accessible to everyone.

I was thrilled when i received it, even if your not a Di Vinci fan its a beautiful book to own.