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eBook Shadow Walker ePub

eBook Shadow Walker ePub

by Michael Walters

  • ISBN: 1847240801
  • Category: Literary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Michael Walters
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Quercus Publishing; First Paperback Printing edition (May 3, 2007)
  • Pages: 320
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  • Rating: 4.3
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It was scarcely possible to see to the far side of the road, and there were already heavy drifts against the walls of the tenement block behind them. Nergui glanced at his watch. Three fifteen d left his phone switched on during the visit to the apartment in case the Minister should call back, but so far there had been no calls. The three men bundled into the truck, and Doripalam started the engine and turned the car around. The wheels were gripping but only just. If the snow continued, they would need snow chains until the roads were cleared.

Showing 30 distinct works

Showing 30 distinct works. The Shadow Walker (Inspector Nergui by. Michael Walters.

In Ulan Baatar, a high-profile criminal prosecution collapses as police evidence is revealed to have been faked. Meanwhile, on the Mongolian steppes, the police discover the body of a woman who has been tortured before being killed.

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Senior British policeman is sent to Mongolia to solve what appears to be a series of psychopathic murders. But nothing is what it appears in this well-paced thriller and the many twists ensure that the Brit is no match for the locals. In the meantime, if you know any books with non-binary main characters you think we should include, please let us know. Success against the odds.

Shadow Walker, The Walters, Michael Random House (USA) 9780425222331 : A crime debut that evokes modern Mongolia with vividness and flair a robust and entertaining first novel. Кол-во: о цене Наличие: Отсутствует. Возможна поставка под заказ. При оформлении заказа до: 10 янв 2020 Ориентировочная дата поставки: Середина Февраля При условии наличия книги у поставщика.

The Shadow Walker - Michael Walters. THE SHADOW WALKER is the first book, which I read recently, having already read the 2nd in the series (the third is here in the queue)

The Shadow Walker - Michael Walters. THE SHADOW WALKER is the first book, which I read recently, having already read the 2nd in the series (the third is here in the queue). A first book in a series is often slighty problematic and I have to say having read the 2nd book (The Adversary) which I loved, I was willing to cut this first book a lot. more slack than perhaps others would be willing.

Michael Walters has worked in the oil industry, broadcasting, and banking. People Who Read The Shadow Walker Also Read. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Looking for More Great Reads?

Michael Walters has worked in the oil industry, broadcasting, and banking. Over the last decade, he has worked as a management consultant across the world, in environments ranging from parliaments to prisons. Looking for More Great Reads? Discover Book Picks from the CEO of Penguin Random House US. Close. Download Hi Res. Category: Mystery & Suspense.

Set in a country struggling to come to terms with the legacy of its past and the promise of its future, The Shadow Walker is a gripping thriller that introduces Inspector Nergui of the Mongolian Serious Crime squad. As winter's first snow falls on Ulan Baatar, the mutilated body of a British geologist is found in the city's most expensive hotel, apparently the fourth victim of a serial killer. With political pressure to solve the crimes mounting, Negrui, ex-head of the Serious Crime Squad, is ordered back to his former role, building an uneasy working relationship with his successor and protege, Doripalam, and with Drew McLeish, a senior British CID officer sent out to support the investigation. But the murders continue - leading the officers through the disused factories of the decaying city, out on to the steppes among nomadic herdsmen and illegal gold prospectors, and down into the barren landscapes of the Gobi. And then McLeish himself is kidnapped. With political tensions mounting and time draining away, Nergui and Doripalam piece together a case that encompasses both personal tragedy and shadowy commercial interests in Mongolia's vast mineral and energy reserves. And, finally, in a long-abandoned warehouse amongst the decaying Soviet-era factories of Ulan Baatar, Nergui comes face to face with the only figure who can bring the story to its shattering conclusion.


Prorahun Prorahun
I agree with some of the other negative comments - it's a little clunky and unconvincing. It's major strong suit is that it is set in a very interesting location and the main character has the potential to be interesting. In the end though it was somewhat unsatisfying, even within the limits of the genre, in that the actual plot is weak and the author doesn't really get a good picture of Mongolia. Not a bad first start and I did enjoy reading it (because it's the only novel set in Mongolia that I've found - excluding his other works). Hopefully the next book in the series improves.
Agrainel Agrainel
Geography interesting and insight to contemporary Mongolia society but a slow read and plot progression.
Samowar Samowar
The setting is the real reason I read this book. I was curious about a mystery set in Mongolia, a place where I have travelled and worked. The story moved slowly and lacked some of the real depth I look for in good writing, but it was entertaining anyway.
Fordg Fordg
In Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, the police are stymied as a silent serial killer stalks the streets. The unknown culprit has left behind his fourth mutilated corpse with a severed head and limbs this time in a luxurious hotel. Former Serious Crimes Chief Nergui is ordered back to lead the official investigation, but is frustrated having made no progress at all in catching the predator.

He needs specialized help as serial killers are outside his experience or any member of the department especially his younger replacement as section chief Doripalam. British CID Chief Inspector Drew McLeish is sent to assist Nergui on his quest to catch the killer before more people die, but he realizes that he knows nothing about the land or the people that he is to profile as he is five thousand miles from home. They work as a team with Nergui providing the insight to the city, the suburbs and the Gobi while Drew brings the profiling even as the body count mounts.

THE SHADOW WALKER is a strong police procedural with an exciting serial killer investigation, but it is the location that makes this tale standout. Nergui is a superb cop, but readers will appreciate even more his in-depth tour guide role as he escorts the audience and Drew around the city, the suburbs and beyond.

Harriet Klausner
Marad Marad
Although there is crime in Ulan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia, finding a corpse missing it's head and hands is far from normal. Negrui, ex-head of the Serious Crime Squad is ordered back to his former role with instructions to clear the case immediately. When the fourth victim is a British geologist, senior British CID officer Drew McLeish is sent to work with Negrui and his successor, Doripalam. The trail leads them through the capital city, to the steppes and into the Gobi desert trying to learn the connection between the killings when Drew is kidnapped.

Walker does a wonderful job of bringing the reader to present day Mongolia. His descriptions of the country, the contrasts in cultures and the winter season are so well done. It was fascinating to read a story set in a country about which I'd never given much thought. The characters of Negrui and Drew balanced well; neither was overbearing and I liked that both seemed a bit out of their depth. It was interesting to have Negrui be the lead character. The story flowed well; I certainly read it straight through, but the plot didn't completely hold together. There were incidents not really explained, the end felt very abrupt and the motive behind the crimes detracted from the suspense of the story. I found this a very credible first book, well worth reading for the setting alone, and look forward to Walker's second book.
Kit Kit
The Shadow Walker is the first novel by Britisher Michael Walters. It is an unusual piece of work in that the main character is a Mongolian detective named Nergui while the British character, Chief Inspector Drew McLeish, plays second fiddle. Also unusual is that the novel is set in Mongolia with much of the action occurring in the capital city of Ulan Bator.

This novel is well paced and manages to impart to the reader much interesting information about Mongolia today without getting dull. Both Nergui and McLeish are interesting characters and, along with the storyline, help to hold the reader's interest. However, the book's ending was abrupt and anticlimatic so much so that this novel does not merit a perfect 5 star review. Hopefully, Walters's next novel will have a more satisfying finish.
I am hcv men I am hcv men
I enjoyed this book, and was impressed with the calibre of the writing for a first novel. Recently I have read a number of books by established authors that I have found awkwardly, or just incompetently, written. Not so in this case.

Although it is basically just a (fairly involved) police procedural mystery, I thought the story-line and main characters were interesting, and there was also a good deal of information about socio-political and economic aspects of modern Mongolia which I found fascinating.

Overall, a good read. Not an award-winning novel, maybe, but I enjoyed The Shadow Walker enough to finish it in just two days (while doing other things), and to now be keen to read more by Michael Walters - particularly if the same setting (Mongolia) and main characters (Nergui and Doripalam) were used. In my opinion, The Shadow Walker is a very promising start to a writing career, and I would recommend it.