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eBook In a Shallow Grave ePub

eBook In a Shallow Grave ePub

by James Purdy

  • ISBN: 0491020538
  • Category: Literary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: James Purdy
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: W. H. Allen; 1st edition (1978)
  • Pages: 140
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  • Rating: 4.9
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James Purdy In a Shallow Grave First published in the USA in 1975. Читать онлайн In a Shallow Grave.

James Purdy In a Shallow Grave First published in the USA in 1975. 54ISBN 0 85449 093 0Printed and bound in the European Communityby Nørhaven A/S, Viborg, Denmark For John Uker, Robert Helps, and George Andrew McKay. First published in the USA in 1975.

In a Shallow Grave book.

Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 19 years ago. Darkly beautiful, inventive, compelling, deeply moving and mesmerizing on so many levels

A marvelous tour de force that engages as it entertains. Published by Thriftbooks. Darkly beautiful, inventive, compelling, deeply moving and mesmerizing on so many levels. James is more than an artist of the word, he is an emancipator of the human heart. I honestly have not been so moved by a book for a very long time. I'm still thinking about "shallow grave" weeks after reading it. One of the best books I've ever read.

James Purdy is one of the best writers in America today, an artist as well as a superb craftsman. With his command of classical American colloquial speech and his almost scientific grasp of the horrors that lurk just beneath the surface of civilized behavior, Purdy is a master of a form of fiction that demands total suspension of disbelief and participation in the ritual bloodletting of society as a whole.

In other words, a very impressive book’ – Publishers Weekly. Mr Purdy writes like an angel, with accuracy, wit and freshness, but a fallen angel, versed in the sinful ways of men’ – The Times.

Publisher: GMP Publishers Ltd, London, 1975. The explosion which destroyed his company has skinned him alive. In other words, a very impressive book’ – Publishers Weekly.

Ex Library Book with usual stamps and stickers. Title: In a Shallow Grave. Title : In a Shallow Grave. Product Category : Books. List Price (MSRP) : . 5. Read full description. See details and exclusions. See all 3 pre-owned listings.

No James Purdy novel has dazzled contemporary writers more than this haunting tale of unrequited love in an indifferent world. A seedy depression-era boarding house in Chicago plays host to "a game of emotional chairs" (The Guardian) in a novel initially condemned for its frank depiction of abortion, homosexuality, and life on the margins of American society.

First published in the USA in 1975. PO Box 247, London N15 6RW, England. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data.

The book, said Purdy, was about how we rip out the beautiful things in us so we’ll be acceptable to society. The burial ceremony will take place at 2pm on Wednesday 13 March. Narrow Rooms and In A Shallow Grave have just been republished by Valancourt Books. Dismissed by the New York Times as a homosexual novel, the book was also denounced by the writer Nelson Algren as a fifth-rate avant-garde soap opera prayer and faggotry. He said being published was like throwing a party and having all these wicked people come and vomit all over the house. Peter Owen Books plans to publish four of Purdy’s later works in November.

A marvelous tour de force [about war and reconciliation] that engages as it entertains . . . very impressive.-Publishers Weekly


Voodoogore Voodoogore
Purdy, James. In a Shallow Grave

Little more than a novella, this story of a battle-scarred hero has all the intimacy of a memoir. Garnet Montrose used to be a great dancer before he was drafted, blown up in the war and had his body shattered; now he is mulberry-coloured, ‘marked with the coating of death’ and people are afraid to look him in the eye. The army doctor tells him he can either stay at the Vets hospital or find a hired man to care for him. The war, however, is barely mentioned - in passing we hear of the Widow Rance’s two husbands victims of the war - but this story is of Garnet’s strangely intimate relationship with two male companions, Daventry, a runaway murderer from Utah and a displaced fellow Virginian, a black man named Quince. While Garnet daily writes love notes (unanswered) to the Widow to be delivered by Daventry, Quince reads, usually aloud, from a Book of Prophesies or a seed catalogue.

Daventry’s repeated absence, however, arouses Garnet’s suspicion that he may be dallying unduly with the Widow. This proves to be the case, for indeed intimacy of a kind has taken place, but not to Daventry’s satisfaction, although they are later married with Garnet’s blessing. But jealousy passes when Garnet receives Daventry’s assurance that ‘I will never leave you even though the firmament part.’ This is prophetic, for even though the hurricane results in the death of the murderer, the men are as Daventry says ‘one soul in two tormented halves.’ In a somewhat fanciful climax Widow Rance returns for a last dance with the war hero in the ruin of his childhood dancehall: ‘I smelled her favourite heliotrope perfume and there was never any skin like hers … Daventry’s skin might have looked fresher, but it was not soft as falling snow.’

This is poetic rather than realist fiction. The motivation is sudden and unpredictable. Garnet tells us or himself, ‘I had loved Georgina [the Widow] and now I was in love with this son of a sheepshearer from Utah who had been killed in the hurricane.’ The reader is left like the army doctor: ‘He would always let me say anything, I guess, but he never said much back.’
Stan Stan
James Purdy is the best kept secret of American literature. Most people I know have never even heard of him. After reading two of his works I have come to the understanding that he is very special and unique. There is something vaguely Russian about him, I mean in the depth of his work that reminds me of Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy. To me, much as the Beatles cranked out classic song after song lasting rougly 2 minutes, so Purdy puts out short books that nevertheless contain all the power of a 600 page epic poem.
IN A SHALLOW GRAVE is the story of Garnet Montrose, a WWII vet who was horribly disfigured in an explosion while serving as a soldier. Most of his friends were killed so he suffers the usual guilt complex over why he survived and others did not. His ugliness alienates him to such an extent that he is hardly able to find a nurse to help him with his medical concerns at his home. It's a pretty horrible comment on society that noone wants to look him in the face. Even those that act like they can handle it seem to lose their nerve and run away. It really reminded me a lot of Frankenstein of all things. Here again is the plot of the deformed man with a heart of gold searching for a friend to open his heart to.
At this point we are introduced to Quintus Pearch, a young black boy whose mother is dying but still feels some bond with Garnet. You almost feel as though it's some weird form of vestigial slavery that calls to him and makes him stay with Garnet.
The primary duty of all his hired boys is to deliver letters from Garnet to Widow Rance, a childhood sweetheart. He writes her letter after letter filled with love but never has the nerve to call on her in person. He feels too ashamed of his looks.
Enter the character of Daventry, a fugitive from the law seeking a place to rest. He is hired and the rest of the book is mostly about the relationship between the three men. We come to find there are all kinds of love, both carnal and godly. That's what I found so amazing about the book. There is a lot of spirituality lurking under the surface of it.
Purdy writes his books in such a way that it seems like a story told you in your dreams. At times this novel seems surreal, at others transcendant, and sometimes realistic. Purdy's grasp of dialogue is one of the best I have ever read. Read a book by Purdy. You won't regret it.
Yggfyn Yggfyn
A strange novel with a special atmosphere : a young man comes back from the Pacific War, huggly face-wounded, and tries to survive lonely in his familial farm on the East Cost, nearby the ocean and its murmur, with his ancient love for a young widow. The most interesting is his ambiguous relations to the boys who enter to his service for little farm works.
Kagrel Kagrel
Darkly beautiful, inventive, compelling, deeply moving and mesmerizing on so many levels. James is more than an artist of the word, he is an emancipator of the human heart. I honestly have not been so moved by a book for a very long time. I'm still thinking about "shallow grave" weeks after reading it.