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eBook Emplumada (Pitt poetry series) ePub

eBook Emplumada (Pitt poetry series) ePub

by Lorna Dee Cervantes

  • ISBN: 0822934361
  • Category: Poetry
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Lorna Dee Cervantes
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press (1981)
  • Pages: 68
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  • Rating: 4.6
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All rights are controlled by the University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. Used by permission of the University of Pittsburgh Press. Source: Emplumada (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1982). More About this Poem. More Poems by Lorna Dee Cervantes. One of the major voices in Chicana literature, poet Lorna Dee Cervantes’s writing evokes and explores cultural difference-between Mexican, Anglo, Native American, and African American lives-as well as the divides of gender and economics.

Series: Pitt Poetry Series. Emplumadais Lorna Dee Cervantes's first book, a collection of poems remarkable for their surface clarity, precision of image, and emotional urgency. Published by: University of Pittsburgh Press. Rooted in her Chicana heritage, these poems illuminate the American experience of the last quarter century and, at a time when much of what is merely fashionable in American poetry is recondite and exclusive, Cervantes has the ability to speak to and for a large audience. eISBN: 978-0-8229-7986-9.

by Lorna Dee Cervantes. series Pitt Poetry Series. Emplumada is Lorna Dee Cervantes’s first book, a collection of poems remarkable for their surface clarity, precision of image, and emotional urgency.

Lorna Dee Cervantes wrote this poem in the late 1970s when still a teenager but it wasn't published until 1981 in a groundbreaking book Emplumada. Emplumada means to be feathered, whilst pluma can mean feather or pen. This book was one of the first written by a chicana (woman or girl of Mexican origin) to influence the literary world in the USA. The ideas of flight and renewal through writing come together in this unusual title

item 4 Emplumada (Pitt Poetry Series) -Emplumada (Pitt Poetry Series). Paperback Books Dee Henderson.

item 4 Emplumada (Pitt Poetry Series) -Emplumada (Pitt Poetry Series). Lorna Dee Cervantes is the author of From the Cables of Genocide: Poems on Loveand Hunger and Emplumada, which won an American Book Award.

Day 10: "Emplumada," by Lorna Dee Cervantes. In California in the summer,/ mockingbirds sing all night. 2 ответов 1 ретвит 7 отметок Нравится. all of the Mexicans sneak into heaven. Haymarket Books и josé olivarez. 1 ответ 2 ретвитов 12 отметок Нравится.

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No book before Lorna Dee Cervantes’ Emplumada has so completely and sharply drawn the East Bay and San Jose, California experience with full justice.

No book before Lorna Dee Cervantes’ Emplumada has so completely and sharply drawn the East Bay and San Jose, California experience with full justice. No book has so successfully made the Californian urban and rural worlds of unfinished freeways and ‘spinached specked shoes’ of cannery workers come alive. The importance of the poems collected in Emplumada is their presentation of the emerging identity of a particular Chicana. Real feelings –– not merely manufactured effects –– mark the first book of the promising young Chicana poet Lorna Dee Cervantes.

Emplumada" is Lorna Dee Cervantes s first book, a collection of poems remarkable for their surface clarity, precision of image, and emotional urgency. where the fire comes from. Published by Thriftbooks.


Shezokha Shezokha
This is one of the most amazing collection's of poetry that have been written that deal with the Mexican-American experience and coming of age stories that also universal. If you are a lover of powerful and smart poetry, I recommend that you read this book back to back! Sonia V. González
Gtonydne Gtonydne
Great book that came in good condition!!
I am hcv men I am hcv men
I am not a fan of poetry, at all. I just had to read this for class.
Grillador Grillador
Nothing special - needed it for class.

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Ishnsius Ishnsius
A few years after the time I talk about here, I met Lorna, she was a high school student, realizing that she was more than "gifted" student, realizing she was connected to the fires and fiths of her people. I can remember LDC telling me how she strained to hear Corky Gonzales on the radio from Denver, and remebers names like Jorge Angel Guiterrez before they got bought out. That flame still burns in her poetry even if she is a big time poet and a department head at a gavacho university. Read these poems, read them outloud, listen and u will hear yourself
I can remember in 1970 flying from Cairo Illinois where white cops and racist Klansman had intimidated and shot and murdered and embattled Black workers and farmers into a state of terror to Crystal City Texas, where La Raza Unida, a Chicano political party based on working class and farming Chicanos, and white and black workers drawn to the same needs ran Zavalla County.
The Chicano militancy of the 60s and the 1970s road on the backs of the Black and Puerto Rican struggles, rode on the backs on the open ears it had for Che and Fidel, for what was happening then in Chile, and from the fights in Mexico. It exploded across Texas, across California, across New Mexico, and Colorado, even in places like Minneapolis and Chicago, long before the millions of Mexicans who have come since then arrived.
This volcano erupted then, not as some freak occurrence, but because a people oppressed, denied their nationality will rise and fight until they gain their justice.
. Yet, the volcano of another Chicano revolt is simmering. Like all volcanoes, like the volcanoes under Blacks, and Puerto Ricans, under workers in and out of unions, under women, the longer the volcano does not explode, the bigger the explosion, the more it can blow the top off the mountain and let the lava flow, hot and burning, sweeping away the oppression of capitalism, remaking the world, making us free. Que Viva La Raza
Delan Delan
Cervantes's collection is spectacular and has risen above all Chicano poetry collectionsl. Along with Gary Soto's "Elements of San Joaquin," Cervantes gives of some of the best poetry Chicano Literature has to offer.
Mr_Mix Mr_Mix
Emplumada is amongst the greatest pieces that i have endulged in. the piece is taintinizing with it's emotionally deep twists and extreme display of emotions. the uniquely devised reflections devour my every thought and spand of atttention....
Beautiful poetry, please give this book a chance and take your time when reading this.