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eBook Works and Days and Theogony (Hackett Classics) ePub

eBook Works and Days and Theogony (Hackett Classics) ePub

by Robert Lamberton,Hesiod

  • ISBN: 0872201805
  • Category: Poetry
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Robert Lamberton,Hesiod
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.; First Edition Thus edition (October 1, 1993)
  • Pages: 160
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Works and Days and Theogo. has been added to your Cart. This is by far the best rendering of Hesiod's poems in print. The translation is fully accurate but so readable one doesn't want to stop; it exactly captures Hesiod's rustic wisdom, his humour and his cautious pessimism.

Works and Days and Theogo. Clear brief notes and a glossary make this a must for introductory courses: students will love it. - -Richard Janko, University College, London.

Hesiod and Theognis (Penguin Classics): Theogony, Works and Days, and Elegies. The Works and Days; Theogony; The Shield of Herakles (Ann Arbor Paperbacks). This is in part due to Professor West's excellent translations and partly due to his real and profound interest in his subject, which is further reflectd by a most informative and useful introduction.

The Works and Days (Ancient Greek: Ἔργα καὶ Ἡμέραι, Erga kai Hēmerai) is a didactic poem of some 800 lines written by the ancient Greek poet Hesiod around 700 BC. At its center, the Works and Days is a farmer's almanac in which Hesiod instructs his brother Perses in the agricultural arts.

Items related to Works and Days and Theogony (Hackett Classics). Book Description Hackett Publishing Co, Inc, United States, 1993. Hesiod Works and Days and Theogony (Hackett Classics). ISBN 13: 9780872201798. Works and Days and Theogony (Hackett Classics). Robert Lamberton's Introduction is an excellent, concise exposition of current scholarly debate: his notes are informative and helpful.

HESIOD Works and Days and Theogony Translated by Stanley Lombardo Introduction and Notes by Robert . Hesiod: fl. ca. 800 .

HESIOD Works and Days and Theogony Translated by Stanley Lombardo Introduction and Notes by Robert Lamberton Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. ge. Box 44937 Indianapolis, Indiana 46244-0937 Library of Congress.

Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Robert Lamberton's books. Robert Lamberton’s Followers (1). Robert Lamberton. Robert Lamberton’s books. Homer the Theologian: Neoplatonist Allegorical Reading and the Growth of the Epic Tradition.

Indianapolis, Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Company, In. 1993. 1. 5 Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy. Classics in Arts and Humanities. Similar books and articles. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy. categorize this paper).

Introduction by ROBERT LAMBERTON. Works and Days and. Theogony HESIOD

Introduction by ROBERT LAMBERTON. Theogony HESIOD. Think of Priam in Book 3 of the Iliad, having the Greek warriors on the plain identified for him, warriors whom he has been watching out there for nine years, according to Homers fiction; clearly it is the audience of the Iliad that needs this information, not the king of Troy. No, this communication between Hesiod and Perses is clearly meant for a third party, an audience, and everything it contains is shaped and articulated by the needs of that indirect communication

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"Robert Lamberton's Introduction is an excellent, concise exposition of current scholarly debate: his notes are informative and helpful. . . . Those who want a translation that captures something of the spirit of an ancient Greek poetic voice and its cultural milieu and transmits it in an appealing, lively, and accessible style will now turn to Lombardo." --M. A. Katz, Wesleyan University, in CHOICE


Ranterl Ranterl
There is something about Stanley Lombardo's translation of "Works and Days" that makes me - no expert in this field - think of Bob Dylan or even Gordon Lightfoot - singers from the 60s and 70s who "sang story" in words that had to be heard over and over again, and never mind the CD liner notes. "Works And Days" comes across as run-together songs of wisdom rooted in very specific, localized moments of place, time and actions. I began reading it silently - a very modern habit, after all - and after a page or two found myself reading aloud because Lombardo has given, or caught, a definite, distinctive and specific voice here. Yes, rustic and vulgar, but there are notes of pithy sharpness, and little riffs of humor, and always just enough "what IS he talking about??" to leave you with a sense of mysteries and insights beyond the surface practical knowledge of seasonal planting, tending, harvesting and harrowing

"Theogony" comes in a differently distinctive voice, a really energetic narrative-poetic voice that can be both intimate and resonant at the same time. For those of us who have half or completely forgotten our Greek gods, goddesses, heroes and muses, here it all is, this is where they were all organized into generations and Ages of This and That... There is something close to soft affection in places (the Storm King's daughters, e.g. at line 50ff), while the recitative concerning the battle of the Titans - especially the fiery, thunderous descent of Zeus - needs Beethoven's Fifth crashing behind the scenes.

A wonderful piece of work; I want the audio format for grandchild and god-children. Great stuff. Buy it.
Early Waffle Early Waffle
It translates Hesiod. The oldest Greek poet. It is unclear who lived longer ago, he or Homer. I have to say that the poetry is well translated. It is understandable to an English speaking person. Of course, the job of translating is a matter of six of one and half a dozen of the other. However, I think the translator made good choices. For the purposes of my research, I had no problem finding the context of well-known passages, like Hesiod's Ages of Man, or seeing the Hittite tale of Kumarbi in Hesiod's dissertation on the early gods. Thus, if you intend to research the early Greek religion or early Greek ways, I would buy this book.
Brightfury Brightfury
Everything you've ever heard about Greek mythology starts with this guy. He might have even been before Homer, or they might have been contemporaries. More importantly, the root of all Western thought, philosophy is here too. When Hesiod wrote the Old Testament was still written. The introduction and commentary are great as well. You have no idea how many of our wise sayings came from these books. Why read hand - me - down ideas on Philosophy when the originals are still with us and so interesting and easy to read. Way more sex and violence than anything in the movies. Also goes a long way in explaining how the younger generation always has to move the last generation away if they ever hope to run things. Also makes me really glad to be a Christian. People today talk about how the God of the Bible was so cruel...the Titans and Olympians have all that and the worst qualities
of people as well.
INvait INvait
This is a lovely and very readable translation. I haven't read Hesiod in many years, but Dr. Lombardo's translation truly brings the poetry to life. His verse is lively and flowing and captures the humor and poignancy of those ancient tales. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about reading Homer for the first time, as these stories from Hesiod, especially from Dr. Lombardo's skillful hand, will enliven your Homeric adventure. Robert Lamberton's able introduction able introduction guides and prepares the reader for the rich feast that follows. This is a short, light and pleasant read. Don't miss it.
Geny Geny
Works and Days reads like Mark Twain's non-fiction: just hilarious!
Kulabandis Kulabandis
quick delivery, and its what i asked for. good price
Love Me Love Me
When reading Hesiod it is real cool to see how religion has borrowed from each other for thousands of years. From creation to flood narratives we get a new perspective in the old Greek.
Needed for class. Good buy.