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eBook Murder on Route 66 ePub

eBook Murder on Route 66 ePub

by Carolyn Wheat

  • ISBN: 0425170640
  • Category: Short Stories and Anthologies
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Carolyn Wheat
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Berkley; 1st edition (July 1, 1999)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Murder on Route 66 book.

The Route 66 Motel on historic . Berkely Prime Crime/Penguin Putnam, 1999. Route 66 in the Californian Mojave Desert/ Source. First Life of Route 66 Was Only 60 Years. Television shows and books have discussed old Route 40, upon which both my grandfather and great grandfather worked in major roles. Later, In the late 2000s, Tom Brokaw presented a road trip across America on old Route 50. This may be the source for another anthology one day. Chicago to Santa Monica Source. I Thought There Was a Road Here, Once. Michael Allen Dymmoch – Shades of 66 - Chicago.

Title: Murder on Route 66. Publisher: Berkley. Welcome to Our AbeBooks Store for books

Title: Murder on Route 66. Publication Date: 1999. Book Condition: Used: Good. Author Carolyn Wheat has assembled a diverse team of authors and narrators covering every style and every rest stop between Chicago and . These stories run the gamut from excellent to merely good. Most are nostalgic period pieces set between the Depression and the 1970's. Welcome to Our AbeBooks Store for books. I always strive to achieve best customer satisfaction and have always described book accurately.

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com's Carolyn Wheat Author Page. 8 ). Murder on Route 66 Jul 1, 1999. Mass Market Paperback.

Therefore, as you open this book and begin to read, be prepared for the unexpected, and be ready for some of the best prose being written today

Reprinted by permission of the author. Therefore, as you open this book and begin to read, be prepared for the unexpected, and be ready for some of the best prose being written today. Not only do crime stories seem to be improving each year, but there seem to be more of them as well.

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The Route 66 Federal Highway was established in 1926 and was eventually replaced by the Interstate highway system. Most of the travel on Route 66 was East-to-West, especially during the migrations of The Great Depression – the 'Dust Bowl' Era – and of World War II and the post-war boom

Therefore, as you open this book and begin to read, be prepared for the unexpected, and be ready for some of the best prose being written today

Reprinted by permission of the author.

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The legendary Route 66 becomes the scene for an original collection of mystery tales by Carolyn Hart, J. A. Jance, Barbara D'Amato, Les Roberts, John Lutz, Judith Van Gieson, Earlene Fowler, Michael Allen Dymmoch, Eleanor Taylor Bland, and other distinguished authors. Original.


White gold White gold
As another reviewer stated, some stories are great and some are just so-so. but I love reading about "The Mother Road". Wish I could have driven it when it existed.
Naa Naa
It is a quick and fun read. I recommend it to all who like mysteries. I am hoping for similar books.
Huston Huston
A generation of Americans is just beginning to learn about "the Mother Road," U.S. Route 66, that cruised from Chicago through to Los Angeles.
The premise of this anthology is along that stretch of highway, murder and mayhem once lurked.
Sixteen writers ply their trade with varying levels of success. And though none of the stories are stinkers, three really stand out:
"Rappin' Dog" by Dick Lochte pits a precocious 14-year-old girl/would-be detective against her elders in a mystery plot right out of MTV. When one of a rapper's hangers-on tells her "I take you to be some kind of Spice Girl wannabe," Serendipity (Sarah to her friends) coolly replies "Then you'd be making a mistake." She also catches the errors the police and her detective friend makes.
"Motel 66" by Barbara D'Amato is a classic tale of domestic discord with a smoothly twisted ending that *I* didn't see coming.
Reading "Spooked" by Carolyn G. Hart is like finding a fine old pulp magazine -- Black Mask or something similar -- tucked away in your father's chest. A neat little World War II story, and Hart manages to work in a recipe for apple pie which uses honey instead of the then-rationed sugar.
All told, a nostalgic trip down memory lane on a highway that itself is fast-becoming a memory. Recommended!
Shakanos Shakanos
Kind of a nifty idea at work here, an anthology of sixteen murder stories set along America's most famous--and mythologized--road. To further the conceit, all the authors lived in towns along the road at one point in their lives, and thus presumably bring a little more of themselves to the stories. Of course most of the stories are set in the past, prior to the pervasiveness of the modern interstate system, and tend to fetishize various old cars.
As with most anthologies, the quality is fairly variable, and favorites are highly dependent on personal tastes. I found "Rappin' Dog," by Dick Lochte to be the best of the lot, featuring a smart and precocious adolescent girl detective-in-training. A close second is Barbara D'Amato's predictable, but still highly effective, "Motel 66." Les Roberts' post-WWII tale, "Willing To Work" is a deftly nasty story, although the murder's undoing is a bit too obvious to make the reversal totally satisfying. Carolyn Hart's WWII-era story about a couple of nosy kids and some black-marketeers is kind of neat in a strictly period piece way. David August's "Blind Corner" is yet another period story featuring a nosy kid who thwarts the bad guy. David August's Vietnam-era set story takes a basic noir story of adultery, murder, and double-crossing and situates it so that it fits the anthology. Doris Merideth's "Incident on 6th Street" features a cliché crotchety old woman narrator whose Depression-era story is somewhat undone by her annoying delivery.
As for the rest, Judith Van Cieson's "Dead Man's Curve" plods along rather boringly to a kind of tame payoff, while J.A. Jance, Eleanor Taylor Bland, Lillian Roberts, Michael Allen Dymmoch, Gary Phillips, Earlene Fowler, John Lutz, and editor Wheat all deliver fairly unmemorable stories. Your mileage may vary.
Dusar Dusar
1985, I remember a scene on the local TV news showing them taking down a Highway 66 sign out between El Reno and Oklahoma City. A depressing end to an era eulogized in Nat King Cole's song urging all to "get their kicks on Route 66." The good news is that through local preservation societies all along the old Route, some of the road and attractions still exist.
Here's how the editor describes this compilation: "The mystery writers who contributed to this anthology are uniquely qualified to tell these stories, living as they do in towns and cities all along the route. Each writer chose not only a locale (sometimes more than one; the road is essentially about movement, after all,) but a time period" too.
This book is a murderous anthological trip through time and geography on historic US Route 66, generally in East to West order. Some of these short stories are a good introduction to authors who I will definitely read more from and one, (Dick Lochte,) which let me know who I don't care to investigate further.
All in all, it's a fun book for murder/mystery buffs and fans of the "Mother Road."
Lost Python Lost Python
Some of the top mystery writers of our time have collaborated on a nostalgic short story trip down Route 66. The sixteen tales occur during different time periods and at varying stops along America's first Federal Highway. Readers will be taken as far back as the 1920's to the present. Of interest is the fact that all the contributors live or have lived in towns along the fabled road.
Mystery readers who enjoy short stories, anyone who turns nostalgic over Route 66, or just wants to gain a feel of the pre-superhighway America will enjoy this collection. The tales vary in location and time, but they all contain a high quality not often seen throughout an entire anthology. Surprisingly several of the characters are fully developed, leading to deep story lines, thereby, making this book well worth the ride.

Harriet Klausner
Blueshaper Blueshaper
I first "heard" these stories on a set of cassette tapes that I used to play while driving from California to Albuquerque...
LOVED them, but left them in my car and they melted and warped, so I was very happy to find the book..
Now I wish I could find the audio CD version... Anyone know of one ???
Good stories in this collection!.... and among them: "Blue Time" by Earlene Fowler, a favorite author. Her story here is darker than her books, however. Nevertheless, a good story about strong women.