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eBook A Box Of White Chocolate (Urban Soul Presents) ePub

eBook A Box Of White Chocolate (Urban Soul Presents) ePub

by Daamon Speller

  • ISBN: 1599830558
  • Category: United States
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Daamon Speller
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Urban Soul (February 1, 2008)
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  • Rating: 4.5
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A Box Of White Chocolate book. Paperback, 300 pages. Published February 1st 2008 by Urban Soul.

A Box Of White Chocolate book. A Box Of White Chocolate. A Box of White Chocolate", is the debut novel by Mr. Daamon Speller, and I purchased this novel because of the catchy title and the intriguing synopsis, unfortunately, it didn’t meet my expectations. It is just an okay read. I thought the storyline had great potential, and the main character definitely had some deep issues, but I don’t think the author pulled it together effectively.

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A Box Of White Chocolate (Urban Soul). Are you sure you want to remove A Box Of White Chocolate (Urban Soul) from your list? A Box Of White Chocolate (Urban Soul). Published February 5, 2008 by Urban Soul.

Bailey Gentry, an African-American woman who vows to only date black men, finds her life taking a strange turn when she meets the perfect man, who is white. Recently added by. Lette31, Stephanie. Wilkerson, JerseyGirl21, Teak, Mzsturock, UndaCovaBookLuva71, bebe1dance, bookjunkie.

Author : Daamon Speller. Publisher : Urban Soul. R. 43 on ( Rs. s may apply Shipping Charges) R. 62 kart (FREE Delivery).

A box of white chocolate. Deer Park, New York : Urban. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. Published by Thriftbooks To my coworker/author Daamon Speller - Good Luck To You and bring on the next one!

A box of white chocolate. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 11 years ago. The author made a gallant effort in highlighting glitches, snags and eccentricities that many single, professional women endure. To my coworker/author Daamon Speller - Good Luck To You and bring on the next one! Carrla Holmes, Washington, DC. It Rocks!

Publisher: Urban Soul (February 1, 2008). As someone who has "been there and done that" I loved learning about the cultural differences between the Jewish White and Black singles world of independent, smart, career women.

Publisher: Urban Soul (February 1, 2008).

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What would you do if you met a guy who adored you and possessed all of the qualities you've ever wanted in a man, but he didn't look like you had always dreamed? Thirty-seven-year-old family law attorney Bailey Gentry, an African American woman, found herself in such a dilemma. Exclusive and unwavering in her loyalty to black men, but still single, childless, with no prospect in sight, she begins to reassess if her longstanding "nothing but a black man will do" mantra has been a benefit or a detriment to her love life. A Box of White Chocolate is the hilarious story of one woman's tug-of-war after meeting her ideal man, a guy who is her total package, except for one factor--he is white. Filled with memorable characters and a surprising subplot, A Box of White Chocolate offers a view into the minds of black women who can't or won't exercise their options, at a time when black men are exercising theirs.


Ber Ber
I love the fact the language is from a story telling point of view. I felt as if we were in my living sipping margaritas as we talked about our past relationship. More so, I love how she was honest with herself and the author allowed for her to explore being in an interracial relationship and how she saw how it related to her life. In addition, this isn't the same meet the WM, BW have issues and they both work their differences out and live happily ever after. This take an alternate route and goes into the realties of IR dating and also shows the character growth as a women and being more open minded. This book if funny and enjoyable. I recommend everyone to read this book.A Box Of White Chocolate (Urban Soul Presents)
Tebei Tebei
A BOX OF WHITE CHOCOLATE is based on Bailey Gentry, a family law attorney faced with problems in the men department. These problems include her temporary standing with Tony, an Italian who possesses all of the qualities she desires except for one; he's not African-American.

Because of its lack of focus, I didn't particularly enjoy A BOX OF WHITE CHOCOLATE. Though I understand where the author was trying to go regarding Bailey's phobia of interracial relationships, certain things seemed to be out of place. For example, reading the title I was under the assumption this book was solely based on Bailey's interracial relationship, when indeed it's not the case. The beginning focused on several unsuccessful relationships before flashing back to how things went sour with this Tony character. Instead of sticking to interracial dating, the main focus of the story, the book was all over the place.

Additionally, the relationship between Bailey and Tony was bland, and a tad unrealistic. It didn't make sense for a woman to date a man for months, knowing she could never get past the skin color factor. Furthermore, from the lack of affection demonstrated by Bailey, I couldn't understand why Tony didn't notice something was wrong. A perfect example was Bailey insisting on double dating when they went out. In the real world, most adults prefer to spend time alone, not constantly double dating. It would have been nice to know what his family thought of him dating an African-American woman also. I would have also liked more interraction between Bailey and Tony's friends, including the roommate who was in an interracial relationship also.

In the end, I felt no connection between the characters and received absolutely no insight from A BOX OF WHITE CHOCOLATE. If you're looking for a novel with substance that deals with the serious complications interracial couples face in everyday life, then this is not for you.

Reviewed by Kanarian Kindred
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I had it for a while before I actually sat down to read it. It was at first a page turner and I did finish in a little over a day and a half, but I found myself skimming for the good parts. I got it---Bailey wanted a box of dark chocolate. Many times people don't see the forest for the trees. I didn't get her obsession especially after she found what she wanted in Tony. He was what she wanted in a lighter hue. However, there are white men who think like her and if the character was a male, would I feel this way...hummm? When looking for love, it doesn't always come in the package we request. Many people miss out on it for that very reason. Interracial relationships take a lot more work, but any relationship worth having is worth both the risk and the work.

Just a side bar...the majority of children in any country are raised by women...Are black mothers raising black boys to become the men that most black women are looking for?

I guess what really messed with my mind was who you allowed to have Tony. Nice touch , but I think you could have at least let Bailey realize her mistake and allowed them to make-up.
Samugul Samugul
From past experience, interracial novels tend to fall into two main categories (my opinion only):

1)Those that are well-written with characters who are NOT stereotypes and ;
2)Those that aren't.

'A Box of White Chocolate' easily falls into the second category--with a vengeance--and stays there. Somehow I managed to get through the middle of the book and skipped to the end (though I pretty much figured out where the author was going). I'm still amazed that a black male writer would depict a well-educated and successful black woman like Bailey Gentry as shallow and immature. Bailey ranks high on my list of maladjusted black female characters in ANY novel (and that's not a good thing). In retrospect, the author allowed his own personal prejudices to muddy up what could have been a more realistic and emotional novel. It's obvious that Mr. Speller doesn't like the idea of black women finding love with men of other races, which is fine, but he really shouldn't be writing about something he has issues with.

Another problem with the book was that it read like a bland travelogue of DC. I understand that setting is important for a novel, but not at the expense of characters or plot. Local color should be skillfully interwoven, not the entire subject.

Interestingly enough, I could deal with Bailey's insistence on finding a black partner had her character been more sympathetic and more willing to take the relationship with Tony to a logical conclusion--I don't always need an HEA for a book to be good. The more I read, the more I hoped Tony would just put his foot down and read Bailey the riot act. It didn't take me long to hope that she ended up single and bitter with a hundred cats. Then again, the way Tony's character was written--endlessly patient with Bailey's antics he seemed almost neutered, another thing that didn't surprise me. A white man willing to fight for the woman he loves? Nah, can't happen.

Bottom line, this had all the makings of a really good book and it just didn't succeed.