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eBook Silent Snow ePub

eBook Silent Snow ePub

by Steve Thayer

  • ISBN: 0451186648
  • Category: United States
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Steve Thayer
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Signet (September 1, 2000)
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  • Rating: 4.4
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Rick Beanblossom is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and the hero of THE WEATHERMAN. He is back in SILENT SNOW.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Rick has it all now. A fabulous career. all of that is about to change. At the height of a savage blizzard.

He is back in SILENT SNOW. And a newborn son. But on the March first anniversary of the Lindbergh kidnappin. ll of that is about to change. At the height of a savage blizzard, Beanblossom’s son is stolen from his nursery-a terrifying re-creation of the abduction of the Lindbergh baby. Drag & drop your files (not more than 5 at once).

STEVE THAYER is the New York Times best-selling author of Saint Mudd, Silent Snow, and The Wheat Field.

Rick Beanblossom is the Twin Cities' top investigative reporter  . STEVE THAYER is the New York Times best-selling author of Saint Mudd, Silent Snow, and The Wheat Field. He lives in Edina, Minnesota. Other books in the series. Weatherman (2 books). Books by Steve Thayer. Mor. rivia About Silent Snow.

Read Silent Snow Book Online. Silent Snow Author : Steve Thayer. Book Formatted :Paperback. Read Silent Snow Books Online Free <<.

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His books are classified as suspense genre. Moon Over Lake Elmo (2001).

1953-03-23) March 23, 1953 (age 66) S. aul, Minnesota, United States. His books are classified as suspense genre. The topics of his work include criminal investigations, conspiracies, murder, and kidnapping. Thayer's writing has been described as "gritty" and "fast-paced. Saint Mudd:A Novel of Gangsters and Saints (1988). The Weatherman (1995). The Wheat Field (2002).

Rick Beanblossom is the Twin Cities top investigative reporter. He has a devoted wife. A brand-new son. He is contented

Rick Beanblossom is the Twin Cities top investigative reporter. Rick Beanblossom is a top investigative reporter and the hero in THE WEATHERMAN. He returns in SILENT SNOW. Rick has it all now'a fabulous career'a beautiful wife'and a newborn son. But on the anniversary of the Lindbergh kidnapping all of that is about to change.

One of the characters in this novel asks who'd want to read a book about a leper?

Can also be found in eBook or trade paperback from Conquill Press. One of the characters in this novel asks who'd want to read a book about a leper? If it's this book, the answer is almost anyone. This is quite simply a wonderful novel. one that delivers on the promise Thayer displayed in previous novels such as THE.

Silent Snow Silent Snow is a highly entertaining novel, which has been set in modern times. In Silent Snow, author Steve Thayer gives the readers numerous plausible suspects and several unbelievable complications and coincidences. It involves a news reporter who is caught up at the center of kidnapping, which is much similar to the Charles Lindbergh kidnapping of 1932. In Silent Snow, we meet once again with Rick Beanblossom, a Minnesota journalist. The overall pacing of Silent Snow is quite sophisticated, and any reader who comes from Minnesota will enjoy the numerous shout-outs to St. Paul’s history and locations.

Twin Cities investigative reporter Rick Beanblossom's family becomes the target of a terrifying copycat crime on the anniversary of the 1932 Lindberg kidnapping. Reprint.


Zulurr Zulurr
This is one of those books that, pardon the cliche, I could not put down.
I have read literally hundreds of novels, and this is simply one of the best thrillers I ever read. Every page held my interest .... the twists
and turns keep coming at you, yet it's not at all confusing to read. Put this on your "must read" list.
Balladolbine Balladolbine
This book kept me never wanting to put it down
Katishi Katishi
I'd forgotten I'd read one of Thayer's books before, but I recognized his writing immediately. This was a terrific who-done-it. Unlike many mysteries I am having a more difficult time getting through lately, this book was difficult to put down (especially when I am stuck on my dissertation process!) Thayer is a good writer, and the info on the Lindbergh crime was terrific. I've read quite a bit of it, but I am determined to read more of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's writing from that time. The compassion with which this story is handled is necessary. I hate to see anyone make money off of a horrific crime, even with most of the individuals involved dead. I wish other authors of true crime would have half of the awareness to spare those family members of both the victim's family and the perpetrator of the crime, rather than focusing on their own need to make money or tell a tale.
I liked this book much more than the Weatherman. The plot is unique (someone wants to do the Lindbergh crime over again and get it right this time)...and the characters are better drawn. At some places in the book, it does get confusing because of so many people drawn into the account. I also figured out about half way through who the perpetrators probably were, but it was not a disappointment when it was confirmed, since I wanted to know the reasons why anyone would do something like that. Talk about twisted logic! Hope Thayer doesn't give the whackos out there any ideas!
Karen Sadler,
University of Pittsburgh
Faegal Faegal
After his work on the WEATHERMAN case, Twin Cities investigative reporter Rick Beanblossom feels he owns the world. This is an amazing accomplishment for Rick, who still suffers from the trauma of having napalm destroy his visage in Nam. However, now he is famous and recognized as the top journalist in the area, married to the lovely news anchor Andrea Labore, and father of a baby boy.

Rick's world becomes nightmarish when he receives a package that focuses on the Lindbergh baby kidnapping of 1932. On the sixty-seventh anniversary of that infamous abduction, someone kidnaps Rick's child. Andrea and Rick separately begin to investigate the snatching of their little boy. Rick thinks there must be a link between the Lindbergh case and his baby's abduction. If he can only figure out what the connection is, Rick might save his child from the fate that confronted the Lindbergh infant.

SILENT SNOW is an intriguing kidnapping thriller that uses characters from Steve Thayer's previous novels. From THE WEATHERMAN, Mr. Thayer returns with Rick and Andrea. From SAINT MUDD, the author brings back 1930s reporter Grover Mudd. The story line moves back and forth between the two eras. Each subplot is well designed and entertaining, but momentum seems lost when the switches between time periods occur. Fans who enjoy an exciting tale mixed with much historical detail will take pleasure from Mr. Thayer's latest tale.

Harriet Klausner 8/1/99
Direbringer Direbringer
I picked this audiobook up at the library primarily because of the narrator. I love anything read by George Guidell and this was no exception. The setting is St. Paul, MN during a raging blizzard, which, being from South Dakota, I can relate to. The Beanblossom's baby has been abducted in a copycat kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby years ago. I found the story really interesting as I had never bothered to find out much about the Lindbergh case, but will now go out and get one of the books mentioned in the story. I too, figured out who the kidnapper was, but found the story alot of fun. The accomplice was a surprise, though. This was a suspense-filled plot, with Richard Beanblossom, a reporter, racing against time to find his 14 month old son before he is killed. His wife, an anchorwoman for the news, doesn't have a big part in the story, except for a section where she risks her life on a bridge to save a baby that a crazy woman is threatening to throw off the bridge. She ends up tossing the baby to rescuers below, then falling 200 feet into the river and only sustains minor injuries. In fact, the next day she is up chasing after the kidnappers. OK, I know it's only a story. My favorite part of all was the look back at Grover Mudd and how he investigated Esther Snow. It was a good, entertaining novel, and I'm anxious to read some of Steve Thayer's other novels.
Faell Faell
I bought this book because I like stories set in snowy, wintry places and because I love plots that include real historical events, such as the Lindbergh kidnapping. I was quite swept up by the events of both 1932 and present day and found Rick B. to be an unusual and interesting kind of hero. The foray into the Grover Mudd era I also liked. But as the book went on, I became a bit confused (too confused) by the twists and turns; still, I was hoping for a terrific and believable denouement. Alas, the story finally collapsed into a fantastic and definitely not believable ending. For one thing, Esther Snow (young and old)seemed like some sort of Nazi fembot, not a real person. The fact that I liked the initial storyline so much only increased my sense of disappointment. I'm giving it three stars because I was so intrigued by the first three-fourths of the book and the information on the Lindbergh case (it prompted me to check Anne Lindbergh's book Hour of Gold Hour of Lead out of the library). Also by what seemed a good description of the St. Paul area which I don't know. And all that wonderful silent snow, of course. I liked this one better than The Weatherman, which also had, I believe, a pretty poor ending.