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eBook The Warrior ePub

eBook The Warrior ePub

by Sharon Sala

  • ISBN: 0778326330
  • Category: United States
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Sharon Sala
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: MIRA; Original edition (March 31, 2009)
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  • Rating: 4.8
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Praise for the novels of SHARON SALA Veteran author Sala crafts two exciting leads bound by their love of animals and reluctance to trust people. Publishers Weekly on The Healer.

Praise for the novels of SHARON SALA Veteran author Sala crafts two exciting leads bound by their love of animals and reluctance to trust people. Praise for the novels of. SHARON SALA. Veteran author Sala crafts two exciting leads bound by their love of animals and reluctance to trust people. Sharon Sala is not only a top romance novelist, she is an inspiration for people everywhere who wish to live their dreams. Her work has a higher purpose and she takes readers with her on an incredible journey of overcoming adversity and increased self-awareness in every book.

He saw the slump in her shoulders. When she didn’t even look his way, he knew he needed to do something to get her out of her depression. and now seemed like a good time. He was going to put a smile on Alicia’s face today or know the reason wh. licia was standing in the hallway outside what she called John’s memorial room, staring at the painting of White Fawn, when she heard footsteps behind her. She sighed. He’d caught her. Hey, bab. ome away from there. Alicia wouldn’t turn around.

com; book release Apr09 Fans of Native American lore and the paranormal will be thrilled with Sharon Sala’s new book The Warrior. This is a story of love, loss, revenge.

Sharon Sala - the complete book list. As a farmer's daughter, and then for many years a farmer's wife, Sharon Sala began writing because she hated her job, but it was the love of the craft that kept her writing. Her first attempts were stuffed under her bed to be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life with a growing family. It wasn’t until the tragic losses of two close family members that she vowed to follow through on her earlier dreams of writing.

The Warrior was the first Sharon Sala book I've read. but all in all the story is fantastic.

Listen to books in audio format. Sharon Sala is a consummate storyteller. has led them to each otherDan Amos lost his wife and son years ago, when they inadvertently got in the way of a death threat meant for him. He's never had eyes for anyone since, and he doesn't want to.

John Nightwalker is a strong, rugged Native American soldier who has seen many battles. Books related to The Warrior.

I enjoyed the book called The Warrior but always enjoy Sharon Sala books they have a very good story line which makes it very entertaining and interesting and have some romance and some suspense. You also like the charectors. I am serton that anyone will enjoyed reading the Book The Warrior. One person found this helpful. While hunting down an old enemy, he crosses paths with Alicia Ponte. Battle-scarred soldier John Nightwalker crosses paths with Alicia Ponte, who seeks to expose her father's traitorous crimes of selling weapons to the enemy in Iraq. Together, they travel through the brutal Arizona desert, but their journey is about to take an unexpected turn.

Sharon Sala writing as Dinah McCall. Rider on Fire (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 1387). Download (PDF). Читать.

John Nightwalker is a strong, rugged Native American soldier who has seen many battles. While hunting down an old enemy, he crosses paths with Alicia Ponte. On the run from her father—a powerful arms manufacturer—Alicia seeks to expose her father's traitorous crimes of selling weapons to our enemies in Iraq. But Richard Ponte will do anything to stay below the radar…even if it means killing his own daughter.Drawn to the mystery that surrounds Alicia, John feels compelled to protect her. Together they travel through the beautiful yet brutal Arizona desert to uncover deadly truths and bring her father to justice. But their journey is about to take an unexpected turn…one that goes deep into the past.


Conjuril Conjuril
Sometimes I like to re-read books I already have so I started reading but didn't remember it -wow what a fantastic story even the paranormal was probably as real as it could get. Nightwalker was so heartbroken and enraged when in 1500 his village was destroyed by Spanish invaders into what is now Georgia. His wife White Fawn was murdered along with everyone else; he fought like a madman but the intruders sailed away. Fast forward to present day Georgia and John Nightwalker (529 yrs old) has tracked the leader of that Spanish murder through time but always missed. Alicia Ponte has discovered her father is selling arms to enemies of America like al queada and Osama Bin Laden so she takes off until she can decide what to do. Now fate has her meeting John at a gas station in Georgia but her father has tracked her with GPS on her car. John gets a vibe about this girl as a link to finding the reincarnated soul who murdered his people; maybe she is the one. He helps her get away and so the story begins. Alicia wonders about this man who helped her and her wonders if he needs to kill her since this is his quest given by the Old Ones. He is tired and wants this life to be over 500 yrs is long enough and he misses White Fawn so very much. Alicia is sick at heart about her father and now he wants her dead; John realizes she is his link to the murderer so he uses her. I was so caught up with how will these two people find each other. Also how will she get her information to the right people then will she believe John is 529 yrs old. She doesn't, she thinks he certifiable and needs help; this disappoints him but he still has his quest. She does get her information to an investigative report John knows and ball starts rolling. This is such a suspenseful, complex story that it will keep you glued to the Kindle or book. Characters are believable, there are some funny light-hearted moments even if a hit man is after her. John discovers the warrior heart in Alicia and she thinks why did I fall in love with a crazy man. Read this it is worth the time. diamondgirl
Kulafyn Kulafyn
Finding out that your father is an international arms dealer for terrorists is hard, deciding to turn him in is harder, and realizing that he will kill you to keep you quiet is devestating. Alicia Ponte faces all these things and more. While on the run she literally runs into John Nightwalker a native American who is much more than she suspects.

John Nightwalker is old. He has been searching for one man or soul for all his long life and he will not be able to stop or become human again until his vow is fulfilled. When he meets Alicia he immediately thinks he has found that soul for his heart beats heavily and he senses that his enemy is near. But when he looks into her eyes he sees only an innocent soul, but he knows she is close to the enemy. After 500 years maybe she is the way to his revenge.

John's enemy has reincarnated many times but he has never been able to find him during each lifetime, but he knows that the soul returned about 60 years ago. He will stay by Alicia until he finds her father, or her father finds her.

It was an interesting story and the romance was nice. Setting the story in today's world gave it another interesting twist. Good read for the beach, or spring holidays.
Snake Rocking Snake Rocking
great book. i loved how the charecters interacted with each other. i loved the supernatural part of it to. i kind of think they got together to easy as a couple. the man and woman were just arguing alot and boom they sleep together and boom there in love. kinda to forced on that.still good story. i did not like how the female character would not believe what he told her and yet later on says he makes her think anything is believable.interesting book i must say. anyone into romance and supernatural and likes some native americans in it this is for you.
Gavirgas Gavirgas
Sharon Shala’s The Warrior has a very good story line. It was hard to put it down and not finish it in one sitting,
Ger Ger
This book is a who Dunnet with several twists. I was fascinated by the warrior running throughout the ages and the z glimpse of what it would be like to live for a really long time. Good book
Gavinranara Gavinranara
In The Warrior, Sharon Sala once more proves why she is such an enduring best-selling author. I was immediately captivated by the characters, including the despicable villain, and caught up in a tense and intriguing plot. I learned a great deal about the Native American culture and was fascinated by it. The spirituality and emotion of the story, the deep passion of the lovers, and the unique concept of reincarnation and a 500 year-old feud made this book one of those that you couldn't stop reading, yet didn't want to end. I would highly recommend The Warrior!
Perilanim Perilanim
Good plot twists The fantasy aspect ties in with the other 2 in the series Beautiful settings make you feel you are there
Hope for more in this fantasy
This story was a page turner from the beginning. Just imagine your life in the 1500's only to have everything you know and love taken from you in a matter of minutes by someone who thought they had discovered a new land looking for easy money. Fast forward to current time and you are still alive trying to fulfill a promise to those who lost their lives over someone else greed. Sharon Sala writes a very good story. I have always loved everything she has written and have in my collection all of her books. This is a keeper and I would highly recommend this book to others.