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eBook Targets ePub

by Donald E. McQuinn

  • ISBN: 0523480601
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Donald E. McQuinn
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pinnacle Books; Reprint edition (March 1, 1983)
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Donald E. McQuinn (born 1930 in Winthrop, Massachusetts) is an American best-selling author, and former .

Donald E. McQuinn graduated from high school in Texas, and attended the University of Washington on a Navy scholarship. He served 20 years in the Marines, retiring in 1971 as a major, before becoming an author.

by. McQuinn, Donald E. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Vietnam War, 1961-1975. New York : Tom Doherty Associates. Gutierres on February 10, 2012. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

Targets has the smell of cordite and fear on its pages. I read it in one sitting and lost a night’s sleep over it. The novel is that good. Walter F. Murphy, author of The Vicar of Christ From retired Marine Don McQuinn comes Targets. A Vietnam War novel unlike any other, this story will take you inside the efforts in Saigon and give you a rare glimpse at the iconic conflict.

McQuinn has conceived on such a large canvas that he probably has not painted it entirely in just three books. McQuinn developes thestory in a way that just pulls you in and is very hard to put down. I look forward to reading future works. At any rate, further work in the same mold from him will definitely find readers among aficionados of intelligent action-sf. Uploaded by Tracey Gutierres on October 21, 2014. McQuinn is an American author, and former . McQuinn grew up in Texas, and attended the University of Washington on a Navy scholarship

Donald E. McQuinn grew up in Texas, and attended the University of Washington on a Navy scholarship. He served twenty years in the Marines (retiring as a Major) before becoming an author. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three grown sons. Books by Donald E. McQuinn. Mor. rivia About Targets.

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Targets; Warrior; The Prisoner Within. A third book in the Captain Lannat series was announced by the publisher as "a work in progress", but remains unfinished or unpublished. Donald E. McQuinn (born 1930, in Winthrop, Massachusetts) is an American best-selling author, and former . He lives in the Pacific Northwest (Normandy Park, Washington) with his wife Carol; they have three grown sons.

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Passed over for promotion to lieutenant colonel, Major Charles Taylor enters a world of undercover espionage that takes him to the bars, brothels, and dives of Saigon as an operative of the Marine Corps Phoenix program


Moonshaper Moonshaper
There are very few novels that capture the pain, frustration, and nobility of the soldiers (an of course Marines) who served in Vietnam. Those frustrations were magnified for the men and women assigned to intelligence and related support of the ground troops, forced to battle the politely establishment, the press, and the VC simultaneously. This novel is one of them. An interesting examination of the psyche of a warrior despised by those he was sworn to defend.
Antuiserum Antuiserum
A very nice well written and interesting book. I enjoyed the story-line and characters although keeping up with some of the Vietnamese names was a bit difficult. I would have like an index to review the character as I read the book but overall I enjoyed reading the book. I was an I-Corps Marine and never got to see the life of Saigon, even Da Nang was restricted for us. So viewing the other side through an novel was enjoyable. I can recommend this book as a good read.
Hilarious Kangaroo Hilarious Kangaroo
Great read for Vietnam war readers. Reads and feels like a Marine that served in Vietnam. His bio does say he served 20 years as a Marine but doesnt say if he did a tour in Vietnam. The opening chapter really was accurate for arriving soliders into sagion gave the feeling that you were there. Keeping track of all the Vietnamese characters is alittle frustrating but the overall read is accurate and enjoyable
Oveley Oveley
Fast-moving story and if you "visited" Nam in the late 60s you'll relate to it even more. One long sitting because I couldn't put it down!!! And thanks to his grand daughter for telling me about the book.
Frlas Frlas
My impression is this might be a fictionalized version of the authors time in country. Definitely interesting characters especially some of the Vietnamese participants. Certainly enough action to keep me turning pages and enough intrigue to keep it interesting. I definitely liked the plot flow which moved right along. I did not find a bunch of spelling and grammar errors to pull me out of the story either.
Na Na
An honest, realistic look at the Vietnam War from the men that were committed to more than the mechanics of making war on their enemies. Closer to a psychological drama than just another war story. Intense, harsh, graphic and far closer to the truth than much has been written about that war. Great characters, complicated and impossible to pigeon hole. Very well written, and like much of life no happy endings for anyone involved.
FreandlyMan FreandlyMan
This was an excellent story. The writing was detailed and the characters were well described. A well written story with real characters.

A story not so much of combat on the front lines, but of those who were the REMF's. Some reviewers say it was boring, but not so. It gave a real look into the psychological aspect and fears of those in the rear. And I could feel the humidity.
An excellent portrait of multiple sides acting for their own best interests and not to win a war for the citizens of South Vietnam.

The descriptions of combat and supporting artillery, B-52's and Puff are good as is the description of interagency interactions and the attitude of some of the reporters who existed.