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eBook Society-Page Seduction: AND Just A Taste (Silhouette Desire) ePub

eBook Society-Page Seduction: AND Just A Taste (Silhouette Desire) ePub

by Bronwyn Jameson,Maureen Child

  • ISBN: 0373603061
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Love Story
  • Author: Bronwyn Jameson,Maureen Child
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Silhouette Books (February 17, 2006)
  • ePub book: 1303 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1441 kb
  • Other: lrf mobi lit doc
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 349


Society-Page Seduction: AND Just A Taste (Silhouette Desire). by Bronwyn Jameson and Maureen Child.

Society-Page Seduction: AND Just A Taste (Silhouette Desire). Select Format: Paperback.

Home . Maureen Child . Society-Page Seduction, Just A Taste. 2006) An omnibus of novels by Maureen Child and Bronwyn Jameson. Used availability for Maureen Child's Society-Page Seduction, Just A Taste. February 2006 : UK Paperback.

High-Society Seduction (Silhouette Desire) Mass Market Paperback – November 2. .The first book in my Roth family series, High-Society Secret Baby, had been a story brewing in me for a long time.

High-Society Seduction (Silhouette Desire) Mass Market Paperback – November 2, 2010. by. Maxine Sullivan (Author). And just when I thought they might have a chance to really fall in love, Adams revealed the truth about Jenn¡¯a brother. Talk about a shocker. I hadn¡¯t really thought about making it a series, but as I started writing the book for Silhouette Desire, I could easily see the benefit of adding a second brother to the mix, intricately weaving the lives - and loves - of Dominic and Adam Roth around their late brother, Liam.

Society-Page Seduction, Just A Taste (2006) (with Bronwyn Jameson). Maureen Child at Fantastic Fiction and Kathleen Kane at Fantastic Fiction. Her Fifth Husband?, Last Reilly Standing (2006) (with Dixie Browning). His Virgin Temptress (2006) (with Eileen Wilks). For the Twins (2006) (with Joan Elliott Pickart). Download as PDF. Printable version.

Just a Taste (Dynasties: The Ashtons, Published April 1st 2005 by Silhouette Desire.

Just a Taste (Dynasties: The Ashtons, Published October 29th 2009 by Silhouette Desire. Author(s): Bronwyn Jameson. Just a Taste (Dynasties: The Ashtons, Published April 1st 2005 by Silhouette Desire.

Thank you for choosing Silhouette Desire Double Identity is an engrossing page-turner about seduction and lie. ou . Sleeping Arrangements. Books by Amy Jo Cousins.

Thank you for choosing Silhouette Desire. This tale of forbidden attraction between two romance-wary souls will leave you breathless and wanting more from this wonderful author-who will have a brand-new miniseries of her own, PRINCES OF THE OUTBACK, out later this year.

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Just a Taste - Bronwyn Jameson. As the first strident notes of the bridal march screeched through the Vegas chapel, Spencer Ashton didn’t bother hiding his wince. He closed his eyes to shut out the faux-marble columns and the ceiling painted-poorly-as a cloud-scattered sky. Unfortunately, losing the faculty of sight only intensified his other senses. The recorded music sounded even tinnier. Oh, how he would have relished the moment when John Lattimer handed over his only child and answered the question of Who gives this woman? That was the only I do that mattered to Spencer.

Maureen Child - the complete book list. Seduction - Hollywood Style No one ever denied Devlin Hudson

Maureen Child - the complete book list. Under her own name, Maureen Child writes short contemporary novels-books she loves to write because of their fast pace and condensed story telling, she is also writing funny, contemporary paranormal romances. Over the years, she’s written under lots of different names and she prefers the term ‘pseudonym’ to ‘alias’. Seduction - Hollywood Style No one ever denied Devlin Hudson. The COO of Hudson Pictures could have any woman he wanted, but what he wanted was a woman who made no demands. He'd thought Valerie Shelton was that woman.

Maureen Child (born September 28, 1951 in Southern California, United States) is an American writer of over 50 romance novels since 1990. Society-Page Seduction, Just A Taste (2006) (with Bronwyn Jameson). She has written under the pen names Ann Carberry, Kathleen Kane, Sara Hart and Regan Hastings. 1 Stand alones novels. 2 Bachelor Battalion Series.


Juce Juce
I really loved the hero and heroine together. They had such great chemistry and it showed so well throughout the whole book. Her dad was a piece of work. I would hate him forever. I do love Simon and Megan though. They were a perfect match.
Ballardana Ballardana
Part of a really good series.
Arryar Arryar
This is the first book I have read in this series (Dynasties: The Ashtons) Megan Ashton is the daughter of ruthless millionare Spencer Ashton. She is the event planner for the family empire and meets millionare businessman Simon Pearce while planning his upcoming wedding. Simon is described as over 6 ft, with smoky gray eyes and dark hair, six pack abs and muscled long legs and too gorgeous to be true. Don't know who the cover model is but he pretty much fits the description.

Simon Pearce is marrying for convenience not love, because he is afraid that if emotions get involved in his marriage he could end up in divorce. However, his bride deserts him at the altar. Knowing this could be bad for his business, Simon asks wedding planner Megan to marry him and offers her anything she wants to do it. Megan is being pushed into an unwanted marriage by her overbearing father and sees this as the opportunity to get him off her back. She agrees to a year long marriage in which he must remain faithful. He agrees but says it must be a real marriage because he will not do without sex for a year.

These two find out once they're married that there is an underlying attraction there that is too hot to deny. When they sleep together they both realize this is different than either of them have ever experienced. They fall in love with each other and cannot deny that they were meant to be. However, neither one will admit they love the other until the other one says something. The thought of ending the marriage in one year terrifies them. When Megan's father brings a scandal down on their family, Megan decides to leave Simon to keep from harming his business in any way. Of course, Simon fights back.

This book was great and if it is an indication of what the series is like I will probably buy the rest of them.
Olma Olma
Front back cover:

Millionaire Simon Pearce's bride-to-be left him standing at the altar and wedding planner Megan Ashton was dumbfounded when she was asked to fill in. Literally. Be Simon's bride. For a year. For business reasons only. Her shock soon gave way to reason: what better way to escape her father's domination than by marrying a stranger!

By day Simon escorted Megan for the benefit of nosy society watchers, but by night she was his willing bedmate. Their lovemaking was wild and reckless, and the always-in-control Simon was soon spiraling out of his binding boxers. But when family scandals shattered their lusty illusions, Simon had to choose: marriage for a year, or marriage forever.
Netlandinhabitant Netlandinhabitant
sensational confrontations, lots of backbone - Megan defys total whack job of a father whose amoral character is unbelievable and gains a staunch supporter in her new husband, Simon. Together they grow in their relationship, in their professional careers and finally in handling the bizarrest of scandals. Some tremendous growth by Megan and sweetest testimony of love forever from Simon. Very curious about the rest of the Ashton's. No spoilers but I think the ......nope, not telling. Time to read another Ashton family!
Wel Wel
I had this year's ago in paperback and was happy to find it in digital and re-read. Enjoyed it again!