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eBook Comfort of a Man ePub

eBook Comfort of a Man ePub

by Adrianne Byrd

  • ISBN: 1583144285
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Love Story
  • Author: Adrianne Byrd
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Arabesque; Original edition (June 24, 2003)
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Adrianne Byrd, Comfort of a Man (Arabesque, 2003). Comfort of a Man is a re-release by Adrianne Byrd originally published in 2003

Adrianne Byrd, Comfort of a Man (Arabesque, 2003). I'm not a big reader of romances. Comfort of a Man is a re-release by Adrianne Byrd originally published in 2003. Brooklyn Douglas is a recently divorced mother of a teenage son, who is attempting to put her live back together when she and her girlfriends decided to take a trip to the Big Apple for some rest and relaxation. Brooklyn is taking a break from dealing with the opposite sex, much to the dislike of her friends.

com's Adrianne Byrd Author Page. Her 2003 release Comfort of a Man won Romantic Times Best Multicultural Romance. Shades of Romance's Best/Arabesque Romance Book. And lastly Comfort of a Man was a 2003 Georgia Romance Writers Maggie finalist for best Contemporary.

Adrianne Janette Byrd (born November 23, 1970) is a best-selling African-American author of more than 50 romance novels. Her most widely held book, The Beautiful ones, is in more than 400 WorldCat libraries. Byrd was born in Memphis, Tennessee into a military family. She traveled throughout Europe as a child. Byrd's older brother introduced her to romance novels when she was thirteen years of age, and she developed an interest in fiction writing.

Brooklyn stood by the window, wearing Isaiah’s torn shirt and gazing at the bright lights of Times Square. The streets were alive with people and music. What she wouldn’t give to prolong this night,. to somehow thwart the sun from ever rising and delivering her back to the hell that was her life. The sound of footsteps approaching from behind didn’t startle her, neither did the pair of arms enfolding her, but the gentle kiss against her neck won a sly smile. What are you thinking about?. Isaiah asked, nuzzling her neck again

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This is one of the best books I have read. With this book Adrianne Byrd is easily up there with Rochelle Alers and Brenda Jackson with the romance genre. I don't always love Adrianne Byrd, but this one was definitely HOT. The story involves a 40 year old divorcee with a 16 year old son and an ex-husband (who cheated with and is now dating his ex-wife's best friend) and a very handsome single professional looking for love. The story moved at such a fast pace that I read the book in a day. I like my love scenes tasteful but HOT all the same! And Adrianne did not disappoint. Byrd Adrianne. Download (epub, 244 Kb). FB2 PDF MOBI TXT RTF. Converted file can differ from the original. If possible, download the file in its original format.

Comfort of a Man (Arabesque).

Love in plain sigh. n a sequel to Unforgettable, successful businesswoman Ophelia Missler has never had time to look for Mr. Right - much less find him. Now she's engaged to wealthy businessman Jonas Hinton and is about to have the wedding of her dreams. But for some reason, she can't stop thinking about her longtime best friend, Solomon Bassett. She never suspected that Solomon has secretly adored her for years, and has been unable to tell her how he really feels. Comfort of a Man (Arabesque). Essence bestselling author. Dear Reader, I hope that you enjoy the re-release of Comfort of a Man. I fell in love with the characters and so have the fans-and voilà, the series continues to this day. In the months to come, I hope you’ll look for the rest of the re-released books in the Hinton series-The Beautiful Ones, Feel the Fire and Love Takes Time. Until then, I wish you the best of love, Adrianne Byrd.

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Measure of a man, . Being a man with great strength and endurance, Flex trekked back down the stairs, dodging falling plaster, flaming bits of wood and churning shrouds of black smoke. In no time at all, Flex made good on his promise and returned to his men and the cold December night. Somebody get me a paramedic, he shouted and set the child down on the ground first.

Comfort of a Man by Adrianne Byrd released on Jun 24, 2003 is available now for purchase.


Silverbrew Silverbrew
I recently had the desire to know the difference between a contemporary romance versus an erotic read. I learned that contemporary was a love story absent the hotness and explicitness which makes up an erotic romance. Since I am a staunch fan of the latter, I usually bypass reads of the former. I immediately placed this read in the contemporary category, upon becoming privy to the first bedroom scene. Upon my voyueristic like viewing of this first sexual encounter between our hero, Isaiah Washington, and our heroine, Brooklyn Evans, I immediately experienced the debilitating urge to yawn - WIDELY - absolutely not the type of feeling I had experienced from this author on numerous other occasions. This debilitating desire immediately placed me smack dab in the middle of a dilemma - TO CONTINUE OR NOT CONTINUE this read any further - THAT WAS THE QUESTION. This decision was in direct correlation of my preference of an erotic read versus a contemporary one.


I went against my very strong urge to explosively toss this book into iCloud oblivion and instead, to my utter horror, elected to press forward. I am so very glad I did. The reading of this very Contemporary romance has lent itself to my never again bypassing a book due to it not being laced with my love of erotica. This book has put a chink, a very noticeable chink, in my armor and has totally obliterated that heretofore seriously adhered to practice. The reason being - THIS STORY WAS SO DANG GONE GOOD AND WRITTEN SO WELL THAT THE I DIDN'T MIND THE LACKLUSTER SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS. That is the extraordinary talent that Ms. Byrd brings to the table. Add also to her numerous accolades, her editing staff is to be congratulated because I was not distracted from reading this book by nonsensical misuse and abuse of the English language, as we know it. Kudos, kudos, kudos. Once I had crossed over into the realm of contemporary lovedom, I immediately found my index finger clicking furiously through my iCloud in order to release from captivity other books I had banished there due to their categorization of "CONTEMPORARY" romance. LOL - never say never!! I'm falling in love with this contemporary thang! Who would've thunk!

Our protagonists paths were aligned perfectly, for their initial meet and greet. Both had experienced heartbreak via their significant long term partners. Hers via marriage, and said dissolution, and his via a long term affair. The cat and mouse, chase and capture situations that derive from their exhilarating physical and emotional mutual attractions will have you thoroughly entertained during this read. And believe it or not, in this storyline, it is the woman that is shying away from that dirty word, "commitment". This author knows how to keep you interested from the beginning to the end of her creative contemporary romantic romp. The addition of characters you love and those you love to hate, all add their own personal flava to a most unique and exciting tale. Adding both this author and her books to your personal libraries will put you into the category of uniqueness also. Come aboard the quality writing train of Ms. Adrianne Byrd and experience the occurrence of magnificence every time you pick up one of her creative projects.
unmasked unmasked
Enjoyable, even with being formulaic. The main characters were very likable although Brooklyn definitely challenged that decision a few times.

Get it, read it!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????
invasion invasion
This story was extremely enjoyable. Brooklyn was a wonderful character that has been hurt and was fearful of being hurt again like so many women. Isaiah has been hurt as well but his desire for Brooklyn allowed him to pursue his desire. It was a great read from beginning to end. Now the supporting characters. I loved the relationship between Yasmine and Isaiah, I hope Ms. Byrd uses that type of friendship in future stories. I absolutely could not stand Macy (enough said on that). This book is definitely in my re-read stack.

I don't want to spoil the story and my review is from my point of view. Pick it up and check it out for yourself. I always welcome feedback from my reviews. Happy reading.
Kadar Kadar
I really enjoyed reading Brooklyn and Isaiah's story. They were two people afraid to trust again. Both had been hurt by love. It was a good story even though I wanted to shake Brooklyn sometimes. I've read several book's by this author and I'll definitely buy more of her books.
Duzshura Duzshura
This was a well written story, about Brooklyn and Isaiah who met at a hotel in NY at the bar, after hours of conversation over drinks they went to the room and had sex. Months later they reconnected in Atlanta when he went to visit his sick mom and began a courtship. Brooklyn has a seventeen year old son a ex husband the ex's girl friend who was her best friend and other interesting characters that make this a very very good read
Leniga Leniga
I absolutely loved Isaiah and Brooklyn's story! Isaiah was so sweet and patient with Brooklyn! I loved how they kept running into each other in the two cities. It was definitely fate! They were made for each other!
Ericaz Ericaz
I just finished reading Comfort of a Man by Adrianne Byrd. All I can say! The story was captivating from start to finish. It just goes to show that in spite of it sounding cliche, true love can conquer all. The characters were fleshed out. This is realistic fiction at its best! I read this book in a few hours. Thank you Ms. Byrd for a great read. It was not sexually explicit. It was more implied. Sometimes things are better left to the imagination!
This book was a good read. Brooklyn's approach was very daring. I love dares! Many women can relate to this story! Ladies...don't tell your friends everything about your relationship with your man...this book is the perfect example of why not to and it also shows hope and that good things may come from a bad situation!