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eBook Meant-To-Be Marriage ePub

eBook Meant-To-Be Marriage ePub

by Rebecca Winters

  • ISBN: 0373038925
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Love Story
  • Author: Rebecca Winters
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harlequin Romance; Original edition (April 25, 2006)
  • ePub book: 1390 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1208 kb
  • Other: docx lit lrf azw
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 806


The brides of bella lucia! Meant-to-be marriage.

The brides of bella lucia! Meant-to-be marriage. Rebecca Winters, whose family of four children has now swelled to include three beautiful grandchildren, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the land of the Rocky Mountains.

Now Jarod is determined to find Sydney and persuade her that against all the odds their marriage is meant to b. .Read whenever, wherever. Your phone is always with you, so your books are too – even when you’re offline. Bookmate – an app that makes you want to read.

Meant-To-Be Marriage book.

Meant-To-Be Marriage. The Royal Marriage Arrangement by Rebecca Winters Crown Prince Lucca has married Alexandra Grigory in a sumptuous wedding. Their New-Found Family. Becoming the Prince's Wife (Princes of Europe). A forbidden lov. ith a prince! Attorney Carolena Baretti keeps her cards close to her chest. If only her convenient groom felt the same way she does! She looks every inch the part.

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A Marriage Meant To Be. In reality, years of failed in vitro fertilization treatment have left them heartbroken and distant. Marriage Encounter - (. is a religiously based weekend program designed to help married couples by reason of discovering or re discovering the need for God in their lives, to improve their marriage, grow closer to each other and improve commitment to each other. Marriage Act - may refer to a number of pieces of legislation: Contents 1 Australia 2 Canada 3 New Zealand.

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Meant-To-Be Marriage - Libro electrónico escrito por Rebecca Winters. Lee este libro en la app de Google Play Libros en tu PC o dispositivo Android o iOS. Descarga Meant-To-Be Marriage para leerlo sin conexión, destacar texto, agregar marcadores o tomar notas. When darkly sexy Jarod Kendall met beautiful Sydney Taylor he faced the hardest decision of his life-because, as a priest, any relationship was forbidden to him. Their friendship was innocent, but Jarod's love grew secretly and deeply. After a year of Jarod hiding his forbidden feelings Sydney left town, believing her love wasn't returned. Alone, Jarod found his life thrown into deep turmoil.

Rebecca Winters is the mother of four who was very excited about the new millennium because it meant another new beginning for her. Having said goodbye to the classroom where she taught French and Spanish, she is now free to spend more time with her family, to travel and to write. Having said goodbye to the classroom where she taught French and Spanish, she is now free to spend more time with her family, to travel and to write the Mills & Boon novels she loves so dearly. Rebecca Winters has been nominated for a Reader’s Choice Award for her title The Faithful Bride and was previously voted Utah Writer of the Year! You can visit her Web site at ww.

Meant-To-Be Marriage by Rebecca Winters released on Apr 25, 2006 is available now for purchase.


xander xander
This is a great love story - the hero is a priest and she is a teacher and they meet when she brings one of her students to talk to him- he falls in love with her but does nothing about it- she also falls in love with him, but she leaves town- he talks to the head of the church, tells him of his feelings and wants to leave the church. At this point he does not know she loves him, he cannot do anything about his feeling until he leaves the church.
He ends up leaving the church and goes to find her- this is where the Great love story begins.
You will love this book and not be able to put it down.
Anayaron Anayaron
Meant-To-Be Marriage by Rebecca Winters
Harlequin Romance # 3892 - May 2006

3 1/2 Stars! ~ Fifteen months ago, Sydney left Cannon because her feelings for Jarod could never be returned. She needed to move on with her life as best she could. As a priest, Jarod agonizes over the only decision he can make and that is to leave the priesthood. Once made, Jarod has trouble convincing Sydney that he's made the right choice and that he will have no regrets. Sydney's overcome with guilt, blaming herself for causing Jarod to turn his back on his calling.

Jarod is a very well developed character. You can feel the turmoil within him. He struggles with Sydney's insecurities and in my opinion, immaturity. I'm sure Ms. Winters meant to portray Sydney as a woman who grew up in a strong morally proper family, and because of this she had difficulty trusting Jarod's love for her would always come first. Unfortunately, for me Sydney often came across as too needy and immature. That's sad, because Jarod deserves much much better. Ms. Winters did a great job handling this difficult situation. She covered many different points of view on this and the conclusions were very satisfying.

I believe I picked this one from the back cover teaser. There is always something about a forbidden love that draws our interest. I know many would find this subject to be offensive, but Ms. Winters handles it tastefully with compassion and understanding. I'm glad my interest was sparked to read this heartwarming story.
Cherry The Countess Cherry The Countess
I Hated The Way Rebecca Winters Wrote This Book. The Story Did'nt Flow Well. I Felt That Jarod Was Abusive To Sydney At Times. I Felt That Someone Should Have Told Her, Don't Put Up With That Stuff. I Was Very Disappointed With This Book.
Beazerdred Beazerdred
This story got to me on several levels and it's a keeper. Ther heroine is in love with a priest. You don't read that kind of storyline every day. What's even more shocking is that the priest decides he can't be a good priest because he's in love with the heroine and so he leaves the priesthood to go after her. I marveled at the way Ms. Winters dealt with this subject. It held me captivated from the first page. I don't want to give away the whole story... but it's a must read, one I won't forget.