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eBook The Spanish Bridegroom ePub

eBook The Spanish Bridegroom ePub

by Eleanor Hibbert,Victoria Holt,Philippa Carr,Jean Plaidy

  • ISBN: 0399107614
  • Category: Historical
  • Subcategory: Love Story
  • Author: Eleanor Hibbert,Victoria Holt,Philippa Carr,Jean Plaidy
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Putnam Pub Group (June 1, 1971)
  • Pages: 338
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr, Eleanor Burford, Elbur Ford . Many Jean Plaidy books were published under different titles in the United States.

Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr, Eleanor Burford, Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow, Ellalice Tate, Anna Percival. Eleanor Hibbert writing as Victoria Holt in The House of a Thousand Lanterns, 1974. A memorial service was held for Eleanor Hibbert in March 1993 at St Peter's, Notting Hill Anglican church in Kensington Park Road, London. Eleanor Hibbert died aboard the cruise ship Sea Princess in 1993. Her trilogies were also later republished as single books, often under different titles than those shown.

The Spanish Bridegroom Hardcover – June 1, 1971. It shows incredible insight into the life of Phillip II of Spain,Queen Elizabeth's arch enemy

The Spanish Bridegroom Hardcover – June 1, 1971. by Eleanor Hibbert (Author), Victoria Holt (Author), Philippa Carr (Author), Jean Plaidy (Contributor). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. It shows incredible insight into the life of Phillip II of Spain,Queen Elizabeth's arch enemy. Even though he was an ardent champion and defender of Papal catholicism at the very height of the inquisition, Jean Plaidy has you empathizing and even rooting for him.

What was your first book by Victoria Holt (or any of Eleanor Hibbert's various pen names!)? Mine was Pride of the Peacock

You probably won't know her as Eleanor Hibbert, instead you'll know her as Philippa Carr, Victoria Holt or Jean Plaidy or one of the other pseudonyms she used, including her maiden name Eleanor Bu. .6 July 2015 ·. goodreads. What was your first book by Victoria Holt (or any of Eleanor Hibbert's various pen names!)? Mine was Pride of the Peacock. My mother has always kept a huge and growing library of books on shelves and in piles.

I plan on re-reading other Holt novels, as well as those by Phillipa Carr,(another pseudonym for the author, Eleanor Hibbert). Like Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt is a part of cherished memories of learning about love through books while I was too young to learn about it in real life. She will always hold a special place in my "library of the heart" as a result.

She was believed to be in her 80's. She died on the Sea Princess between Athens and Port Said, Egypt, while on her annual winter trip, said Julie Fallowfield, her agent in the United States. The cause of death was not disclosed. Mrs. Hibbert, a Londoner, was secretive about her life.

Jean Plaidy's novels had sold more than 14 million copies worldwide by the time of her death in 1993.

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Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. The Spanish Bridegroom. The Courts of Love - The Story of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Plaidy Jean (VIctoria Holt). 3 Mb. In einer dunklen Zeit. 305 Kb. 954 Kb. Queen of This Realm- The Story of Elizabeth I. Plaidy Jean. 586 Kb.

Find this Pin and more on Victoria Holt first books ever read by Tina Manfroni. Not the best book in the Philippa Gregory Tudor Novels. My biggest complaint is that the book skips through a big chunk of the latter part of Katherine's life. Still if you enjoyed some of the other Tudor Novels than this one is worth a read.

Upcoming Events for Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy, Philippa Carr; Eleanor Burford, Elbur Ford .

Upcoming Events for Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy, Philippa Carr; Eleanor Burford, Elbur Ford,. 6 Temmuz 2015, 17:17 ·. Herkese Açık. 1 Yorum · Haberin Tam Boyutu. Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy, Philippa Carr, Eleanor Hibbert. 24 Mayıs 2015, 12:32 ·. 25 Yorum · Haberin Tam Boyutu.

Power-hungry monarch, cold-blooded murderer, obsessive monster - who could love such a man? Set against the glittering courts of sixteenth-century Europe, the Spain of the dreaded Inquisition, and the tortured England of Bloody Mary, For a Queen's Love is the story of Philip II of Spain - and of the women who loved him as a husband and father. Philip was a dark and troubled man, who, like many royals, had been robbed of his childhood. His first marriage, a romantic union with childlike Maria Manoela, brought him tragedy and a troublesome son, Don Carlos. Then followed marriage with the jealously possessive Mary Tudor, a political union that ultimately failed to bring Philip an heir that would solidify the unified power he so deeply desired. And finally, marriage again to a young bride Philip stole from his unbalanced son, sowing the seeds of brutal murder. But history is seldom what it seems, and in the hands of beloved author Jean Plaidy, we hear another side to the story of Philip II - the most powerful of kings who was at once fanatic, murderer, husband, father, and lover.


Altad Altad
Another really good read from Jean Plaidy! I love all her historical works.
Malanim Malanim
The Spanish Bridegroom is my favorite book of all time. It shows incredible insight into the life of Phillip II of Spain,Queen Elizabeth's arch enemy. Even though he was an ardent champion and defender of Papal catholicism at the very height of the inquisition, Jean Plaidy has you empathizing and even rooting for him. Plaidy sets you down in that world and there you stay until the book regrettably comes to an end leaving you thinking about, and in my case, missing the characters for years.(I first read it in the late 1970's and I still think about it).
Honest to God... you really need to read this book.
Charles w Johnson
Rocky Basilisk Rocky Basilisk
One of a set I have wanted to read and I was able to do that through Amazon.
Jube Jube
I though that I needed a bit of a change of my usual crime reading and seeing that I was in my earlier days a great fan of Jean Plaidy I thought I will try "The Spanish Bridegroom". I read about one third of it and found it very boring. I was planning to put it down after a couple of episodes, but thought that it might get better after I a couple of more episodes . It was a waste of time. I really can't recommend it as it goes on and on and on. Very disappointed to say the least.
Umge Umge
This is the often untold story of Philip II of Spain. From all my encounters of him in fiction he is a mean, nasty little man with no emotion and evil plans. But in Plaidy's book he's not at all like that. She gives him a human face and a sometimes sad one at that. Born in a royal house where dignity came before everything else Philip had very littler choice in the manner of man he grew up to be. From the very beginning he has to be the Prince of Spain, destined to be King of Spain and ruler of many lands. But from the start he wished he could be something of a different person. More personable, loving and capable of expressing that love. However this is something he never truly learns to do and because of this is the man we know as a "mean, nasty little man." He marries and falls in love with his first wife, who then dies tragically. He is forced into the, apparently unpopular with not only England, but himself, marriage with Mary Tudor. Free of her and her tragedy he marries his son's fiancee and loves her, but she never loves him in the manner he wishes. Philip is never one free from sadness. From his wishing to know and have love, to his crazed grandmother Juana of Castile, to wanting to be everything his father wished. This is a great book by Plaidy in her Tudor series and not one to be missed
Fordredor Fordredor
This book rocked! It was my fourth book that I read by Jean Plaidy, and it was the one that made me fall in love with her books and make her my favourite author.
Philip was a small fair boy and was raised to be a serious Catholic. When he was a teenager, he married Maria Manuel from Portugal. She was very pretty with her dark hair and dark eyes. Philip was in love, but he didn't want to tell her because he had his whole life to anyways. After an encounter with his grandmother, Juana the Mad, Maria is with chid and to Spain's happiness it is a son, Don Carlos. To Philip's greif, Maria dies too. Philip got upset because he never got to tell her how much he loved her.
After years of widowhood, Philip marries for state reasons. He married Mary Tudor (read In The Shadow of The Crown by Jean Plaidy). Don Carlos was a little screwed up in the head and Philip knew that he would not be a good ruler. So, he figures if he marries Mary and gets a new heir for his empire and add gets England for his son.
He meets Mary and is not too charmed by her. She was old, but she had been a beauty in her youth. He treated her kindly and Mary was thrilled. She had been neglected and hardly loved since her mother's death and was thrilled that this handsome young man was treating her kindly. This was a man who would help her country come back to Rome (it was a Protestant country ever since the reign of her father, King Henry VIII). But Philip does treat her well and she is very happy. (If you type in Philip II into google and go to images, you will see that Philip is even handsome by today's standards.)
But after living with Mary, he is not crowned king of England. The people hate him. But Philip does like Mary's half sister, Elizabeth. He considers marrying her if Mary were to die. Philip didn't even love her as a husband should love a wife. He sort of thought of her as a painful old aunt. He leaves and promises to be back in a few months. But he doesn't come back until he needs help from England in a war against France.
Mary dies later. She was very unhappy and wanted Philip there. She really did love him. Poor Mary.
AFter that, Philip asks for Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth I (Queen of this Realm by Jean Plaidy and Gay Lord Robert by Jean Plaidy)to marry him. She dallies with the proposal. She did have many to choose from. Since he didn't get any real answer, Philip marries a French Princess, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was originally intended for Don Carlos, but Philip married her himself. But Don Carlos was already half in love with her himself. He saw her minature and was in love with the idea of marrying her. He would even stop killing animals for her. Don Carlos was furious when Philip married her. He already hated Philip enough.
Elizabeth, now Isabella, just wanted to stay in France. But it was her duty to go to Spain and be Queen. In Spain, her husband was cold to her and hardly smiled. Sometimes in private he would treat her tenderly though. Her step-son was a comfort. He spoke French to her and made her feel not so alone. After a few years of marriage to Philip, she only has princesses. Philip was sure that she would eventually give him a son.
But, Philip finds himself in love with her. He never wanted to love anyone else since his first wife. Isabella was pregnant and he was planning on telling her his feelings towards her. Unfortunately, she dies in childbirth, her daughter with her.
This book is awesome and I think that you should read it. I loved it and it is one of my favourite Jean Plaidy books. You should also read the books that I put in there too. It is interesting to see what the different people are thinking over the same situations. Also, I recommend the Isabella and Ferdinand series if you liked The Spanish Bridegroom. The first book is called Castile for Isabella, 2nd is Spain for the Sovereigns and 3rd is Daughters of Spain. They are awesome too.