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eBook Affair ePub

eBook Affair ePub

by Amanda Quick

  • ISBN: 0749939109
  • Category: Historical
  • Subcategory: Love Story
  • Author: Amanda Quick
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Little , brown (2008)
  • Pages: 416
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Bantam Books by Amanda Quick. Ask your bookseller for. the books you have missed. More Praise for Amanda Quick. One of the hottest and most prolific writers in romance today.

Bantam Books by Amanda Quick. One of the hottest and most prolific writers in romance toda. er heroines are always spunky women you’d love to know, and her heroes are dashing guys you’d love to love. Engaging and sympatheti. eroines, and fast-paced plots propelled by a series of well-calculated revelations are the hallmarks of Quick’s bestselling novels. Amanda Quick’s Regency-period romances continue to wear exceedingly well.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Charlotte Arkendale knew all there was to know about men. After all, she'd made a career out of steering marriage-minded women away from untrustworthy members of the opposite sex. Yet nothing could have prepared her for Baxter St. Ives-an arresting stranger too daring.

My feelings for Ms. Amanda Quick's Affair hovered dangerously close to dislike at certain points in the story, but somehow, something-my loyalty to the author, perhaps?-kept me from actually going to that " zone. There were so many things wrong with the story that prevented me from liking it.

She has written numerous books under the pseudonym Amanda Quick including Surrender, Scandal, Seduction, Affair, With This Ring, I Thee Wed, Garden of Lies, Burning Lamp, and Quicksilver.

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She could drop Lavoisier’s name into casual conversation. There were a number of excellent books in her study on a variety of other subjects that she presumably had read as well hought.

She could drop Lavoisier’s name into casual conversation. The evidence of an intellectual bent did not prove that she was not a blackmailer and a murderess. Any number of well-educated upper-class villains could spout scientific facts, he reminded himself. A good education did not indicate a pure heart and an honest soul.

Regency writer Amanda Quick is one of romance's greatest authors for a reason: she can manipulate even the most discerning reader.

If you start an Amanda Quick book in the late afternoon, you’ll probably spend the night with it.  . An Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club. –The Denver Post. an exceptional storyteller. Daily News of Los Angeles. Praise for Affair: Suspensefu. xciting.

Amanda Quick eBook Online Read. Author: Amanda Quick. Published Year: 2006 Romance & LoveMystery & DetectiveFantasy. Published Year: 1992 Romance & Love. Published Year: 1993 Romance & LoveMystery & Detective. Published Year: 2004 Romance & LoveMystery & Detective. Published Year: 1990 Romance & Love. Til Death Do Us Part.



Ttexav Ttexav
For murder mystery readers, this is quintessential Amanda Quick. From the beginning one is placed in the position of a fly on a wall - observing the actors and allowed glimpses of internal secrets. It begins with two Prologues- one for the heroine and one for the hero. The prologues set up both the answer to the first question of "who?" but the mental challenge of "Why?" is not answered until the last pages of the last chapter. The format of this novel is one of my favorites: the attraction of the primary characters is established early on and the two interact, along with respective supporting characters, throughout the story leading to some great dialogues and a chance for Ms Quick to demonstrate her remarkable understanding of the masculine mindset in all its complex aspects.
The work is not perfection for me, however, as it centers around a subject that is not a favorite of mine-alchemy/metaphysics and supernatural predispositions or lack thereof. But the plot line would not have worked without it and it was believeable and rudimentary enough that it didn't pose a diminishment with my enjoyment. Rather it puts the trusted friend Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes legend, into a dress.
Beydar Beydar
Well, the book is alright.
To me, I couldn't quite bond with the characters and found them a bit shallow.
Nevertheless the story is quite entertaining! Not a bad read but not a particularly good one either.
I felt that even the dialogue was a bit flat. The characters repeated themselves quite often.
And if I read one more "Bloody Hell".......
For those who care about this: There are a few sex scenes, they are descriptive but not very long.
Hucama Hucama
I love Amanda Quick historic romance novels. I love them and have read them at least three times each. She creates the most interesting female characters imaginable. I especially like the ones in which the women are independent and make their own way in life and aren't afraid to say what they think. Every heroine in her historic romance novels is interesting and fun. The male heroes are great, too. It's so much fun watching them try to fight their love for the heroine. Yet in the end, they always give in and admit their love. I love the adventure and danger and how things always work out in the end. This is one of her best. I'm going to read this again in a while since I just finished reading it. I'm reading another Amanda Quick book right now.
JoJolar JoJolar
Learned something about chemistry, both kinds. Kind 1 - scientific chemical processes. Kind 2 - physical chemistry between men and women. This story shows that women can be strong & smart. It showed that strength thru use of thought can be very interesting and necessary for all involved,like family. Living with emotion can be stimulating as well as fun.
Madi Madi
Good writing. I am more impressed by writing style than plot. Quick-Castle-Krentz has a way with words. It does not matter to me which of her books I have read before I always love the new one. I like her books so well I re-read them. I love to start at the being of a series and read to the end. Some series of her has as few as two, while others continue on and shaved not ended yet. I can only hope all her worlds continue for a long time.
Thordira Thordira
In the 90's, JAK wrote several unique and entertaining Regency mystery romances. All involved a brooding hero who was redeemed by the love an intelligent spinster-like heroine with modern sensibilities. She played with the standard historical tropes (e.g. a hero who is a fortune hunter but falls in love with his mark) and crafted a credible mystery to soften the purple prose of the romance. Then after almost a dozen books, she seemed to lose her way. The h/H didn't marry until the very end of the novel so there was very little development of the relationship beyond an admission of love. The heroines became too modern to fit properly in their historical periods. The heroes became exact replicas from book to book. The only thing that remained consistent was the telling of a decent mystery.

"Affair" is one of those novels. You'll remember the mystery long after you forget the characters. Baxter St. Ives frustrates you because he is a replica of Jared ("Ravished") and Matthias ("Mischief") but without any of the more endearing qualities. Charlotte is a mixture of Imogen ("Mischief") and Iphigenia ("Mistress"), the modern heroine who runs a business rather than marry and doesn't seem to care or realize she's risking pregnancy with her affair. Together they make for a boring couple.

Ms. Quick's later novels improved with the addition of the paranormal but they still lack that spark that made her name famous. I blame the fact that she tells only half a love story. In the earlier novels the h/H married by the middle of the novel and spent the rest of the time trying to work out their relationship for a happily ever after. Now it is just a light courtship interspersed in a larger mystery. Still that makes for a better read than other historicals that are all about seduction and no actual love or relationship.
Yozshunris Yozshunris
A good beginning , not as good as Ravished or Scandal but like the light heartedness & that the H & h are never abused even though in grave , danger & that heroine is always a virgin until she meets the H ! Love the fantasy! & that nothing really horrible happens to H or h!
I like Charlotte’s character, she cares about others close to her and has a keen mind. A strong female type.