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eBook Dangerous ePub

by Amanda Quick

  • ISBN: 156054726X
  • Category: Historical
  • Subcategory: Love Story
  • Author: Amanda Quick
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Thorndike Pr (July 1, 1993)
  • Pages: 540
  • ePub book: 1297 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1906 kb
  • Other: azw docx mbr lit
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 275


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Bantam Books by Amanda Quick.

Of course not, Jeremy said seriously. I knew she would have fits if I told her everything. What else did you tell her?

Of course not, Jeremy said seriously. What else did you tell her? Sebastian asked ominously.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers

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This was the first night she and Sebastian had gotten to sleep before dawn. The combination of the demands of their busy social life and Sebastian’s lovemaking had somehow combined to keep her awake. READ BOOK: Dangerous by Amanda Quick online free. You can read book Dangerous by Amanda Quick in our library for absolutely free.

A woman who was not exactly "traditionally beautiful" but "loved reading" and "was almost always too smart" for their own good. They had an odd sense of honor and often expected the heros to "do the right thing" or they would chastise the men for "not acting responsibly".

Amanda Quick is a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz, the author of more than fifty New York Times bestsellers. She writes historical romance novels under the Quick name, contemporary romantic suspense novels under the Krentz name, and futuristic romance novels under th. ore about Amanda Quick. Amanda Quick is a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz, the author of more than fifty New York Times bestsellers. She writes historical romance novels under the Quick name, contemporary romantic suspense novels under the Krentz name, and futuristic romance novels under the.

I love these 1-title books from Amanda Quick. I know they are not a series, but each book has some similarities, but she always keeps it fresh and very sexy!!

There are more pressing matters concerning us, are there not?" "Yes, of course. Your duel with my brother.

Amanda Quick Dangerous Chapter One It was the darkest hour of the night, nearly three o'clock in the morning, and the chilling fog clung to the city like a ghost. Prudence Merryweather reluctantly concluded that it was an uncomfortably suitable time and setting in which to pay a call on the man known as the Fallen Angel. There are more pressing matters concerning us, are there not?" "Yes, of course.

And that was why she found herself ushered into Sebastian's frobidding presence at three int the morning-and thoroughly kissed before dawn. She was a country-bred innocent-and an intriguing experience for a man who dwelt more in the shadows than in the sunshine.

Determined to stop the Earl of Angelstone from engaging her hot-headed young brother in their scheduled duel, Prudence Merryweather sneaks into the earl's home to confront him and finds herself falling in love. (Romance).


Tori Texer Tori Texer
Prudence is interested in ghosts and likes to investigate spectural phenemonan. She is calm and logical, with bad fashion sense. I liked her a lot, she was quirky in just the right amount, loyal and funny. Sebastion also likes to investigate, but his interests are society crimes. He is lonely and bored with life, has a terrible relationship with his remaining family and feels guilty for the death of his parents. I liked him a lot too, he was the right amount of brooding and distant. Prudance and Sebastion get involved while solving a mystery, and of course their attraction grows until they can't contain it and they end up married. I could read about Prudance and Sebastion running around London and the country side solving crimes for days, they were fun and engaging. Light and entertaining, with some family drama thrown in. I loved it.
Nuadabandis Nuadabandis
I have long been a fan of Jayne Krentz wiring especially under this pseudonym. The characters are quirky intelligent women of a very positive nature who attract and are attracted to strong formidable 'dangerous' attractive men.
This story is quite charming with it's heroine, Prudence and hero Angelstone, altogether find themselves with similar interests. They set out alone and then together to solve several dilemmas. There are of course problems to be resolved and then getting to know each other as husband and wife.She appeals t his better nature and in so doing he responds positively to her requests. They end up in a life and death situation which ends in their favor.
This is a well-written story with a happily ever after ending. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will too.
Gavikelv Gavikelv
One of my favorites by Amanda Quick. The fly on the wall aspect keeps the reader aware of the thoughts of the hero without betraying the final answers to the questions.
The first few pages begin with a confrontation instigated by the heroine in the home of the hero. They further confirm the basics for the relationship between the two and the obvious pitfalls and sources of misunderstands so common to all male/female relations. The roles of Sherlock Holmes and Watson are interchangeable depending on which of the partners is engaged in investigating a case - ghosts or murder. The dialogue is credible, the personalities portrayed in such a way that we all "know" someone that could have been the model for each of the personalities involved and while the conclusion of the relationship between hero and heroine is predictable, the conclusions of their investigations is another "ah-ha!" moment.
Because both characters intentionally are actively involved in investigations, and are rather fun in temperment, I would like to read more works that expand on the character of Whistlecroft and feature this couple involved in finding ghosts and solving mysteries; perhaps works titled, Dangerously, More Dangerous than the Last & and The Most Dangerous To Date LOL.
Daizil Daizil
What a fabulous story! I loved the connection between the two main characters, Prudence and Sebastian. So many novels have a superficial relationship between their characters but these two develop a wonderful bond based on shared interests and respect for each other. The story has great build up in both their relationship as well as the murder mystery they are working to solve. Everything flows so well and encompasses humor, intrigue, adventure, loss and love. I love the theme of the tormented hero who needs to learn how to love and laugh and a quirky "original" heroine who marches into his life filling the dark and cold places in his heart. Kudos to Amanda Quick for this engaging tale....I am eager to read more by her.
Fordrekelv Fordrekelv
I downloaded this book as it is one that I enjoy re-reading. I read it the other day and became more and more aggravated by the misspellings and dashes between names and words. When they changed this over to the Kindle format, they must have not bothered with checking where the words stopped. Many times the name Angelstone is written as Angel-stone. Quite a few other names and words are treated the same. Many times words are completely written wrong. One wrong letter at the beginning of a word and the whole sentence is changed or does not make any sense. Since I have read this before and have the paperback, I know it does not have these same errors. I hope that the other books as they are hurriedly put into Kindle format are not handled in the same shoddy manner. I really enjoy the Amanda Quick books and this is a great story... I just wish I could correct the spelling and grammar errors as I read so that the next time I will not feel so aggravated while reading it!
Ylal Ylal
For the past five years I have read every day to my husband and to date, I have read him one hundred and thirty books. We got almost half way through this book and closed it up and deleted it from our kindle. It just seemed not to go anywhere. We have read a lot of books by Amanda Quick and have enjoyed them very much, this was just not one of them
Precious Precious
What I've come to expect from this author a daring heroine, an eccentric hero who's all man, and a plot threaded with romance and intrigue and witty banter to top it off. I'm a big fan, and this book didn't disappoint.
Mystery, mayhem, and romance combined with humor and fascinating characters make for and engaging adventure and satisfying read. Another keeper in my collection.