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eBook Night Flower ePub

eBook Night Flower ePub

by Shirl Henke

  • ISBN: 0446346462
  • Category: Historical
  • Subcategory: Love Story
  • Author: Shirl Henke
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Grand Central Pub; 1st edition (May 1, 1990)
  • Pages: 344
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  • Fb2 book: 1334 kb
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 359


Shirl Henke is an American best-selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels. She has eclectic tastes and has written historical, contemporary, western, and regency-themed books.

Shirl Henke is an American best-selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels. She also writes mystery novels using the pen name Alexa Hunt. She was born Shirl Nehrt, fifteen years after her next oldest sibling. Her father died while she was in her teens, leaving Henke alone with her mother

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Previously published by Warner Books. Other electronic works by Shirl Henke: a fire in the blood. Billie Jo and the Valentine Crow.

1990) (The third book in the Texas Trilogy series) A novel by Shirl Henke. No man, whether eighteen or eighty, can resist the ebony-haired, gold-eyed beauty of the "Night Flower," Melanie Fleming. No man, with either Bowie knife or Colt, can best Lee Velasquez. As a youth of twenty-two, he returned to his ranch one day to find the body of his young bride, raped and killed by renegades calling themselves "rangers. Educated in Boston, she returns to her family in Texas transformed into a radical crusader for abolition, women's suffrage and temperance. Like Velasquez, she seeks to escape a troubled past filled with guilt and shame.

Flag as Inappropriate. Shirl Henke is an American best-selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels. Paradise And More (1991). Return to Paradise (1992). Night Wind's Woman (1991). White Apache's Woman (1993). Deep As the Rivers (1997).

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Sparks fly when the menacing rogue, Lee Velasquez meets abolitionist firebrand Melanie Fleming, and despite their apparent heated dislike of one another, they find themselves irresistibly attracted


Jode Jode
Leandro(Lee) Velasquez left for the wilds of New Mexico after avenging his wife's death; there he joined a group of mercenaries and earned a reputation as a pistolero during the next 5 years. When he returned to Texas he met Melanie Duval-again; their paths had crossed twice before and he had never forgotten how beautiful she was at age sixteen. Melanie is the daughter of Rafe Fleming and his octoroon mistress from years ago. She is fiercely independent and a staunch supporter for rights of slaves, to the point of being involved in some riots. When her father takes her back to Texas from Boston, she is bored and seeks out a position at the local newspaper where she gets back into trouble. Lee desires Melanie but he is engaged to a woman with a somewhat similar personality to his deceased wife, docile, a lady(or what he considers a lady should be). Melanie's personality fits none of these expectations but he can't seem to get her out of his mind which leads to volatile confrontations whenever they are near each other.
Mejora Mejora
This is a great way to end the series (although I wish it could have continued with a few others - enjoyed the family and friends within the storylines)

What strong and stubborn character. You just knew the 2 main characters were going to "butt heads".Both had dark pasts with deep hurts and only together would they find peace! but the journey to get there - wow..

Strong, liberating, frustrating, independent..... she is Rafe's daughter!

Dark, sad, stubborn, passionate, scared... Lee at his best!

Enjoy the read!
Chilele Chilele
Another great book by Shirl. Will continue searching for any new books she makes available to the Kindle. In a yr. I've read over 300 books. Most are either westerns or Indian. Some Highland. Love to read,
Weiehan Weiehan
good book
Invissibale Invissibale
Loved this third book in the series. Very enjoyable read.
Cala Cala
Loved the trilogy!!! Being from Texas, it was like I was living in that time period. I highly recommend it.
Samulkis Samulkis
Great the detailed writing.
After enjoying Moon Flower (Book 2), I immediately bought this one as it was about Melanie, Rafe's daughter with Lily. Unfortunately, this one was a huge disappointment.

Not only does the hero spend the majority of the book (as in pretty much the whole book less the last 10% or so) constantly belittling the heroine with racial slurs (because of her African and Indian blood), he then proceeds to treat her horribly by taunting her with how much she enjoys sex with him because she is obviously a whore like her mother. Then, when Melanie gets sick of his ill treatment towards her, she leaves him (and rightly so!). What does he do? He immediately takes comfort with a prostitute whom he ends up treating better than his own wife. The same prostitute that is pretty much swept under the rug and where everyone pretends it never happened, nor is it ever mentioned again. So I'm not quite sure what the whole point of that scene was??!

The HEA was totally unbelievable. Not once did I believe he really loved her. It seemed more like he felt guilty for realising what an arse he was so he figured if he spewed out some pretty little words, all would be well. Besides, it's not like he ever really wanted to be her husband anyway. His friend, Charlee, is the one who talks him into staying with her in the end and any hope for redeeming his character is lost.

The writing itself is great...but the romance is sorely lacking. So much so that I regret reading this book.