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eBook Fair Juno ePub

eBook Fair Juno ePub

  • ISBN: 1741167469
  • Category: Historical
  • Subcategory: Love Story
  • Publisher: Mira
  • ePub book: 1898 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1855 kb
  • Other: mobi azw lit lrf
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 687


Chapter One. Martin Cambden Willesden, fifth Earl of Merton, strode purposefully along the first-floor corridor of the Hermitage, his principal country residence. The scowl marring his striking features would have warned any who knew him that he was in a foul mood. A common saying among the men of the 7th Hussars had been that if any emotion showed on Major Willesden’s face the portents were bad. And, thought ex-Major Willesden savagely, I’ve every right to feel furious.

Luckily, he opened his eyes before he moved, not something he always did. What he saw stopped him from reacting on impulse to the warm softness in his arms. elf from the clasp of silken limbs and, without disturbing fair Juno, got down from the loft as fast as he was able. He greeted the horses, then went outside. The sky was clear, the air fresh and clean. The storm had drenched the countryside but the sun now shone bright. A good day for travelling.

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Fair Juno (Unabridged). Publisher Description. When the Earl of Merton suddenly finds himself playing the knight in shining armor to a damsel in distress, he knows his days as a notorious rake are numbered. PRESENTED BY. Audible.

Stephanie Laurens' heroines are marvelous tributes to Georgette Heyer: feisty and strong.

I'm used to the cold. It's far better than flying through the blizzards on a pegasus. Juno is a playable character and the oldest of the three Pegasus Knight sisters in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, although she is already a Falcon Knight. Juno is married to Zelot and has a child which neither of them have had time to meet because of their duty as mercenaries. When her parents died when she was little, she raised her little sisters Thea and Shanna as if they were her children.


It had a good plot with the mistaken identify of the two girls and exciting part when Juno was in danger but still even though I like Stephanie Laurens books I think she has far too much sex in them. A little is good but every other page gets boring. I usually skip 10 pages of description until I get to more of the story.
Malarad Malarad
I liked both the hero and heroine, but I quickly grew tired of all the internal thoughts they had of one another. If I had read, one more time, of the hero's broad shoulders and grey eyes, I think I would have gagged. I like some mystery with my romance, and this book had zero mystery. Plus, it had that most ridiculous plot device where the heroine learns something and, instead of ASKING THE HERO TO EXPLAIN, she just assumes that she understands the situation and refuse the hero's proposal. Gag. Ms. Laurens's writing style is good, her books are readable, but this plot was just flimsy. I wish Martin and his Fair Juno had a better plot in which to live.
Mr_NiCkNaMe Mr_NiCkNaMe
I am a fan Laurens,and she does some great work. Unfortunately, this isn't one of them. This is the classic story of rich, handsome, titled gentleman who wants lovely heroine, but lovely heroine is holding some "dark secret" and thinks she is unworthy. Most of the time i encounter this plot, the "dark secret" isn't that dark, and this book is no exception. The plot drags and drags, and I was reminded of the phrase "Mee lady I think protest too much". Shakespeare this isn't, but the sentiment is the same. This one should have been much shorter, or should have been skipped entirely.
This is a good Regency romance, because Stephanie Laurens' books are always good. That said, this one is a re-release of one of her early books -- and it is not as good as her later books (like anything in the Cynster series, all of which are fantastic). This book, probably because it is one of her earlier works, is quite tame, with no explicit love scenes at all and only a very light mystery element. And that is nothing like her later books.

This book is much more typical of Regency romances written some time ago -- the characters attend lots of society events, which means there is much time spent on their clothes, and the strict manners/behavior expected of them. It doesn't have any of the steamy scenes found in Laurens' later books. It also doesn't have any of the strong, independent women found in her later books, who know how to get their men to do what they want, and don't hesitate to rebel at society rules. The women in this book, while intelligent, put up a token resistance to the control of men -- but end up falling into line with what their men want.

So, while I did enjoy this book, I prefer Laurens' more recent works. This book is entertaining and well-written. If you are looking for a typical Regency romance, with no explicit love scenes -- this is a good choice.
Nuadora Nuadora
This was a good facsimile of a Georgette Heyer book for the first half (according to my kindle, it was exactly half when it took a turn for more steamy than Heyer--but it was not a sharp turn). It was a fairly quick read and enjoyable. Both hero and heroine were very likeable and even the "villain" was not particularly despicable--except for the bit about the kidnapping at the beginning which seemed out of character as the story unfolded. The steamier was more along the lines of the old time movies--kind of fade to black and left to your imagination. I liked it but if you like more thorough description, this is probably not for you. When Laurens hits the mark, she does very well and this one hit the mark for me. She neatly tied up all the loose threads very quickly at the end. While I can carry the story further myself, I rather enjoy an epilogue--which this one lacked. It was a "happily ever after" but I would have liked a little more then what.
Bajinn Bajinn
Historical romance with a sweet love story and good sex.

Stephanie Laurens’ heroines are marvelous.

She never fails to entertain and charm her readers with unforgettable characters.
Biaemi Biaemi
I had to double check that I actually purchased a Stephanie Laurens book. ...I have enjoyed many of her books in the past. All containing lots or at least a few very tasteful love scenes. And this reader enjoys them. So I was disappointed and confused when I came upon
" he showed her. **** (mid chapter break) Sometime later..." I actually turned the page back and re-read to make sure I hadn't accidentally swiped too many pages.
Yes. That us the type of vague reference to sex that this book contains.

Perhaps someone else likes this style. Myself I feel like if an author is going to change their style and write G instead of R write under a pen name.

If you are looking for a good stephanie Laurens book check out Captain Jacks Woman.
I enjoyed this book very much. I liked the main characters very much, there was chemistry between them. Martin fell in love with Helen, Helen with Martin, Martin proposed three times, and Helen refused him three times. She thought she was saving him from financial ruin. Eventually they work it out. Lovely story.