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eBook Vampire, Interrupted (Argeneau Vampires, Book 9) ePub

eBook Vampire, Interrupted (Argeneau Vampires, Book 9) ePub

by Lynsay Sands

  • ISBN: 0739492780
  • Category: Vampires
  • Subcategory: Love Story
  • Author: Lynsay Sands
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Avon; Book club edition (2008)
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  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 444


Vampire, Interrupted, . Part of Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands.

Vampire, Interrupted, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. Chapter One. Marguerite wasn't sure what woke her, a sound perhaps, or the crack of light from the bathroom being momentarily blocked, or maybe it was simply an instinct for survival that dragged her from sleep. Marguerite smiled faintly at the mention of her nephew, Vincent Argeneau and his lifemate, Jackie Morrisey, who also happened to be the owner and president of the Morrisey Detective Agency, Tiny's boss. and hers now too, she supposed. I'll nap on the window seat in my room while you take the bed," he decided. You're a hard woman, Marguerite Argeneau," Julius growled, catching up to her quickly and taking her hand in his. "Yes, I am," she agreed with a grin. And I'm looking forward to trying the moules mariniere that Tiny mentioned he had last night when he, Christian, and Marcus stopped there.

Vampire, Interrupted book. This is one of Lynsay Sands best books in the Argeneau series. We finally get to read Marguerite’s stor. er whole story that is. On her new career, training to be a PI with Tiny (contracted by Christian Notte to find his long-lost mother), she meets her lifemate Julius Notte (Christian’s father). Someone is trying to kill Marguerite, someone doesn’t want Marguerite and Tiny to succeed, and Julius won’t leave her side to be butchered, literally, by Book 9 in Ms. Sands Argeneau Vampire series.

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Free Vampire Books online read. Vampire, Interrupted (Argeneau Author: Lynsay Sands.

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Lynsay Sands was born in Canada and is an award-winning author of more than 30 books, which have made the Barnes & Noble and NEW YORK TIMES bestseller lists

Lynsay Sands was born in Canada and is an award-winning author of more than 30 books, which have made the Barnes & Noble and NEW YORK TIMES bestseller lists. She is best known for her Argeneau series, about a modern-day family of vampires. Библиографические данные.

After seven hundred years of life, Marguerite Argeneau finally has a career. Well, the start of one, anyway.


Nikok Nikok
This story is about Marguerite's missing memories & that she finds her lifemate that she didn't know was missing & a son that she also never knew she had.

This book like all the others in this series has been on my mind to read again & give a review. There were several parts that I've been remembering that happened in this book & there were several that were new to me.

I knew that she was Christian's mother & Julius (yes,that's her dog's name too) was her lifemate & I also remembered that Vita played a part but I didn't remember how everything played out.

This book has a lot of sex scenes, trying to kill Marguerite scenes, running around Europe scenes, making new friends & getting to know your new relatives.

This book was action packed & I will be continuing to re-read the rest of the series to see who else Marguerite "The Matchmaker" Argeneau-Notte has in store for all of the other immortals that she knows.
Gigafish Gigafish
*Mild Spoiler Alert*
Oh a book that focuses on Marguerite! She is one of the best parts of the series - her matchmaking skills are so cute and her quips are great. She deserved a book all about her - not just as the mom/aunt/sister/friend who knows that they'll be 'lifemates'. This one has a twist - I tried re-reading a previous book that had Vincent and Jackie Morrison and Christian Notte and Marcus Notte in it to look for 'easter eggs' to see if she dropped any clues about it. I saw a few clues but nothing to in depth. Marguerite meets her Lifemate - Julius Notte AGAIN. Interesting and well-written. Witty and great comebacks and jokes. The build up to the ending was more than satisfying. If she ended the series on this book - I would have been happy but she is continuing it.
Moralsa Moralsa
Marguerite spent so much time trying to make her children and others happy that it's about time she got some of that happiness too! I was so excited to see Christian, Marcus, Dante, and Tomasso return as well as Tiny! I can wait for the twins stories! I know they are young and should be a little older but oh well, still can't wait!

Julius is an awesome character, exactly the kind of man Marguerite needs in her life to make up for Jean Claude's abuse and neglect. This book has lots of twists and turns and reveals ALOT of the past.

Lynsay Sands has become one of my favorite authors, she occasionally makes mistakes but her books are so vivid and loving that you can't help but itch to pick up the next book.
Grillador Grillador
This was one of the best in the series so far in my humble opinion. I have enjoyed like crazy the meddling of Marguerite in her family's personal business. She is one rockin' mama, who oozes love for her family. I am so happy she has found her lifemate so she can also enjoy what all her children are enjoying. I am saddened however by the means in which she had to get there, seems so unfair for such a pleasantly likable woman. I guess we can't all have it easy, but the cruelness suffered was enough to make me want to strangle JC. I have enjoyed every book in this series thus far, but I lean toward this one being one of my favorites. If you are looking for a wonderful vampire romance, with humor and mystery this is definitely a must read! Just a fantastic world Ms. Sands has created for our entertainment needs! Brava! Look forward to continuing on with this series for as long as she writes about the Argeneau family and friends!
Fomand Fomand
I love Marguerite. She's one fantastic mother and do not mess with her or her children. My favorite book. Couldn't wait to read Marguerite's story. I'm not going to give anything away EXCEPT read these books. Go to Lynsay's website to find the order to read them in. The first Argeneau family book I read was Christian's story. Great but by now reading them in order makes sense. Will not be disappointed. Lynsay you are fabulous! Keep the Argeneau and the Notti families going strong. Just saying with a few side bars and can't forget Tiny but his story is coming up soon.
Yadon Yadon
I couldn't believe this story! I was so shocked that it happened this way. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy for Marguerite but wow to have that happen to her. Finally a secret is brought to light that shocked a lot of people. She finally deserved her happy ending. And now we have some more life mates to find!
PC-rider PC-rider
Love this series! This has been the only book so far that I found some of the story elements disappointing. One in particular is the fact that the main female character goes a period of time without contacting her family, sending them all into a panic. If you have read the other books, you would know this is something that character would NOT do, especially with a new baby about to be born to her daughter.
First off, this is like a season wrap up. It ends one mystery, introduces and explains another.

As with all the others, this is also a stand alone, but it is more helpful to read Vampires Are Forever first.
The main character here makes an appearance or at least forefront mention in all the other Argeneau series plots.

Character and plot are strong, no anomalies in any of the stories.

Minor editing faults, nothing to throw the reader off. Mostly word tense.