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eBook Common Dragonflies of California ePub

eBook Common Dragonflies of California ePub

by Ray Bruun,Kathy Biggs

  • ISBN: 0967793467
  • Category: Biological Sciences
  • Subcategory: Math Science
  • Author: Ray Bruun,Kathy Biggs
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Azalea Creek Publishing; Second edition edition (April 21, 2009)
  • Pages: 128
  • ePub book: 1983 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1335 kb
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 721


Common Dragonflies of California is great! It fills the niche in California Wildlife field-guides that was begging to be occupied! . Photographer Ray Bruun has focused his lens on dragonflies and damselflies since 2001.

Common Dragonflies of California is great! It fills the niche in California Wildlife field-guides that was begging to be occupied! The color balance is dead-on reality. With its petite dimensions and light weight, it should ride in the pocket or backpack of every naturalist, hiker and biker in the state from May through September. -Rich Stallcup, PRBO CA, author Pelagic Birds of Monterey Bay. Common Dragonflies of California is an uncommon book.

Kathy's second book, Common Dragonflies of the Southwest, A Beginner's Pocket Guide was published in 2004. This dust-jacketed book now replaced the out-of-print Common Dragonflies of California (over 11,000 copies sold). This book includes the common dragonflies of the GREATER SW, inc. CA, NV, UT, CO, AZ and NM and not only includes more dragonfly species, but also expands the area where she and Dave can & dragonflies. In 2006 Kathy developed a dust jacket for her Southwest Dragonfly Guide which includes pictures of some of the endemic and rare California dragonflies.

Kathy Biggs’s most popular book is Common Dragonflies of the . Kathy Biggs, Ray Bruun (Illustrator)

Kathy Biggs’s most popular book is Common Dragonflies of the Southwest: A Beginner's Pocket Guide. Kathy Biggs, Ray Bruun (Illustrator). Dragonflies of California and the Greater Southwest: A Beginner’s Guide (2019 eBook): : Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah by. Kathy Biggs, Rosser Garrison (Illustrator). Ray Bruun (Photographer). Pierre Deviche (Photographer).

Kathy Biggs did the dragonfly enthusiasts of California and the whole southwest a great service over a decade ago when she filled a huge void by compiling her extensive notes on dragonflies into her helpful little pocket guides. Since then, she has completely revised and updated them, and I own multiple copies and keep one permanently in my field guide bag that I always grab when I head out into the field. Now her excellent little pocket guide has reached the final stage of its life cycle by metamorphosing and emerging into the eWorld as a beautiful new creature

Common Dragonflies of California book.

Common Dragonflies of California book. While our out-of-print 1st CA guide covered 78 CA species, this revised, updated and expanded version covers 100 CA species!

Kathy Biggs has done it again. She has managed to pack an enormous amount of dragonfly information into an extremely compact format. covers an area which is heretofore comparative virgin territory.

Kathy Biggs has done it again. Up-to-date state publications in book format do not exist for 5 of the 6 states included in this book, the lone exception being California. This book is a must for any Southwest naturalist.

Common Dragonflies of California : A Beginner's Pocket Guide. Introduces California's 100 most common species with photos, flight seasons, descriptions, habitats, distribution, checklist, glossary, references, index and more. Very compact form with a tremendous amount of information.

Common Dragonflies of California is an uncommon book. Full of sound advice and chock full of excellent color photos, this book will be of great interest to any California nature lover

Common Dragonflies of California is an uncommon book. Full of sound advice and chock full of excellent color photos, this book will be of great interest to any California nature lover. I am the kind of person who loves to know the name of every tree, shrub, flower, reptile, bird and fish that I see. Now that I have this little jewel, I'm going to learn how to identify the dragonflies too. As a beginner in the study of these fascinating and beautiful creatures, I found this book clear, concise, and easy to understand and use. The text is simple and complete, and the illustrations are excellent. Anyone interested in dragonflies will find the book an absolute MUST! A valuable field guide.

Common Dragonflies of California. A Beginner's Pocket Guide. SPECIAL NOTE: This book is simply the same "Common Dragonflies of the Southwest" but wrapped in a dust jacket with a new title and artwork. These six species come from the prior work "Common Dragonflies of California". Common Dragonflies of the Southwest. 2004, 160pp, ISBN: 0967793416.

This revised, updated and expanded version of the 2000 first edition covers 100 California species of dragonflies and damselflies. 200 all NEW LARGE full-color photographs of males, smaller images of most females. Additional new black & white line drawings illustrate the dragonfly life cycle, etc. Includes descriptions of males, females, habitat, flight periods and distribution. Checklist of ALL 113 CA species included. Companion website shows more photos, descriptions, & has links to up-to-date geographic distribution maps.


Sermak Light Sermak Light
I have used the book constantly for the past six months. It's a good reference especially since Kathy Biggs lives locally (one of the photographers, Chris Healvilin, and I have met several times at the same pond), and that is the best thing about the book insofar as most of the dragonflies are "commoner" to us Northern Californians. It's odd that dragonflies and damselfies can often be found in very small locations.

For example, Dennis Paulson's "Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West" is a bit of a waste if you're never going to leave California. "The West" it turns out is 85 percent outside of California. In fact, much of the territory covered would be from Texas to the Mississippi.

I've just ordered the newer edition of Kathy's book because it's still the quickest and best reference for novices like me. I'm very much at the red, blue, black, and bronze stage of classification.

The book is 4½ x 5½ inches, a bit large for the average pocket. I'm sure this was done to allow for larger photographs which can be used for identification. However, since my pond hopping is done within walking distance of my home, and I don't have a camera bag, I don't usually use it until I come home and download my photos. However, that's not all that bad: I can't see the nuances between a Flame Skimmer and Cardinal in the field (or muck if you prefer) the way these pros can.

One last point in favor of the book is that damselflies are covered in the book even though they're not in the title. The reason has been explained to me, but reiterating would make this a much longer review when what I really want to reiterate is that this is the best novice guide to damselflies and dragonflies of California.
thrust thrust
I bought the 1st edition of this book when it came out years ago, and corresponded with Kathy, and I was so appreciative of her efforts. And now this second edition is such an improvement over what I thought then was just about perfect. The photos in this edition are orders of magnitude sharper and more beautiful, and just sitting down and reading this compact jewel makes me feel like I'm viewing a gorgeous work of art!

I have other dragonfly books, including two on California/West Coast dragonflies, but this particular book is the one I've ordered extra copies of. For $9.95, assuming you live in California (or nearby?), this will serve you extraordinarily well, both as a work of dragonfly art & wonderment, and as a handy and accurate field guide when you go for a hike or other outdoor exploration.

In fact, this book makes me very much want to put a fountain or small pond or other water feature, on our property here in northern California.
Wizard Wizard
Not complete but I've not yet photographed a dragonfly or damsel fly in California that's not in it. Excellent photos and helpful text and index. Fairly easy to use, gets easier as you learn the different dragonfly groups.

Convenient pocket size to fit in a pocket and well constructed with plastic coated pages for use out in the field, even during rain.
Tekasa Tekasa
Amazing little book which I found very useful on my fall trip to Yosemite. Hoping to go again next year.
Zadora Zadora
Beginner here loving this book. Great photos and a website to accompany are very helpful.
Small pocket size, yet still has font big enough to not need the 2.5 reading glasses.
Highly recommend this book!!
greed style greed style
I love to photograph insects, and obviously dragonflies and damselflies are common subjects. Identifying them, however, was often a problem. Using this beautifully illustrated book has been a big help in this regard. Obviously, there's more there too, but this contains more species than most and the compact size appeals as well.
Yannara Yannara
This book is beautiful. The glossy color photos are clear and gorgeous. It's introductory information is perfect for beginners like me. I'm looking forward to getting better acquainted with these amazing insects. I had no idea there were so many!
Great Product!