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eBook The Bedside Book of Beasts: A Wildlife Miscellany ePub

eBook The Bedside Book of Beasts: A Wildlife Miscellany ePub

by Graeme Gibson

  • ISBN: 0385524595
  • Category: Biological Sciences
  • Subcategory: Math Science
  • Author: Graeme Gibson
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Nan A. Talese; First Thus edition (November 3, 2009)
  • Pages: 384
  • ePub book: 1293 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1645 kb
  • Other: mbr lrf lrf doc
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 976


This stunning companion to the internationally bestselling Bedside Book of Birds explores the relationship between predators and their prey.The intricate, complex connection between the hunter and the hunted has defined animal life on Earth throughout time. In The Bedside Book of Beasts, Graeme Gibson gathers from all eras and cultures works of art and literature that capture the power, grace, and inventiveness of both predators and their natural prey. Here are myths, fables, poetry, generous excerpts from nature and travel writing, journals, sacred texts, and works of fiction. There are vivid descriptions of noteworthy predators â?” including the big cats, bears, wolves â?” but also the small but voracious praying mantis. Gibson also brings to life the experiences, strategies, and emotions of vulnerable prey, and paints intriguing portraits of such legendary evil beasts as the Minotaur, Grendel, and the Biblical Leviathan. All of this is enhanced by a breathtaking array of art, both traditional and contemporary, as well as scientific, religious, and mythological drawings, paintings, and woodcuts.In The Bedside Book of Beasts Gibson evokes a profound sense of the eternal, often unsettling, connection between the human animal and the free, untamed beasts of the wilderness.


Katishi Katishi
the kids and the grown-ups all loved this book - makes you appreciate animals and human thought related to them through the ages
Joni_Dep Joni_Dep
This is such a lovely coffee table book. Stunning illustrations and a nice variety of poems, essays and other exerpts from literature.
Saberblade Saberblade
This book is such a treat. I keep it in the bathroom and read a page or two with every visit. It's the kind of book to be doled out and savored.
Peles Peles
It is the kind of book you want to read just before you go to sleep at night if you weren't able to fire anyone during the day. It releases or at at least asuages your baser animal instinct in an intellectual way. Well worth the read and to have on the bedside table.
Qiahmagha Qiahmagha
"The Bedside Book of Beasts: A Wildlife Miscellany," by Graeme Gibson, is a compendium of writing about animals ranging from the ancient Greek writer Aelian to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to Barry Lopez and beyond, along with occasional commentary by the author. It is arranged in a series of chapters concerning the relationships between predator and prey, animals and environment, mythology and animals, creatures and humans. Most gloriously, it is generously supplied with illustrations going back as far as the upper Paleolithic, which are absolutely gorgeous. Printed on heavy paper, this is a volume to be savoured slowly, dipping into it a page at a time, the better to draw out its pleasures. A complete delight.
Malanim Malanim
Gibson, a Canadian novelist has compiled poetry and myth, fairy tale and folklore, sacred texts and travelogues into a cleverly illustrated book. Far from a merely pretty survey of the animal kingdom, it is a book that delivers the disquieting message about a delicate balance disturbed and provides a thought-provoking collection of anecdotes about the human relationship with wild animals.

Exquisite, full-color reproductions of beast-themed drawings, paintings, and woodcuts, ranging from ancient to modern illustrate each entry, making this book more of an experience than just an interesting read.
Zulkigis Zulkigis
The novel, The Bedside Book of Beasts, is an excellent addition to any animal lover’s collection. It consists of a compilation of short stories, firsthand accounts, poems, and literature excerpts, divided into eight sections which are each headed by an introduction from the author. Every individual tale is interesting and features amazing illustrations. Whether you choose to read a story each night, or breeze through the entire miscellany, The Bedside Book of Beasts is most enjoyable and well worth the money.
It is important to note that those not particularly fond of or interested in animals might not see the appeal in this book, and it contains mature and complex language which may deter children. Otherwise, these stories will be great for anyone. Each section has a particular theme; predator and prey, the conflict between man and beast, etc.. There is a considerable amount of text in each section, but the entire book can be read in a few days at a reasonable pace. Any given story might be an ancient legend, chapter of a novel, insight into animal behavior, or a poem.
In short, The Bedside Book of Beasts appeals with its varied and interesting content and beautiful illustrations. Assuming you find animals interesting, this book is a must-own. Graeme Gibson deserves to be commended for this work, and I cannot recommend it more!

This book is a masterpiece. The works included range from hundreds of years old to modern literature. The art heavily featured throughout is well curated and magnificent. Every animal lover, every collector of beautiful books, and any one who appreciates the art that can come with literary pieces needs to own this.