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eBook Health Psychology ePub

eBook Health Psychology ePub

by Shelley Taylor

  • ISBN: 0071168028
  • Category: Psychology
  • Subcategory: Medicine
  • Author: Shelley Taylor
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (ISE Editions); Internat.2r.e. edition (December 1999)
  • Pages: 656
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Shelley E. Taylor is professor of psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She received her P. in social psychology from Yale University

Shelley E. in social psychology from Yale University.

Shelley E. In the former capacity, she is the co-director of the Health Psychology program at UCLA. All in all, unless the professor force feeds the class this book in lectures, stay clear of Shelly Taylor's health book. After a visiting professorship at Yale and assistant and associate professorships at Harvard University, she joined the faculty of UCLA in 1979. Simply not worth the money.

An evolutionary perspective on health psychology: new approaches and applications¨.

Revision Notes Health Psychology - chapter 1. 3. 14/15. An evolutionary perspective on health psychology: new approaches and applications¨.

Health Psychology book.

by. Taylor, Shelley E. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by station21. cebu on October 30, 2019. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

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I was nervous after I read that it would take a long time for the book to come. I think it said somewhere that it could come in like up to 16 days, or something like that. Well, I had already just added the class so I didn't want to wait. In just three days I decided to write them to tell them to cancel, because they didn't put that my book had shipped, so I thought that it wasn't even shipped


I used this book for an online class and was thankful that we didn't use it for our discussion boards; we only used it for the test portion of class.

To begin with, a majority of the material supported in the text is backed up by research that was conducted in the 90's, even though this is the 8th edition to the book. The chapters overlap, which in principle is fine, but happens way too much and because of this you're practically reading the same argument over and over again with each chapter. The text doesn't make any "groundbreaking" claims (it only reinforces knowledge that anyone has with a few PSYC courses under their belt) and shy's away from controversial health psychology subjects (such as the controversial subject of pain medication). Because of all of these facts, the book is incredibly dry and is a pain to read through if you have to read it. Our professor has acknowledged this as well and is using a different book for the next semester.
Gldasiy Gldasiy
I purchased this book for class. The cover was nice, new, and fairly thin. However, when you open the book, it felt like I was reading column in the newspaper as there was so many words written on ONE page. It took me forever to find what I want to find in the book even after using the index. There was just so many words jammed in one page that it did not amuse me to even read it. But I guess that's why the book was not thick or heavy. I should have purchased this book as an online book instead.
Qwert Qwert
Good read.
Vrion Vrion
Overall, this is a good book. The only problem I had was a slight one and particular to my own idiosyncricies, which was that I had difficulty going back to review and find particular phrases or words to help me as a reference. Other than that this book is a very good read and an important learning tool in the topic of health in Psychology. I would recommend it to Psych. students.
Great price! It is definitely a better option to rent it, than buying it! especially when they keep changing the editions and then it is imposible for you to sell it back !
Fordregelv Fordregelv
Well, I took a Health Psychology class online to pass some time while I prepare for nursing school in the Fall. I assumed the class was easy more or less, but I was quite wrong, mostly due the teacher's reliance on this boring, over-citated, confusing textook.

First of all, I do respect the author's work, Shelly Taylor, but she needs to dumb down and really start condensing her ramblings to a more healthare-oriented PRACTICAL level, instead of reams of theories upon theories and outdated citations. The seventh edition, which the one I bought, had no color at all, only grey and blue-green turquoise colors. There is alot of research-oriented material, which is okay if you need to write a thesis or grad paper, but there is no consistency between giving so much research citations and actually learning the health psychology in my opinion.

The chapters are WAY TOO LONG!! Each chapter on average can be 19-24 pages, with only 1 or 2 pages of actual juicy learning between all the references and case studies. She often sounds elated with redundant voculabulary and uses "ameliorate" often which is quite annoying!

Some material is useful if you can find it and have lots of patience before dozing off. Most of the work is repetitive and almost comparable to a filler in a careless meat product. This author probably just wanted to fluff the chapters with jargon and random trivia to make it more expensive.

All in all, unless the professor force feeds the class this book in lectures, stay clear of Shelly Taylor's health book. Simply not worth the money.
Coiriel Coiriel
Not the best book but it came in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend other psychology textbooks, this book is boring. But I still have to purchase it for my class.