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eBook 6 Big Big Big Angels ePub

eBook 6 Big Big Big Angels ePub

by Mary Jo Pennington

  • ISBN: 0977448908
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  • Author: Mary Jo Pennington
  • Publisher: Big Angels Peress; 1st Printing edition (December 23, 2005)
  • Pages: 200
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  • Rating: 4.5
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This is the story of 4-1/2 year old Victoria. In September of 2003 she fell from a height of 9 feet to the concrete below and was unharmed. 6 BIG! BIG! BIG! ANGELS caught her and took her to heaven and returned her safely. Her acounts of heaven are vivid and heart touching. She visited the throne room and sat on God's lap. She played with tiny aborted babies and other small children who died violently. She visited with relatives who are now in heaven Victoria continues to visit heaven and has frequent encounters with angels. She is now seven years old


Freighton Freighton
I watched two videos from 2007 on SidRoth dot com which is where I learned about the book. I'd advise anyone who reads this book to look up the two videos (search under "Pennington"). The quality's not the best, but that's beside the point...

The book "sounds" like it's written by a 60 year old grandmother, and that's because it is! And that's a major part of it's charm. I especially liked the description of "the baby place" in heaven. If there was any question in my mind about abortion, there isn't now.

I'd recommend this book especially to believers. It'll give your faith a boost! :-)
Stoneshaper Stoneshaper
I loved how this little girl of 4 wrote in a child like way, the things she saw in heaven and described were amazing. I admit some of things were disturbing about how little children are abused or aborted, we have got to protect are children and stop hurting the innocent. The father is so understanding, this little girl fell of a ladder and she was taken to heaven she almost got to stay but he sent her back and the way he was in deciding that was so amazing to me. You really saw how he cares for us and is very concerned about people especially when one is grieving for someone who is near death or has died. The lord really does revial himself to the innocent and the young and hides it from the world. I love the way her grandmother and mother would ask and sit down with her to get information out of her and worked with her day by day as the little girl would revial mysterious in heaven. You can see how merciful the Lord really is in this book not just by sending her back but showing how he loves are love ones and how they have parties up there. To see the throne room from a child perspective is something else something a I didnt think a child could do. He takes care of the children that you think you will never see again even if they hve been aborted and he is very understanding even when you think you have messed up. The angels really watch over us and bind us up when needed and it shows how we always have them around us.You will be surprised that some of things we like come from God and how we are alike. It is a must read because it tells heaven from a childs point of view, but she gives great mysterious from up there that u never really thought about.
Mightsinger Mightsinger
I bought this book after watching the story on Sid Roth on YouTube. It was a huge feeling of goodness in my heart because I too had an encounter in 2000, but wasn't sure if it was real or imagined. Now I'm sure it was real and this story ABSOLUTELY SOLIDIFIES MY FAITH!... Also I recommend her follow up book, flaming wild horses. Your heart WILL become huge while reading these books.
RUsich155 RUsich155
This book was about a little girl going to heaven . What is different about this account is that this little girl did not die like a lot of stories have when one says they have been to heaven . She has angels protecting her from death, in my opinion. I loved this story and how it was written.
Silverbrew Silverbrew
Couldn't put this book down. After seeing her story on utube, just had to know more.
caif caif
Oh my! Love, love, love this testimony from Victoria. Totally changed my life. It took me to a new level... "from Glory to Glory" II Cor 3:18. Recommend this book and the next book, Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses.
Castiel Castiel
This is a great book!

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It causes you to know the reality of Heaven isn't just some fairy tale but so real.

There's nothing like the innocense of a child heart to tell you honestly what they've experienced.

I highly recommend it.
LOVE to read about Jesus, God and Heaven. Thank you for sharing!!