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by Elmore Leonard

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Tishomingo Blues is a 2002 novel by Elmore Leonard, set in Mississippi, about two fledgling allies, the local Dixie Mafia, and a high-stakes Civil War re-enactment.

Tishomingo Blues is a 2002 novel by Elmore Leonard, set in Mississippi, about two fledgling allies, the local Dixie Mafia, and a high-stakes Civil War re-enactment. FilmFour planned to make a movie adaptation of the novel, with actor Don Cheadle directing (and possibly starring), but in 2007 Cheadle described the project as "dead". The title comes from the famous Spencer Williams song "Tishomingo Blues" (1917).

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Leonard delivers a certifiable masterpiece of such twisted ingenuity that he transcends even his own bad sel. .Tishomingo Blues is that good.

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Elmore Leonard Tishomingo Blues For Christine I'm going to Tishomingo to have my ham bone boiled, I'm going to Tishomingo to have my ham bone boiled, I'm going to Tishomingo to have my ham bone boiled, These Atlanta women done let my ham bone spoil. You were running the sports book at Spade's.

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Tishomingo Blues is another success for Elmore Leonard, the master of fast talking, says Mark Lawson. Tishomingo Blues, Leonard's 37th novel, published in his 77th year, uses the viewpoint and profession of Dennis Lenahan, former world diving champion featured on ABC Wide World of Sports, as a springboard for a story involving the Dixie Mafia or Cornbread Cosa Nostra, the hoodlums who run the South. Robert Taylor, a black "gangsta" from Detroit, is pursuing a territorial feud with the Dixies, which will culminate in a local re-enactment of a Civil War battle. The reader soon guesses that, during this military re-run, the weapons may not all be theatrical props.

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lacki lacki
If you like Elmore Leonard, you will really love this book, as pertinent today, maybe more so, than it was when first published in 2002.
An itinerant High-Diver mixing it up with the Dixie Mafia is only the beginning. It is a wild, full read, and it may be my favorite by Elmore Leonard.
It is one of his deepest stories, and that's saying something.
He goes into almost every aspect of the social fabric of the U.S., from Jersey to Mississippi and beyond thorough the characters in this book. Doesn't really go to the trouble of trying to point anything out or judge. This story just puts it all out there, for us to see and feel.
Angana Angana
When I saw the ad for this book that said something about a high diver who crosses paths with the Dixie mafia, I knew I had to read this book. I haven’t read all of Elmore Leonard's novels (yet), but this feels like maybe a high water mark. It's full of crazy humor, wry observations on character and American culture, and you just never know which way the plot is going to twist next. His books are not dark visions. Leonard usually avoids needlessly killing off his characters or depriving them of success if they deserve it. In all these ways this is a near perfect book and entertaining beyond just about anything that I’ve read for a long time.
Domarivip Domarivip
I grew up across the Mississipi line, in northwest Alabama. Knew Tishomingo, the county, the town, and the state park very well-- even spent a night or two in one of their fine country jails. What I'm leading up to is that the author got it right. The characters, the lingo, the rhythm and rhyme;. Elmore got the flavor of that area pretty much on the nose. At least as much as a non-Tishomingan can get such a complicated, nuanced thing as southern culture in this particular neck of the woods. Mr. Leonard even delved into the traveling Carney life pert need as good as could be. Bravo! Author! Author!
BlackBerry BlackBerry
Interesting cast of characters , from high diver to mind numb smelly hillbillies. The plot shifts favorably for Robert from Detroit.
Rrd Rrd
Elmore Leonard knows how to leave out the stuff in a story that is boring.
Great dialog. Not "War and Peace" but a terrific read. Bravo!
Agalen Agalen
Started out great but got caught up with nonsense. Finished it but it was an effort. Not Elmore Leonards best effort. Loved his other books so gave this one a 3 star rating.
Vetalol Vetalol
A high-diving protagonist, a motor-mouth retired ball player, a history lesson on the origin of the blues and Civil War battle re-enactment. What more do you want? Oh yeah, there's also a very involving plot in which some people get shot, Elmore-style
More than half-way though this gem, I decided I better go back to the beginning and start all over. All the better. More enjoymet for every dollar spent. But the reader almost needs a scorecard. Every character fascinates, nasty as most of them are. I really feel that I came to know all of them, but would invite very few to come home with me for dinner.