» » Animation in Sugar: 14 Beautifully Hand-Crafted Modelling Projects for Celebration Cakes
eBook Animation in Sugar: 14 Beautifully Hand-Crafted Modelling Projects for Celebration Cakes ePub

eBook Animation in Sugar: 14 Beautifully Hand-Crafted Modelling Projects for Celebration Cakes ePub

by Carlos Lischetti

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  • Author: Carlos Lischetti
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Squires Group (2001)
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This book is beautifully written and illustrated

This book is beautifully written and illustrated. The gorgeous projects are broken down in a way that is easily followed and achieved, which is good because the finished pieces look so incredible. He then goes on to teach you how to produce the beautiful, intricate modelling projects to suit a number of occasions.

Animation in Sugar book.

item 3 Carlos Lischetti Animation in Sugar Book, Celebration cakes, Designs, Models -Carlos Lischetti Animation in. .I love Carlos Lischetti's work.

item 3 Carlos Lischetti Animation in Sugar Book, Celebration cakes, Designs, Models -Carlos Lischetti Animation in Sugar Book, Celebration cakes, Designs, Models. item 4 Animation in Sugar: 14 Beautifully Hand-Crafted Modelling Projects for Celebrati -Animation in Sugar: 14 Beautifully Hand-Crafted Modelling Projects for Celebrati. A book full of pictures and step-by-step instructions for begginers or no. really enjoyed the "mini project" that accompanyed every cake. Very inspiring!!! Best-selling in Non-Fiction.

Author:Lischetti, Carlos. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. All of our paper waste is recycled and turned into corrugated cardboard. Sold alia (383559)99. 3% positive FeedbackContact seller. Animation in Sugar: 14 Beautifully Hand-Crafted Modelling Projects for Celebration Cakes by Carlos Lischetti (Hardback, 2012).

Carlos Lischetti, Jenny Stewart. Now you can watch your very own cakes come to life as you learn to model with talented sugar artist, Carlos Lischetti. This hugely popular book presents 14 imaginative, adorable and amusing character cakes for every occasion, each one with its own endearing tale to tell.

Now you can watch your very own cakes come to life as you learn to model with talented sugar artist, Carlos Lischetti. This inspirational new book presents 14 imaginative, adorable and amusing character cakes for every occasion, each one with its own endearing tale to tell.

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Animation in Sugar: 14 Beautifully Hand-crafted Modelling Projects for Celebration Cakes - Carlos Lischetti. one of the top selling sugarcraft books of the last year - this stunningly good hardback features sugar modelling of a standard rarely seen. becoming difficult to find but Cake Stuff have managed to secure a few at well below RRP. Carlos' skill is breathtaking and showcased with the sketches and beautiful photography by twin brother Elio.

Crediamo che il genio di Carlos Lischetti meriti questa segnalazione, anche se generalmente non segnialiamo corsi qui, per non occupare troppo spazio considerando che i calendari dei corsi potete trovarli un po' da per tutto.

Possibly the most clear, informative and best illustrated book on sugarcraft modelling. Perfect balance of instructions, tips and high-quality photographs including templates. Carlos Lischetti's distinctive style creates elegant, fun and dramatic looking models for cake toppers which will astound your recipients with the depth of the imaginative beauty and innovation, and yet astound you how simple some of them really are. Includes some basics such as an essential equipment guide, tutor tips in baking and covering a cake with board for the optimum foundation for his modelling projects for celebration cakes and how to use supports and dummy cakes. Leaves plenty of room for the advanced sugarcrafter to pick up perfecting tips and new ideas too. I defy anyone not to get goosebumps from the wonder of his creations: "Animation in sugar" moves the average sugar model into a totally new dimension. 14 varied projects with standing, sitting, fine or stocky models gives you plenty of things to copy or to earn from in your own creations. I haven't been able to put it down this morning since the post man arrived and can't wait to follow his first model with my own twist!


Kupidon Kupidon
THE SHORT REVIEW? Outstanding! When you first behold this book, allow your eyes to feast on the promises yet to be created by your hands, which will be inspired and taught by it contents.

THE LONG REVIEW? Having never been accused of being short on words, allow me to spin the yarn that is Carlos Lischetti. In my eyes, he is probably one of the best sugar artist masters; I can only think of one or two others who could possibly share such a level of talent. He has been a rising star within the cake world for several years, and it has been within the last 2 years or so that the news of the long-awaited book release was floating around the sugar world haunts.

Though this was released last year, it's reportedly already in reprint; but my question was when was it going to get to the States? Beats me! I even emailed Mr. Lischetti and he kindly responded that he wasn't sure and would get back to me. But never one to have much patience, I found this copy through one of Amazon's independent sellers and I am now a happy camper.

Mr. Lischetti was born in Argentina, with his twin brother, Elio (who is a animator no less!) and has been an integral part of this process with Carlos, as well as the book; he created the animation sketches and drawings that proceed each project (Wow....the talent that runs in that family!) They also have a younger sister, Mercedes. If you are fortunate enough to obtain a back issue of the Squires Kitchen Magazine called "Cakes & Sugarcraft" Issue 113 for Summer 2011, on page 6+, there is an absolutely charming sugar project that Carlos made for Father's Day in which he pays tribute to his dad in sugar art! It is such a precious sugar project of figures of his dad, him, his brother, and sister.

He was pulled to the cake world since a child so this progression to this artform seems a natural for him. He eventually found himself in England and one of his current posts is teaching at the Squires Kitchens as well as other scheduled classes around the world. The interest in how he creates his characters has been so high that it was only a matter of time before he published a book such as this. And once you see what he can do, you can only feel the pull to learn from him.

"Animation in Sugar" is a lovely, large compilation of talent and instruction that describes and teaches the adorable and animated characters from his talented mind and hands. The instructions are precise and measured, the photography crystal clear and methodical, and the end results are a joy. Each and every project, as well as steps required, have been photographed close and clear. For instance, in "Ballerina", he show you the 4 steps in making a leg or the 4 steps in making her torso. What he has done is taken the question "how can you do that" and made it simple and beautiful.

Putting aside the initial prepping sections, I would venture to say that for the most part, if someone had this version in a language that they could not read, the step-by-step photography would suffice to teach you most of the projects themselves. The colors are bright and happy and I truly believe that it's his ability to create such realistic expressions on his figures, that makes Carlos so wildly popular.

There are 14 projects in all but these come after he gives you a rather solid education on all the prep work necessary before you begin. His projects will be the starting point in which you will have the ability to be free and creative to design your own fantasies once you have mastered the basics.

The first 48 pages are dedicated to the basics of this artform and how to get started:

Essential Edibles and Equipment
Icings and Sugar Pastes**
Preparing and Covering Cakes for Decorations***
Modeling Tips and Techniques****

*For this section, he gives you 2 basic sponge batters, a cookie batter, a cupcake batter, etc for the cakes and cupcakes and cake pops he makes. This is something that you can substitute with your own recipes. This is not an extensive section as the figures are the predominant part of this book.

**This particular section is of the utmost importance in that the medium you use has to have certain qualities that can stand up to the manipulation needed to create the figures. You cannot just use fondant with Tylose/CMC; for these projects to come out that way he shows you, I would emphasize that you either use his recipes or buy a high quality paste.

***This section gives a good overview of cake assemblies, etc in quick detail.

****This section covered how to make the basic shapes that would eventually become figures, as well as proportions, and using casting molds for faces.

And now.............the PROJECTS (yahoo!) I promise not to mention all the information so that you can be as mesmerized and enchanted by them when you get to see them yourselves, but it's so difficult not to tell you! Also, along with some of these projects, he also makes cookies and cake pops to accompany them; they are as beautiful and fun as the figures themselves.

BALLERINA: My favorite project in the whole book! As I said earlier, the section opens up with a fantastic sketch or painting, done by his brother Elio, that is the vision that Carlos has for this figure. This is by far a stunning figure that looks like porcelain as this young girl is all dressed and ready to leap and twirl as soon as she finishes lacing her slipper. Exquisite!

BOUNCING BABY: This is sooooooooooo cute! The expression on this baby's face is priceless as he is sitting on top of his cake in his little nappie/diaper!

QUEEN of HEARTS: I kept trying to figure out how he made her and when I saw how, I thought, of course! That's how he did it! She can be the basis for a bride figure or maybe for a young girl for her "quincenera" party. (hope I spelled that right)

ROBOT: Any little boys dream toy! Definitely more time-intensive but so worth it.

FLORA the WOODLAND FAIRY: The cover project. So exquisitely delicate!

THE QUEST for FOOD: These are mice that you won't mind running around your kitchen; think a skinnier Remy. Their little faces make you want to gently hug them!

FASHIONISTA: Diva alert for the younger or older fashionista!

DUNE BUGGY: Boy toy that will make you "cool" even to a little guy!

GRANNY'S KITCHEN: Absolutely adorable tribute to his Grandmother's kitchen! How blessed our childhood memories are if she was like your grandmother too!

PENNY FARTHING: This was so different but so awesome that I will only say you have to see it to love it. A simple project but has great detail.

MOULIN ROUGE: I couldn't stop laughing with this one and I still can't every time I see her. She is someone you have to see to believe; absolutely hilarious!

JUST MARRIED: So sweet! What a lovely just-married couple!! This got me to thinking of how fantastic these figures would be because this is definitely a couple that can be stored as a beautiful momento of their wedding!

WINTER WONDERLAND: This project was featured in another issue of Squires Kitchen Magazine and is just precious; it reminds us of the joy we had as kids playing in the snow. And if you grew up in anyplace warm, just substitute a beach scene and bathing suits for the characters.

SANTA CLAUS IS ON HIS WAY: All I'll say is Santa and presents; how much better can it get?

Lastly, "Templates" and other necessary diagrams completes the book, as well as sources.

Yes, I know I am a chatterbox on this book, but I have been waiting so long for this to arrive and it was totally worth the wait. Enjoy this artform; it will be a challenge in some area's as your skills are refined and honed, but it'll be such a joy to learn. Peace.
Munigrinn Munigrinn
It's a beautiful book. Complete with tool list, it has step by step instructions in a set (i.e. Mouse, chair) instead of 1, 2, 3, etc. He makes it look so easy. I may not try it but it is very nice to look thru. He's an amazing artist. This book also has some recipes like cake pops and mini dessert as well as tips and templates for the structures. Total of 14 figures.
Malien Malien
Carlos Lischetti has his very own personal style and I am so glad he has shared it with us. A beautifully illustrated book with a lot of different projects. I can't wait to try a few for my family birthday cakes I'm sure they will be a hit.
Moonshaper Moonshaper
I'm a big fan of Carlos and his creative brother I believe who sketches the drawings. I used this book in making a wedding fondant figure and it's a good practice for creativity on any occasions. The best part of Carlos figures is that they all tell a vibrant story on each pose. It gives the cake a centerpiece it deserves.
Bradeya Bradeya
Perfect for the sculpture or cake decorator.
Gtonydne Gtonydne
This is a beautiful book. With so much information. I have not made anything from this book yet BUT, just by looking you can see that this book was put together with much love. The animation is beautiful. Since I have not made anything from this book I cannot completely recommend it. But, from looking I am seeing beautiful ideas and how chef Lischetti makes his cartoon character's beautifully. I hope this helps anyone that is interested in Animation Sugar.
Soustil Soustil
without a doubt my very favorite cake design book of all times...a true cake ARTIST
I went by the reviews on this book and was not disapointed. This is not for the beginner, but if you are really "artsy craftsy" and have been doing things like this for awhile you will be alright with this. I graduated from Pastry arts school this past Feburary and wanted to take my cakes to the next level with characters but as with anything it takes practice.